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Guide To Fellatio - The Art Of Pleasuring
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Guide To Fellatio - The Art Of Pleasuring


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Guide To Fellatio - The Art Of PleasuringWhen it comes to fellatio, even the female counterpart of oral sex, also known as cunnilingus, isenjoyable to women, it cannot compare to the excellence of fellatio for a man. In this short guide tofellatio, let us explore just why men love fellatio so much.Fellatio is more than just a womans mouth and a mans manhood. By restricting fellatio to issues oftechniques is just like simplifying wine appreciation to either red or white wine. There are otherimportant issues like hygiene, health, romance, positions and attitude.Firstly let us discuss why fellatio is such a blissful and fantastic experience for men? Just think aboutit - During fellatio, a warm and wet mouth is wrapping a mans manhood completely, stimulating thethousands of pleasurable nerve endings. In this case, we can compare fellatio to intercourse, where amans manhood is being wrapped by tight warm wetness that coupled with movement that producepleasurable orgasmic experience.However during fellatio, other than being wrapped inside a womans mouth, it is also experiencingsuction as well, which is lacking during intercourse. This is one of the main reasons why men just lovefellatio so much.By now you should have know that there are thousands of pleasurable nerve endings on the head ofa mans manhood. During fellatio, the woman is drawing blood to the head of the manhood, which inturned increasing the blood flow. This increased of blood flow make every single sensation moreintensified and mind-blowing.If you want to further intensify the orgasmic experience of your partner, you can throw in your handsas well. Place one hand at the base of your mans manhood while you are focusing on the head andthe shaft, with the other hand on his scrotum. This will create a multitude of sensation that willcompletely drive your man crazy.The above are just some components of a fellatio guide. If you wish to find out more about fellatio,you can visit the link below.Click Here to Learn How to Make Your Man go Wild in Bed