TravelInkd Webinar Slides: Managing Customer Relationships Using Social Media


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TravelInkd Webinar Slides: Managing Customer Relationships Using Social Media

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TravelInkd Webinar Slides: Managing Customer Relationships Using Social Media

  1. 1. Managing Customer Expectations Using Social Media IAG and ATW June 16, 2010
  2. 2. Managing CustomerRelations Using Social Media Presented by Vanessa Horwell Chief Visibility Officer, TravelInk’d June 16, 2010
  3. 3. How did we get here?It’s all Social Media, all the timeLet’s look at some numbers…
  4. 4. In 2009, this iswhat washappening withsocial media. . .It took just 68seconds to add473 newmembers toFacebook . . .
  5. 5. Last week, this iswhat happenedonline in 69seconds. . .Almost 200 morenew Facebookusers per minuteAlmost 1000xmore Tweets
  6. 6. 11,000 global Good Mornings tweeted in a 24 hour period
  7. 7. Social Media hasovertaken porn as the#1 activity on the Web
  8. 8. Years to reach 50 million users… Radio – 38 years TV - 13 years Internet – 4 years iPod – 3 years added more than 100 MILLION users in 9 MONTHS
  9. 9. Social Media In The USA125,560,420 Facebook users15 to 30 million blogs26.3 million Twitter accounts259,561,000 People online
  10. 10. Social Media in El Mundo…1,802,330,457 People online 465,562,540 Facebook users105,779,710 Twitter accounts 70,000,000 Blogs 288 Social networks
  11. 11. If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s 3rd largest
  12. 12. United States of Facebook Facebook has more users than the ENTIREpopulation of
  13. 13. 80% of Twitter usage is onmobile devices, anywhere and everywhere
  14. 14. $716m spent on medium in 2009 Bigger marketing channel than both email and mobileSocial Media Marketing spend to hit $3.1 Billion by 2014
  15. 15. What Does This Mean?
  16. 16. It means that Social Media is in our DNA
  17. 17. 78% of people trust peer recommendationsOnly 14% trust advertisements
  18. 18. Time spent by consumers on social media in a WEEK?Less than 1 hour 17.89%1 to 5 hours 36.84%5 to 10 hours 24.56%MORE THAN 10 HOURS 20.70%
  19. 19. SOCIAL MEDIA $716m spent on medium in 2009 Bigger marketing channel than both email and mobileSocial Media Marketing spend to hit 3.1 Billion by 2014 IS EVERYWHERE
  20. 20. Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we COMMUNICATESource: Socialnomics
  21. 21. What Is YOUR Brand Doing With Social Media?
  22. 22. The rise of social media sites has supercharged the ability of consumers to influence a companys brand and image. Your brand This upsurge in consumer power is both a challenge and opportunity for companies,especially those in the travel sector -- airlines and air travel partners -- and it’s spurringairline brands to find ways - BETTER WAYS - to respond.
  23. 23. It’s time to managecustomer relations using social media…
  24. 24. JetBlue, the low cost carrier, has one of the BIGGEST footprints on social media sites among U.S airlines.The airline uses Twitter to receive and respond to customer comments, leveraging the feed’sinstant communications to provide a real-time environment for both conflict resolution and information dissemination.
  25. 25. JetBlue’s Twitter Strategy# JetBlue Twitter followers: 1.6 million# JetBlue Twitter feeds: 2# JetBlue passengers in 2009:22,450,000# Twitter followers to passengers:7.12 to 100# Twitter followers to totalpassengers for UAL: 0.10 to 100JetBlue net income for 2009: $58million, or $36.25 per follower
  26. 26. JetBlue is a great example of how best to engage insocial media for enhanced customer service (andenhanced brand perception as a result).The principle behind JetBlue’s Twitter strategy could becharacterized as ‘responsive’; rather than pushinginformation out, JetBlue actively monitors theinformation it receives through its Twitter feed, andtakes action based on that.There’s also a separate Twitter feed @jetbluecheeps forgeneral information including sales, fare changes, etc.
  27. 27. Hawaiian vs. Qantas – An Experiment inusing Social Media to Manage Customer Relations…
