01 2 rbs2111 2-1 m od system


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01 2 rbs2111 2-1 m od system

  1. 1. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System1Telecom Power RBS2111 (2.1M)Outdoor SystemNTBU
  2. 2. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System21Telecom Power SystemTelecom Power SystemTelecom Power SystemACDistributionUnit Rectifier # 1Control SupervisoryUnit (CSU)LOAD(Switch,ADSL…E.T.C.)OutputDCDistributionUnitLVDSRectifier # 3Rectifier # 2Rectifier # NBatteryAC InputGeneratorU.P.S
  3. 3. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System3ContentsSystem OverviewMain Features /ConfigurationOutdoor Cabinet type (2.1M)Power Distribution configuration (AC,Surge , DC Load , Battery.Rectifier Power shelf configurationRectifier module specification (DP2700)New Smart CSU controller with LCD DisplaySystem Function IntroductionDelta Remote/Monitor function-- NRMS monitor software (RS-232 port)-- Web Server/ SNMP function (Optional)Q&A
  4. 4. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System4Delta DPS 2700 Series Power SystemMain Features:AC Input: Optional for three conditions1. 220Vac, Single phase (Already)2. 380Vac, Three phases / Five Wire ( Y Connection)System Capacity: -54Vdc / 150A Max.IP Protect:Power Battery Space: IP54, Equipment Space: IP55DC Distribution: Load Breaker Configurations: Breaker (DIN rail ),Battery Breaker: ~125A Breaker, 2 Positions Max.LVDB *1 (Standard): 150A on Battery SideLVDL *1: 150A on Load SideRectifier: -54Vdc/50A (DPR2700) *3Controller: New Smart CSU with LCDRelay Output: Total 8 Positions, Customer DefinableLocal/Remote Monitoring and Control – NRMS software− Local Access: By NRMS via RS232 Interface− Internet Web Server Function: By Web Server Software/SNMP via RJ45 Interface(Optional)System Dimension (W*D*H): 55.1” x 29.6” x 29.6” inch / 2100 x 750 x 750mmOperating Temperature: 0℃~+55℃(32℉~131℉)
  5. 5. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System5PDU (Several Configurations)Rectifier ESR-48/56ABattery & BaseNew Smart CSU (Main Board))New Smart CSU (Relay Board))19” Rectifier Shelf (SB-05N/HG A )Heat-exchangeCCU (ClimateControl Unit )Fan Tray
  6. 6. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System6RBS2111 Outdoor System Drawing
  7. 7. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System7Delta Power System Drawing
  8. 8. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System8Delta Power System Drawing - Cooling
  9. 9. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System9RBS2111 (2.1M) Outdoor System OverviewsDimension: W750mm * D750mm * H2100mmTwo-walled aluminum alloy (5052-H32) constructions (Cabinets)IP54: Power system & battery compartment , IP55: Equipment compartmentPlinth: Steel with powder coatingEnclosure/Plinth’s color: Ericsson LMY 904, (NCS2502)Eyebolts inside removable roofWHDDelta P/N: ESOA150-ABB01 (Average capacity case)Delta P/N: ESOA150-ABB02 (High capacity case)Average capacity case expandableTo High capacity case addingAnother HexEstimated Weight: 155Kg (with Power system)Equipment CompartmentPower system and Batterycompartment
  10. 10. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System10HEXAverage capacity case : 2pcs HEXHigh capacity case : 3pcs HEXRBS2111 (2.1M) ConfigurationsFan tray mounted oninside of side panelPower systemChangeover SwitchClimate Control UnitGenset Socket, 32A3N~(R,S,T,N ,PE)Air filterTransmissionEquipment10U(H) x 19”(W)208(D) Maxi.PartitionEquipment CompartmentPower system and Batterycompartment (Battery excluded in cabinets)(Battery excluded in cabinets)2ndBattery ShelfMax. Space suitable forCSB TPX122200 * 4pcs1stBattery ShelfMax. Space suitable forCSB TPX122200 * 4pcsSmoke SensorHumidity SensorDC Light mounted oninside of Frame
  11. 11. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System11RBS2111 (2.1M) Cable Entries 7pcs of Side cable entries reserved6pcs of Compartment cableentries reserved5pcs MG32A 3-hole Cable GlandsFor cable range (OD 5~10mm)1pce MG25A 1-hole Cable GlandFor cable range (OD): 10~16mm1pce MG32A 1-hole Cable GlandFor cable range (OD): 15~22mm3pcs MG32A 3-hole Cable GlandsFor cable range (OD): 5~10mm2pce MG25A 1-holeFor cable range (OD): 10~16mm1pce MG32A 1-holeFor cable range (OD): 15~22mm4pcs of bottom cableentries reserved3pcs MG32A 3-hole Cable GlandFor cable range (OD): 5~10mmFor AC Terminations1pce MG25A 1-hole Cable GlandFor cable range (OD): 12~16mmFor DC grounding cable
  12. 12. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System12Grounding bus bar Location and Grounding cable pathGrounding BUS Bar4pcs M6 insert nut pre-installedFixed on plinth and equipment bay
  13. 13. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System13Grounding bus bar Location and Grounding cable pathGrounding cable pass through cable gland fromequipment compartment to power systemcompartment.Pass through bottom cable gland link togrounding bus bar which fixed on plinth.
