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Alum board ppt feb 2014
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Alum board ppt feb 2014

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  • 1. IMG_0048[4].JPG Jan 21 ‘14: Career Trip to Cleveland’s Federal Reserve Bank Thiel College Alumni Board Meeting Career Committee Report February 2014
  • 2. Career Development Center Activities 1) Programming: Career Education & Employer Events Update on Four-Year Career Curriculum Goals: Freshmen: Move 308 student thru 5 point plan by 5/14 Seniors: 90% of Seniors on LinkedIn by 5/14 Juniors: 50% increase in internships (75 -> 110) All years: 100% increase in workshop attendance 80% job placement Class of ’14 by 11/14 Major Spring Events: Jan 21 – CLEVELAND CAREER ROAD TRIP Feb 24-28 — CAREER WEEK ALUMNI PANELS Mar 12 – PITTSBURGH CAREER FAIR Mar 21 – PITTSBURGH CAREER ROAD TRIP Mar 24 – SERVICE YEAR LEADERSHIP CONF. Apr 3 – JUST-IN-TIME JOB & INTERNSHIP FAIR Apr 17 – NEW YORK CITY CAREER TRIP
  • 3. Career Development Center Activities Thiel College Career Development Ctr Mar n Black Associate Dean mblack@thiel.edu Heather Balas Director hbalas@thiel.edu Lacey Rice Corey Brown Graduate Assistants CareerCenter@thiel.edu Open-rate on newsletter (60% -> 80%) Blogging/Influencing (250 followers by 9/1) Job database 2) eCommunication: Branding, Following, Posting, Surveying January 2014 Visit Day h p://www.thiel.edu/academics/career-development-center Goals: Ge ng the Right Career Start
  • 4. Career Development Center Activities 3) Outreach/Engagement Alumni: Panels Mentor Program Career Road Trips Bell Issue Goals: Create an Annual “Thiel Colloquium” Develop w/ Alumni Board – summer ‘14 Establish annual plan with Alumni Rel. Build reward system for sending jobs Advisory Bodies: Students (T-CATS) Leading Alumni & Employers Goals: From advisory body to peer advising Develop – summer ‘14 Faculty: Meetings with all 19 Departments Helping define the New Core Goals: Establish base-lines; develop best practices Expand off-campus “learning by doing”
  • 5. Career Development Center Activities 4) Placement Data: Class of 2014
  • 6. Career Committee: Communications • Articles to be written by selected alumni to appear in Career Center’s bimonthly newsletter, in the Bell, and in the Thielensian. Example: encouraging use of LinkedIn by both alumni and students.
  • 7. Career Committee: Advisory Bodies • Partner with Career Center on the creation of the second advisory body (community leaders, employers, and alumni). Not only in the selection of members but also in the rationale and the goals for such a board.
  • 8. Career Committee: Alumni Outreach • Input in the creation and design of a Career Mentor Program…both pros and cons. • Assistance in the planning of Career Road Trips, including Washington, DC. • Internships (what exactly is an internship?) • Placement Data