The Facebook Journey of Engagement


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Learn how to take advantage of all the latest Facebook developments and invite your fans into a journey of engagement.

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The Facebook Journey of Engagement

  1. the facebookjourney of engagement
  2. checkingfacebook a lot?
  3. 79% of smartphone users check facebookwithin 15 mins from waking up ... while 62% don’t even wait 15 minutes
  4. …need more “engagement” data ? Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times a day Average daily mobile time is 30’
  5. …still not convinced? 46% check it when shopping 48% at gym 47% when preparing a meal 50% while at a moviePeak Facebook time is… just before bed
  6. Facebook enables business to connect withmore people on more devices
  7. Newsfeed is the most engaging part ofFacebook
  8. Brand New: Target Mobile BlockReach a massive audience on people’s most personal device 500.000 Unique Greek Users In 3 days
  9. Reach the largest and most engaged community of real peopleon the planet
  10. They are interacting with each other
  11. Facebook Users Like on Average 36.7 Pages 715% rise in 3 years!!!!
  12. What are they sharing? Source: Socialbakers, August 2012
  13. Introducing the new Facebook Newsfeed
  14. Size matters!
  15. Goodbye clutter
  16. Shorter captions
  17. Choose feeds
  18. Consistency across devices
  19. New Facebook Newsfeed Marketing Tips Publish more visual content Create image focused ads Keep your copy short Focus more on your evangelists Create more compelling content Integrate your FB &Pinterest strategies Influence users to check in Continue increasing Likes of your Page
  20. Users leave…
  21. through their Social Path…
  22. follow them …
  23. … and engage!
  24. Social is not an objective
  25. It’s about Advertising
  26. Facebook Premium ads The most impactful bundle to distribute your content 5-10x better performance 3X ROI for RHS of homepage* Desktop and mobile than the rest of Facebook +* The source is from a variety of third party studies, including media mix models and various test/control approaches
  27. It’s about Targeting
  28. and an Always-On-Strategy
  29. the Key to driving results Prepare Test Scale• Setting campaigns • Conduct a low cost test • Implement according to goals strategy • Follow test guidelines• Identify and agree • Incrementally increase on correct KPIs & • Optimize as needed spend while meeting Benchmarks targets• Set the test up accurately to ensure proper testing
  30. The Samsung Success story
  31. LAUNCH OF SAMSUNG GALAXY S III Reached 7 million Fans in just 6 months Advertising  Reach Block (3 days)  Log out experience (6 days)  Page Post Ads  Sponsored Stories  Mobile Clusters (i-phone users, handsets 3+ years old)  Mobile Target Block  News Feed mobile  Desktop Premium Ads 10 – point lift in 13 X return on $ 129M in sales favorability advertising spend attributable to Facebook
  32. Return on Engagement (ROE) is the new Return on Investment (ROI)
  33. Kiss me good night, with LOX
  34. Thank you,Vanina LekaSales Director Thinkdigital GR, CY, ALTel. 210-802605, ext. 105Email: vaninal@thinkdigital.netFind us in Social Media: