Recycle Points-Sustainable Solutions Showcase


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The Sustainable Solutions Showcase is an initiative that seeks to promote, expose and connect innovations and inventions of social entrepreneurs with potential sponsors, partners, clients/customers and collaborators. This exhibition will showcase ideas, goods, services and inventions of various types that are original and creative, ecologically friendly, capable of meeting specific social and economic needs and having potential for enterprise and return on investment. This presentation is by Recycle Point, a shortlisted candidate at the AR-CSR 2013.

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Recycle Points-Sustainable Solutions Showcase

  1. 1. JUNE 2013 Sustainable Solutions Showcase Presentation by Mazi Ukonu Green RevolutionGreen Revolution - The Future Beckons!The Future Beckons!
  2. 2. Why now?Why now? Waste Management MarketWaste Management Market Currently worth $1 TrillionCurrently worth $1 Trillion By 2020 – forecast is at $2 TrillionBy 2020 – forecast is at $2 Trillion Africa presents the greatest OpportunityAfrica presents the greatest Opportunity Nigeria is covered with WASTE…opportunitiesNigeria is covered with WASTE…opportunities THE BIG IDEA… Blockade of drainages - FloodingBlockade of drainages - Flooding Decomposition of GarbageDecomposition of Garbage Economic WasteEconomic Waste Air pollution, Contamination and PoisonAir pollution, Contamination and Poison Diseases and DeathDiseases and Death
  3. 3. Unique Venture Opportunity FCMGs
  4. 4. RecyclePoints Waste recycling and social benefit venture Incentive Based Collection Scheme Collects Plastics, Aluminum, Paper, Glass & Electronics THE BIG ANSWER…
  5. 5. Our Concept…
  6. 6. Do we have a Market…? INTERNATIONAL MARKET CHINA – AMERICA – EUROPE Baled PET Bottle $650 per Ton PET Pellets $800 per Ton LDPE Pellets $600 per Ton
  7. 7. Our Supply Chain Partners… Supply-Chain Industries Plastic Industries Furniture Industries Packaging Industries Cosmetic Industries Textile Industries
  8. 8. Is our Model Sustainable…?
  9. 9. Where are we going… Mazi approaches a Recycling Kiosk with Recyclable PET Bottles A simple process of identification is done on the LCD of Screen to initiate recycling Recycling of items commence by throwing in the items into relevant slots First drop of Recyclables at CoSoHub 001, Badore, Ajah – 12 th January 2013. CoSoHub 001, Badore, Ajah filled with Recyclables by 23 rd February, 2013 6 Tonnes of Recyclable PET Bottles are sorted weekly at CoSoHub 001, Ajah. Recycling Kiosks Airports Estates Event Centers Eateries Fuel Stations Office Complexes CoSoHubs Centers Community Based Job Creation Export Potential Social Benefit
  10. 10. Why are we here… Subscription Package Content Branded CoSoHub Centers Branded Recycling Kiosks Green Walk Rallies Branded Eco-Tricycles Branded Dump Stations Branded Recycling Bins In-house Seminars CSR Webpage slots Green Alliance Emblems CSR PATERNERSHIP PLATFORM Eco-Friendly Agreement Green Awareness Campaign Environmental Impact Assessment Social Enterprise Empowerment Corporate Image Enhancement
  11. 11. m Visit our Stand +2348053242182 Mazi Ukonu Initiator/CEO Taiwo Adewole ED, External Relations Chioma Ukonu ED, Sustainable Development Gloria Adaba ED, Market Research Uchenna Anyanwu ED, IT & Assets Mgt. @RecyclePointsNG s THANK YOU! Our TEAM