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ThingLink Rich Media Tags
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ThingLink Rich Media Tags


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Make your images come alive with Rich Content. ThingLink is the easiest way of enriching your images with music, video and other rich media content. …

Make your images come alive with Rich Content. ThingLink is the easiest way of enriching your images with music, video and other rich media content.

This is an overview of ThingLink's Rich Media Tags. Please visit for more information and updates.

Thinglink is a provider of in-image interaction tools. ThingLink is helping define pop culture with a transformational, engaging, adoptable, and viral media/content serving format.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 2. Make your images come alive with Rich ContentThingLink is the easiest way of enriching your images with music, video and other rich media content. Visit to find out more.
  • 3. e-Commerce Social Video Subscription Ticketing & Causes Audio LINKS AS CHANNELS ThingLink Rich Media, e-Commerce and Social Tags Engage Viewers
  • 4. Rich Media Tag DirectoryClick on a service to be taken to instructions for creating that Rich Media TagYouTube Instagram iTunes FanbridgeSoundCloud Amazon Spotify TopspinVimeo eBay Google Maps SlideshareFacebook Best Buy Mailchimp Kiva.orgTwitter Etsy TED ThingLink tagLinkedIn Eventbrite Wikipedia Open GraphFlickr Thrillcall Yelp Custom image tags
  • 5. ThingLink Profile Tag Copy and paste any ThingLink User Channel
  • 6. ThingLink Image Tag Copy and paste any ThingLink scene URL
  • 7. YouTube Copy and paste any YouTube video URL
  • 8. SOundCloud Copy and paste any Soundcloud track URL
  • 9. Vimeo Copy and paste any Vimeo video URL
  • 10. Facebook Copy and paste any Facebook Page URL
  • 11. Twitter 1. Copy and paste any Twitter profile or status update URL.2. To create a Twitter status tag, click on the tweet’s date stamp and copy the URL.
  • 12. Linkedin Copy and paste any LinkedIn profile URL
  • 13. Flickr Copy and paste any Flickr image URL
  • 14. Instagram Copy and paste any Instagram image URL
  • 15. Amazon Copy and paste any Amazon product URL
  • 16. eBay Copy and paste any eBay product URL
  • 17.;jsessionid=451AD032BF0417C6D5DBAEFB18DBA0CC Best Buy Copy and paste any Best Buy product URL
  • 18. Etsy Copy and paste any Etsy product URL
  • 19. Polldaddy Copy and paste any Polldaddy poll URL
  • 20. Eventbrite Copy and paste any Eventbrite event URL
  • 21. ThrillCall Copy and paste any Thrillcall artist URL
  • 22. iTunes Copy and paste any iTunes media URL
  • 23. Spotify Copy and paste any Spotify track URL
  • 24.,+Elvis+Presley+Boulevard........ Google Maps Copy and paste any Google Maps location URL
  • 25. Mailchimp Copy and paste your Signup Form Link Code
  • 26. TED Copy and paste any TED video URL
  • 27. Wikipedia Copy and paste any Wikipedia article URL
  • 28. Yelp Copy and paste any Yelp listing URL
  • 29. Fanbridge Copy and paste your Fanbridge profile URL
  • 30. Topspin Copy and paste your Topspin campaign URL
  • 31. Slideshare Copy and paste any Slideshare presentation URL
  • 32. Bambuser Copy and paste any Bambuser stream URL
  • 33. Copy and paste any Kiva loan URL
  • 34. Hulu Copy and paste any streaming video URL
  • 35. Rdio Copy and paste any Rdio stream URL
  • 36. Scribd Copy and paste any Scribd document URL
  • 37. Meetup Copy and paste any event URL
  • 38. ThingLink Open Graph Tags Copy and paste any URL from an Open Graph enabled site
  • 39. Create your own!Create a custom Rich Media Tag for your content
  • 40. And there is much MORE coming Up! See our compete list of image tags orVisit to get started now!