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    • Third Column Ministries Third Column Ministries Pascal I find your comment interesting. I am not sure how much you know about logic or the historical development of philosophy but almost all the foundational laws of logic were developed by religious people. I would go so far as to say that atheists have contributed little to nothing new on foundational logic. Sure they have debated in philosophy, I grant that, but for the laws of logic, nothing new. So it seems your comment is at best uniformed. This unexamined caricature of religious people is often used to confirm a bias by atheists. Granted there are scores of religious people that certainly do fit the bill, however that does not mean they all are that way. Historically some of the greatest minds in logic and philosophy were religious. I too am frustrated by the shallow intellectualism of many religious people in western society today. They have lost the rich tradition of intellectual rigor that was foundation to western society. So while I appreciate your sentiment of your comment, your comment assumes a logical fallacy that turns back on itself and bite the hand of its owner.  4 weeks ago
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