  28. 28. Say G’DAY to Vanessa!She is currently looking for flights toAustralia, for sometime in June or July.She came across a few special offers onQantas Airlines but when she tried topurchase her ticket, those special offersdid not appear.So she contacted Qantas on Twitter…Within minutes, she received a tweet and an email from Qantas asking for agood time to chat. And then a few minutes later, she had the same personthat manages the Twitter account on the phone with her. A very personable,friendly lady who not only helped Vanessa find the offers she was lookingfor, but also spent time with her talking about several must-see places on hertrip. The airline’s response to Vanessa’s issue was RIGHT on TARGET.
  29. 29. This built an EMOTIONAL RELATIONSHIP between Vanessa and Qantas… Now Vanessa can now put a voice, personality, and a name to the person behind the Twitter account. Vanessa knows that if she has any issues, she will get help quickly. So when it comes time for Vanessa to purchase tickets to anywhere near Australia or New Zealand, why would she choose a different airline to Qantas?
  30. 30. ALOHA… Vanessa also booked a last minute flight to Hawaii whichwas leaving in a few hours. She spent some time looking at flights onvarious sites; and finally decided to reach out to Hawaiian Air on Twitter.She was already on the purchase page for Hotwire and was ready to clickthe “pay” button but wanted to check if Hawaiian Air had some sort ofspecials on last minute deals.She sent out the tweet and waited afew minutes but received noresponse and booked the flight viaHotwire. Shortly after she purchasedthe ticket, Hawaiian got in touch withher to get more information…But alas, the ticket had already beenpurchased - they were just not fastenough.
  31. 31. ALOHA…Vanessa also booked a last minute flight to Hawaii which wasleaving in a few hours.She spent some time looking at flights on various sites; shewas already on the purchase page for Hotwire and was readyto click the “pay” button but wanted to check if Hawaiian Airhad any last minute deals. So she reached out to HawaiianAir on Twitter…She sent out the tweet and waited a few minutes but received no responseand ended up booking the flight via Hotwire. Shortly after she purchasedthe ticket, Hawaiian got in touch with her to get more information.But alas, Vanessa had already bought the ticket. The airline was just notfast enough.
  32. 32. What Did We Learn?Here are two airlines with two very different responses, oneof those airlines got Vanessa’s business, the other did not.Qantas solved her customer expectations of: Prompt resolution –had someone on the phone within minutes Two-way communication - on twitter, email, and the phone Collaborative relationships - helped me select destinations Feeling of importanceAs an informed traveler and consumer, the gap between what I expected andwhat Qantas offered was small, the gap between what I expected and whatHawaiian offered was much larger.Sometimes it only takes one transaction to help close the gap between whata company offers and what a customer wants, case in point being Qantas.
  33. 33. On June 4, 2010, MediaPost told us…“One-Third of Americans Criticize or Compliment Brands Online”
  34. 34. On June 10, 2010, Travel Blogger Christopher Elliot slams Mexicana…“Mexicana makes passenger wait almost two years for refund”
  35. 35. Imagine the number of consumerswho have responded to Elliot’s post, sharing their experiences with the Mexicana brand -- good and bad. Hundreds, thousands? YOUR brand could be next….
  36. 36. Share Control, Before Others Do!
  37. 37. Social media is INFLUENTIAL… Whether travelers are tweeting about a delayed flight, poor service or lost luggage, these consumers wield lots of influence.Their comments can linger in perpetuity, get amplified and take on a life of their own…
  38. 38. Remember the “United, You Lost My Guitar”clip on YouTube?8 million views later“George s. Says: July 9th, 2009 at 12:56 pmAs most frequent travelers know all too well - United has theworst customer service of any US airline. Try talking to awall, and you’ll get a better response than the programmedmorons they use. I have instructed my travel dept. to useUnited only as a last resort. That means I’ve flown United OUCH!twice in the last three years !!
  39. 39. The Last Word in Social Media…As we have seen today, Social Media has asubstantial impact on peoples’ perceptions ofbrands, products and companies.And its influence on how consumers perceive brandsis only going to become stronger.Are you going to USE IT or LOSE IT?
  40. 40. Thanks so much for listening!To discuss the contents of this presentation,please feel free to contact me at:Vanessa HorwellChief Visibility Officer, TravelInk’ x232