10 lessons youth brands can learn from street art
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10 lessons youth brands can learn from street art



10 lessons youth brands can learn from street art. ...

10 lessons youth brands can learn from street art.
We have conducted a small market research and put together 10 insights for brands (youth ones in particular) - things that could learn from the graffiti world.



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10 lessons youth brands can learn from street art Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Street Art and Brands• Just like underground music, street art appeals to theyoung by being irreverent and anti-establishment• In particular, street art has often been decidedly anti-marketing…2
  • 3. The joy of not being sold anything
  • 4. It’s been an ongoing and very territorial war4Ah! Graffiti!
  • 5. But if you think of it … there is a lot in commonbetween these two worlds• Youth brands and street artistshave strikingly similar dilemmasBoth…– Want to be seen, but dont want toseem like a sell-out– Want to be popular, but notmainstream– Want to be cool, but can’t reallysay it out loud– Like to display their logos5
  • 6. And althoughmarketing and sellingare dirty words instreet art, aninconvenient truthabout street art is:thebigger the name,the more time theyspend on marketing
  • 7. 7Im praising his marketing sensibilityand tactics as works of art untothemselves—theyve helped Banksyoperate as both icon and outsider,which might just be the ultimatesubversion. Art and commerce havealways been entwined.David GianantasiaHis marketing acumen puts mostPR firms to shame.Prof. Paul Gough, UWE Bristol
  • 8. And over recent years street art has becomeincreasingly commercialised8Picture: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
  • 9. So we looked at the street art world and found10 lessons that brands could learn9
  • 10. Lesson 1. Claim your territory: don’t try to beeverywhere and do everything10Scott Wade made his name in the street art world by‘painting’ on dirty cars.Are you spreading your brand too thin?
  • 11. Lesson 2. Don’t copy – have your own uniquestyle and people will followAre you true to yourself? Can you resist the temptationto borrow cool no matter whether it fits your brand?
  • 12. Lesson 3. Collaborate! Street artists areamazing at creative collaboration12One of many collaboration works by El Mac (figure) andRetna (typography). When was the last time your brandcollaborated with another brand?
  • 13. Lesson 4. Don’t try to please everyone –many are willing to be challenged13Street art is often uncomfortable and pushes viewersout of their comfort zone. When was the last time yourbrand challenged something or someone?
  • 14. Lesson 5.Take a stance and be confident about itBanksy made his name ona strong set of beliefs
  • 15. Lesson 6. Don’t try to change the streets /environment – add to them15Lesson 6. Don’t try to change the streets – addto themGood street artists have learned to play with any givenenvironment and make it more interesting
  • 16. Lesson 7. Be prepared for a dialogue16Brands can learn from street art how to talkrather than broadcastLesson 7. Be prepared for a dialogue
  • 17. 17When was the last time you made a big splash with asmall budget?Lesson 8.Simple and smart can stand out
  • 18. Lesson 9.Have a gripping story18JimmyC was homeless for several years, so his worksoften portray homeless people in urban environments
  • 19. When there is a hint of controversy, brands are quick topull the plug on celebrity partnerships. Do you chooseyour friends well so you can stick by them?Lesson 10. Be loyal to your people!
  • 20. Thank you!A few words about us• Thinktank is an international qualitative researchconsultancy based in London• We pride ourselves on marketing thinking inspired byreal peopleand have extensive knowledge of youthmarkets• If you would like to know more, please emailkonstantin@thinktank.uk.com or see our website, blog orfollow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/thinktank_intwww.thinktank.uk.comwww.thinktank-international.blogspot.com