These Are a Few of My Favourite Things Why You Don't Need to Justify Using Social Media/Web 2.0 in your Business Claire Th...
Introduction - me
Introduction – my talk #be2camp pecha kucha 20x20 #be2campOxon
My Favourite Things <ul><li>Competition </li></ul><ul><li>Tweet the answer with the #be2campEast tag </li></ul>? ? ? ?
Raindrops on Roses
Whiskers on Kittens
Bright Copper Kettles
Warm Woollen Mittens
Brown Paper Packages…
…Tied Up With String
These Are A Few of…
..My Favourite Things
Cream Coloured Ponies
Crisp Apple Strudels
Doorbells and Sleigh bells
Schnitzel With Noodles
Wild Geese That Fly…
…With The Moon on Their Wings
These are a Few of…
..My Favourite Things Thank you! Twitter  @ Thirlwall_Assoc Blog   LinkedIn  http://u...
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These are a few of my favourite things- why you don't need to justify using web 2.0/social media in your business


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  • Before I prepared this talk – had no idea how much used web 2.0 in my business. Talk inspired by people try to justify using social media in terms of profit or get rich quick schemes Wanted to show how it is far more sophisticated than that and also that there is no shame in saying you use social media because it is fun! So with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein – Here are a few of my favourite things!
  • For those who don’t know me – Claire Thirlwall, Chartered Landscape Architect Company is Thirlwall Associates, about to celebrate 14 th year in business Specialise in river restoration and other water management projects – such as flood prevention, surface water drainage.
  • As mentioned – inspired by the promises I’ve heard people make, especially about twitter It is a form of communication – nothing more, nothing less. Being on Twitter won’t make you a fortune, same way having a phone line installed won’t make you money unless you make some calls. No magic way to use social media – up to you
  • In a shameless attempt to try to get you to concentrate – talk includes a competition Look out for one of my least favourite things – the first one to tweet the answer using the tag #be2campEast will win a copy of Rivers Based on BBC series presented by Griff Rhys Jones – includes some stunning photographs. Shows the amazing variety of rivers in the British Isles and the uses that we put them to.
  • My first Favourite thing – Posterous Blog site, post by email or online Also post via my mobile Love the simplicity Looks good too, which as a design professional I like.
  • A number of people had tried to persuade me of the benefits of a blog Wasn’t sure but even after just a few posts am now totally convinced Great place for discussions, been amazed by response. And I enjoy writing the posts.
  • Twitter – love Be2camp as don’t have to start from “No, it isn’t just about Stephen Fry” Twitter – how found be2camp Initially felt had to justify using twitter but now longer feel that Has had major benefits for me but don’t view it in those terms .
  • Sure other people approach twitter differently but I view it with no expectation of financial reward. Part of the appeal is the generosity of those that you connect with Very sophisticated communication tool – still exploring how can fully use.
  • For me – highly customised newspaper with articles in my sector A place to ask questions and answer other people’s questions Company when I’m bored or stuck Fun -
  • Love reading blogs Did struggle to keep track of them all Found feedly – one place for all my RSS feeds, Google searches and favourite blogs
  • Far more likely to check TED, European Union tender site if looks like this Beautifully presented, like a magazine. Remembers what you’ve read, allows posting straight to other social media
  • Evernote – have to admit bit addicted to this one Hard to describe but is a site that you can upload photos, hand written notes or web pages Has text recognition, including hand written Found it as wanted to have bookmarks across all my computers I used to end up switching on my laptop just to find a bookmark I’d saved.
  • Not best photo – gives a good example Evernote would recognise the text in the photograph. Have photographed posters for events, mind maps, post it notes, business cards and even wine bottle labels. Can share folders with others. I use free version as is more than enough.
  • Spotify – not completely sure is web 2.0 but I’m including it anyway Sure heard of it – Swedish music streaming site Access to eight million songs If can endure the adverts can have free usage, with an Invitation Means can listen to all the albums have on vinyl or tape but haven’t dug out for years
  • Feature really love – playlists Have rivers playlist – very appropriate in my work Also share playlists – bit like virtual mix tapes Playlists from friends – make it very personal
  • Again – not sure this is web 2.0 but I’m including it. When work for self dealing with phone calls can be difficult – new customers can be put off by answer phone Use Moneypenny – phone answering service Have own PA – calls always answered in person Knows my company, part of my business
  • Use website to update Kate Can also access record of calls taken Most people think have my own receptionist – all done virtually!
  • As mentioned at start – until prepared this talk didn&apos;t appreciate how big a role web 2.0 plays in my work Still feels like technology in its infancy – who knows how it will progress? I’m not an IT expert – all simple to use and time saving
  • With all of the technologies and especially social media only get out of them what you put in. if you can’t actually do your job social media won’t hide that fact! And remember – that fact that you enjoy using social media is enough. For me I don’t need to justify it any further!
  • Thank you – does anyone have any questions? *pause* (repeat questions back)
  • These are a few of my favourite things- why you don't need to justify using web 2.0/social media in your business

    1. 1. These Are a Few of My Favourite Things Why You Don't Need to Justify Using Social Media/Web 2.0 in your Business Claire Thirlwall CMLI
    2. 2. Introduction - me
    3. 3. Introduction – my talk #be2camp pecha kucha 20x20 #be2campOxon
    4. 4. My Favourite Things <ul><li>Competition </li></ul><ul><li>Tweet the answer with the #be2campEast tag </li></ul>? ? ? ?
    5. 5. Raindrops on Roses
    6. 6. Whiskers on Kittens
    7. 7. Bright Copper Kettles
    8. 8. Warm Woollen Mittens
    9. 9. Brown Paper Packages…
    10. 10. …Tied Up With String
    11. 11. These Are A Few of…
    12. 12. ..My Favourite Things
    13. 13. Cream Coloured Ponies
    14. 14. Crisp Apple Strudels
    15. 15. Doorbells and Sleigh bells
    16. 16. Schnitzel With Noodles
    17. 17. Wild Geese That Fly…
    18. 18. …With The Moon on Their Wings
    19. 19. These are a Few of…
    20. 20. ..My Favourite Things Thank you! Twitter @ Thirlwall_Assoc Blog LinkedIn Posterous Feedly Evernote Spotify Moneypenny