  14. 14. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System14Plate (1pcs):Pre-install on right sideDesign to block unused sideRBS2111 (2.1M) AC Cable Entry on Both SidesAC cables pass through left sideof plinth.New requirement:AC cables can pass through right side of plinth.AP32
  15. 15. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System15Cabinet Mountings60083705Anchor Pattern and Footprint15mm X 4: Footprint Area355507128335Installation template (1pcs) for RBS2111system along with first shipment(2.1M and 1.6M systems are the sametemplate.)
  16. 16. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System16Recommended Spare Parts & Part Numbers RBS 2111 2.1MESOA150-ABB01,02RemarkCU-18A A-SClimate Control UnitV3790335100-SController(NCSU)-LCD DisplayV5505602118-SController(NCSU)-Main BoardVESR-48/56A A-SRectifier 2700W (DPR2700)V3790335000Temperature Sensor Cable 3MVEX-F01 B-SFan TrayVEX-H01 A-SHeat Exchanger 22W/K(Delta HEX)VAir Filter G33243139500VHeat Exchanger160W/K50400000196NAModel NameSpare parts(Delta P/N)
  17. 17. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System17SMR Shelf 19” H typeSB-05N/HG A DPS 2700 shelf 54V/150AW x H x D=19 x 1.7 x 11.7 inch =483 x 44 x 297.8 mm
  18. 18. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System18Features and Benefits-48V/41.7A, Output; Max. Power 2000WWide Input Voltage Range (90V~300V)Power Factor Correction (>0.99)Hot-pluggable, All Connectors are at the rearCompact Size≅ 24W/in3 (48V) Power DensityDimension:42mm/1U(H)*125.5mm/2.8U(W)*268mm(D)Light weight:1.64 Kg (4.4lb)Horizontal(1U)/Vertical(2.8U) Models AvailableHigh Efficiency: >91% (48V)Fan cooling and Easy replaceable fan designOperation temp.:-5oC~+65oCUL/CUL,TUV/CE CertificatedDP 2000 Series Rectifier
  19. 19. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System19Rectifier - InterfaceI/O ConnectorOutputSignalInputLoad Sharing BusIBUSD2ID digitalIDDD1ID analogIDAC2Short pin for well connectionINHC1Communication groundCGNDB1RS 485 + communicationRS485+A2RS 485 – communicationRS485-B2Signal groundSGNDOA1DC Output “+”VO+P8-P10DC Output “-”VO-P5-P7PrechargeVOPP4DescriptionSignalPin NumberAC main, frame groundFGP3AC main, N terminalAC_NP2AC main, L terminalAC_LP1DescriptionSignalPin Number
  20. 20. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System20RS-485New Smart CSU: DPS 2700 SeriesConfiguration,Supervision Terminal InterfaceWeb/SNMP CardEthernetConfiguration,Supervision(web browser)54Vdc/50AWith SMRAnalogSignal DetectionLCD DisplayRS-485 X 3With SMRRS-485 WithSMRAnalogI.D address
  21. 21. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System21Easy integration with most Delta power systemsModular system controllerUser friendly operating interfaceLarge 128 x 64 pixel LCD DisplayEntry of alarm and system parameters from keypadHigh reliable RS-485 communication with RectifierEasy system expansionEasy extendable custom-design I/O boardComplete function supportMore then 100 system events logTemperature & Voltage compensation chargingSmart Battery managementGreen FunctionDifferent possibilities for remote monitoring1 outside communication port (RS-232) DB9Local Access monitoring & ControlWeb Server Function (RJ-45)Power System Controller – New Smart CSUUser Interface
  22. 22. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System22Delta Power System Monitoring & ControlBuild in HTTPWeb ServerACDistribution RectifiersDC Distribution BatteryManagementEnvironmentDataAcquisitionControl &SupervisoryUnitClient UserClient UserInternetTelecom Power ManageProgramLocalClient UserMini USB
  23. 23. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System23Local AccessMini USBNRMS Monitor software
  24. 24. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System24Web Server Function and Feature (Optional)Features:Applied in TCP/IP Internet/Intranet EnvironmentComplete Supervising to Power SystemUser-friendly Graphic InterfaceDynamic information presentationPassword functionMulti Language SupportMicrosoft Explorer and Netscape SupportMain ScreenStatusParameter SettingAlarmConfiguration
  25. 25. BRS2111(2.1M) Outdoor Power System25Q & A