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ThingLink Premium Overview
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ThingLink Premium Overview


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These are the features that come with a ThingLink Premium account.

These are the features that come with a ThingLink Premium account.

Published in: Business

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  • 2. Added Value • Increases engagement (time spent, link views, CTR, embeds) with image and video content • Gives data on consumer interest via proprietary image and video metrics • Enables combined presentation of various web platforms such as YouTube, Google Docs, Wikipedia, Soundcloud & eCommerce on a single image or video • Enables easy navigation between rich media content without leaving the base image/video
  • 3. Interactive Images & Video
  • 4. ThingLink Images Easily annotate your image content with rich media tags
  • 5. ThingLink Images Share your interactive images to the web with embed code
  • 6. ThingLink Images Rich text and customization options available ThingLink offers a set of tools to customize the look and feel of icons, popups, and text overlay so you can easily create a unique design to match your brand or website.
  • 7. ThingLink Video Engage your audience with interactive video
  • 8. ThingLink Video Embed interactive images into video
  • 9. Tag your content! Over 50 rich media tags supported on ThingLink You can tag several types of rich media into to your videos and images. Interacting with these services is possible within a single video or image. Using these tags is as simple as copying the URL into the ThingLink tag
  • 10. Premium Features
  • 11. Advanced Dashboard Detailed statistics for each image & video Advanced metrics (view, hover, click, average time on unit) in timeline. Total vs. unique views Ability to export results to excel file for offline view.
  • 12. Advanced Dashboard Understand how viewers interact with content All time: embeds, views, hovers, clicks, time spent, engagement rates Tags: breakdown of every tag on your video or image Embeds: breakdown of every place your video or image was embedded
  • 13. Personalized Icons Tell deeper stories with custom icons Upload and use your own logos, symbols, signs, etc. Custom icons can be any shape/size/color or transparent. Unlimited number of icons can be uploaded.
  • 14. Enhanced Icon Selection 100+ icons available for streamlining business
  • 15. Remove branding Make ThingLinks your own with branding customization
  • 16. Control Tag Styling Pinned nubbins and invisible tag bubbles Invisible bubbles • show only the icon • do not show the tag bubble even when icon is hovered over Pinned nubbins: • icons stay visible even when image is not hovered on
  • 17. Manage image display Fully control your live ThingLink Get rid of “share and touch” buttons Remove ThingLink branding Remove or replace source URL that appears on lower left corner of image
  • 18. Image Carousels Create interactive image carousels Add multiple ThingLink images to one slideshow. Share to your website with embed code. Embed into your interactive video
  • 19. Replace Image Change host image without having to re-tag your entire unit When new image is uploaded ThingLink will update automatically. You do not have to re- embed the unit after it is changed on ThingLink.
  • 20. Customized Tags Develop your own rich media tags Build your own rich media tags to suit your specific needs. Get technical support from ThingLink team during the development. No restriction to the kinds of rich media tags that you can create.
  • 21. Cross Platform ThingLink functions across desktop, mobile and tablet
  • 22. Account Information
  • 23. Premium License Unlimited access across your platform You can use ThingLink… • for your own business commercially • Unlimited views, videos, images You can’t use ThingLink… • for other businesses commercially • for banner/ad units and reseller purposes • on multiple owned properties
  • 24. Account Group Team collaboration is made simple with groups Create a group and invite multiple team members to create and collaborate on projects Seamlessly invite team members to groups.
  • 25. Dedicated Account Rep Priority technical support and account rep ThingLink will provide you with an account rep to provide: • Welcome material • Webinars • Account tips/best practices • Priority support