Local Content Development & the Future of the Energy Sector-Mr. Kojo Bedu Addo


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The presentation is from Mr. Kojo Bedu-Addo Manager, Sustainability and External Relations, Newmont Mining, from the just concluded African Round Table & Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (AR-CSR™), which held in Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar, Cross River State between 20 to 21 June, 2013. Organised by ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited

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Local Content Development & the Future of the Energy Sector-Mr. Kojo Bedu Addo

  1. 1. AR - CSR Conference Calabar June 2013 Session II - Local Content Development & The Future of Energy Kojo Bedu - Addo Prioritising Relevant Sectors for Effective Economic Transformation
  2. 2. WTO Rules REGULATION Local Content Landscape INDUSTRIALPOICY
  3. 3. Local Content Journey- Ghana Mining Industry ■ Gathered data on manufactured products which mining companies uses and those who has potential for import substitution Key Milestones ■ 28 Manufactured products identified for local content initiative for the mining industry. Mid 2011 ■ MinCom/Newmont/GFL sponsored SME assessment report by Time bridge June 2012 ■ MOU signed between IFC/MinCom/CoM on local content Sept 2011 ■ Combined CoM and Ghana Mines local content ‘journey’ discussions Tarkwa Nov 2012 ■ IFC National Supplier Development Strategy draft developed for implementation 2013+ ■ Appointment of Sub Committee on Local Content to fast track 2013/4 Procurement Plan: late Feb 2013
  4. 4. Ghana National Supplier Development Program  Capacity and productivity of up to 35 suppliers over the course of 3 years  Increasing the share of Ghanaian produced and bought items split over 28 product lines  The overall costs of the programme- US$ 1.5M • Cost split between IFC (30%) approx.- US$ 469K • And mining companies (70%) approx.- US$ 1.1M
  5. 5. Program Focus • IFC Programme Management and Technical Assistance • Supplier Business and Technical Skill Capacity Building • Access to Finance for Suppliers • Local Content / Procurement Studies and Plans (Regulation) • Access to Information on Suppliers and Industry  • Capacity Building and Skills Transfers to the Chamber of Mines
  6. 6. # Agreed Procurement Plan Commodity list 2013/4 18 Commodities considered by LCC of which 8 commodities selected 1 Cement Products Cement ; Wood products 2 Electric Cables Heavy duty electrical cables; Cupules(including Crucibles/Gr inding pots) 3 HDPE Pipe HDPE Pipe; Metal or PVC core trays 4 Grinding Media Grinding media; Chain link fencing; Bolts and Nuts 5 Lubricants General &Speciality lubricants; Motor rewinding 6 Explosives Explosives emulsion; Overalls & working clothes; Calico bags 7 Quick Lime Quicklime; (including Hydrated Lime) plastic sample bags; 8 Tyre Re-treading Tyre re-treading; Bullion boxes The 8 Items for the initial plan
  7. 7. Industry Sample Plan for Grinding Media
  8. 8. SOLAR Science Technology Innovation Energy Use Materials Planning The Future of Energy