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A case study of ethical initiatives by World Cup sponsors using qualitative research and social media buzz analysis tools

A case study of ethical initiatives by World Cup sponsors using qualitative research and social media buzz analysis tools



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  • Social media and the way it’s changing things for brand - and market research - is exciting For a some time now at TT we’ve been using tools (such as those from Visible Technologies) ALONGSIDE OUR QUAL RESEARCH to analyse some of the buzz around brands and campaigns we work on Provide great opportunity to see what consumers post, say, what sparks conversations about brands & activities Nice direction feeding into the qualitative research So, small case study looking at ethical initiatives of brand involved in World Cuip sponsorship With Mary Stewart-Hunter using both social media buzz analysis tools and qualitative resdearch groups
  • We wanted to give ourselves lots of opportunity to understand what generates buzz So we choose 6 initiative to run social media buzz analysis on - and dig further on in groups Adidas Unite Mzansi Unite (UMU) campaign to inspire all South Africans to unite in celebration of the World Cup PLUS umu headband to raise money for Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Puma’s ‘Play for Life’ initiative to support the 2010 Year of Biodiversity in Africa along side ‘PUMAVision’ which for the company is about a Fairer & Better vision of the World Coca-Cola celebration initiative which included domations to water charities for goals scored and looked to encourage a celebration of the Word Cup globally ‘ That Song’ - annoying or not which was raising money for GOSH Nationwide’s initiative to encourage workers to raise money for Shelter by wearing a strip Team England Footballers’ Charity - donating fees
  • Analysis of the social media showed us that sentiment Worldwide was rather positive
  • IN the UK however, started off positive (point to arrows) But does get a little more cynical and critical with time fatigue with the World Cup? result of England’s failures?
  • What we found on looking at the kind of posts generated… There were few sustained conversations around the initiatives
  • And political voices - given many of these are large, global corporate brands - could be in a sense ‘loudest’
  • Among the initiative what was really engaging was the Shout for England song perhaps local? perhaps a familiar charity? Socially we now it as one hard to resist? Perhaps a very familiar concept - the charity single? Perhaps because the audience was being asked to do something - invited to get involved?
  • Our qual allowed us to look more deeply at what was going on Allowed us to interrogate more what how these initiatives were viewed, what doing for the brands (3 groups, one student/activist group + 2 more mainstream)
  • General UK cynicism was reflected in our qual particularly for the sportwears category - so for Puma and Adidas - long & lingering narrative around sweatshops and child labour A little less so for Coke, but some there on edges (and for our students) BUT… clear that the but more consumers knew & understood about these initiatives the more positive they became
  • Particularly for Puma and Adidas where their initiatives were received very positively, PumaVision values embraced Oca-Cola’s charity donations seen positively - alongside the whole positive attitude towards celebrating the World Cup Both seen as actively engaged in Africa using football as a good jumping off point AND WITH CREDIBILITY - NOT JUST CYNICALLY PLACING FUNDS TO JUSTIFY THEIR SPONSORSHIP and wanting to improve the way they do business
  • Fact is no awareness (even vague) going in - about PumaVision, about Adidas or even Coca-Cola charity donation (with it’s arguable stronger links to the ATL ad campaign) Felt to our consumers the brands didn’t promote them very much Did reach out to them
  • This was important to our consumers - it mattered to them that this hadn’t really reached them Ethics do have arole to play actively want to know about what brands are doing IMPACTS on their feelings towards the brands
  • Bit of a gap between what consumers want & are looking for vs where brands are and the caution they naturally feel around communicating these initiatives - brands don’t necessarily want to do these things for marketing sake Not necessarily seen as part of the brand communication But consumers want to know more Not just ‘green badge brnads’ Expect all brands are doing something to ‘be better, be good’ Want to hear about this
  • FEELS LIKE… brands are being a bit too timid Of course we understand this BUT it does seem that this needs to change - for conversations to begin
  • What we’ve also learnt from our research is that… For social media to generate buss there has to be something conversational and personal around which a dialogue can develop
  • Feels like Best way of talking about these aspects of your company and brand Not just seen as boastful - you are asking for their involvement, appealing to their citizen side Because it’s a conversation - you can explain, be realist, BE HUMAN!

Thinktank social media buzz Thinktank social media buzz Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media Buzz Analysis & Qual Research - World Cup Brands ‘Ethical Initatives’ Applied Social Media
  • Our Case Studies
  • 1. Coca Cola 2. James Corden & Dizzie Rascal song 3. Adidas UMU 4. PumaVision 5. Nationwide 6. Together we are stronger” Worldwide, sentiment around the brand initiatives is rather positive
  • 1. Coca Cola 2. James Corden & Dizzie Rascal song 3. Adidas UMU 4. PumaVision 5. Nationwide 6. Together we are stronger” UK sentiment starts positive, but gets a little more cynical and critical with time
  • Somali composer K'Naan's World Cup song "Wavin' Flag" has arguably become the most downloaded international song in India …….. #bestadvert2010 coca cola world cup celebrations love it Generally positive, but often much of the buzz around these brands was unrelated to any ethical direction Idea is brilliant, perfectly suitable to World Cup. It again proves Coca Cola as the master of communication. Great commercial even though it has it’s flaws.
  • Why I hate the World Cup For the same reason I dislike the Olympics, of course and I dislike the Olympics for the same reason I dislike McDonalds and Coca Cola and Nike and all the other rapacious multinational corporations that milk humanity like a herd of cattle while pretending it’s a noble endeavour I find the dilution of the original sad and the result a lil' cheesy Often political voices can become ‘loudest’ among the buzz
  • I don’t like it but I like how the money from that song is going to Great Ormond Street hospital. So we bummed out of the world cup in an abysmal fashion but this video is still awesome, it shows our fans in a united passion for our team and country, just wish the outcome was better:( ! Proceeds go to Fantastic Ormond Road Hospital charity. DOWNLOAD NOW PLEASEEEE! Cheers :) Knew we were doomed when this came out, but sick kids who could resist? DOWNLOAD IT!
  • Qualitative research allows us to look a bit deeper
  • The more consumers knew & understood about these initiatives, the more positive they become
  • Adidas and Puma have a real opportunity here to engage consumers and shift brand perception
  • Yet, these initiatives can seem a bit separate - where consumers want them to be more integrated into their conversations with the brand
  • Ethics do matter - about all of us trying to be a little bit ‘better’
  • And yet, it seems we are in a transitory phase when it comes to ethics
  • Brands are being a bit too timid
  • With social media, to generate buzz there has to be something conversational and personal around which a dialogue can develop
  • Social media could be the best way to start those conversations about the responsible aspects of your brand
  • Thank you Follow us at twitter.com/thinktank_int Applied Social Media