Entrepreneurship and Appropriate Technology (적정기술과 비즈니스)


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2011년 적정기술아카데미(적정기술미래포럼 주관)에서 발표한 '적정기술과 비즈니스' 강의PPT

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Entrepreneurship and Appropriate Technology (적정기술과 비즈니스)

  1. 1. AppropriateTechnology Academy26 March 2011 Business for the Other 90% Appropriate Technology viewed from Social Entrepreneurship Jeongtae Kim Edit the World/Empower the World
  2. 2. [Video] A New Model for Emerging Market “Don‟t Start with a product.” “Make a careful observation on customers.”
  3. 3. What would begging people want? Food? Money? What they need is a job opportunity that can make their life sustainably expected, and generate some income by which to purchase services and products that meet their needs. Employment provides human security and platforms for sustainable development.
  4. 4. What would you do with m-phone?
  5. 5. How much would you like to pay for this?
  6. 6. Development Agendas: Two Way ODA Top-down approach: Official Development Assistance (ODA) mainly going through receiving countries to be invested in infra- structure Well-being Bottom-up approach: Appropriate Technology Assistance (ATA) mainly aiming to enhance capacity of each user APA
  7. 7. AP and Social Entrepreneurship Employment Meeting Reality-demand Common grounds Community Building Disposable Income Appropriate Social Technology Entrepreneurship
  8. 8. MDGs as a NBM (new business model)  These issues represent some of the urgent problems underway in around the world.  Much talk has been on “Business and the MDG” “Empowering the Poor through Markets” “Inclusive Business”  What problems make you most uncomfortable?
  9. 9. What is Entrepreneurship? Entrepreneur is the one that creates values with whatever resources one has, even under harsh conditions. Social Entrepreneurship is an attitude and capability that makes a profit AND make a difference through adding values often related to social problems.
  10. 10. Business as un-usual (1) It is often reported and analyzed that the Conglomerates or Multi-national corporations often fail to enter into the emerging markets or minister to so called „the other 90%‟ Business as un-usual approach is so essential that the majority of the successful stories using AP for business comes from medium and small enterprises(MSEs) or NGOs. Why you think is this so?
  11. 11. Business as un-usual (2) Emerging markets and „the neglected other 90%‟ often do not comply with conventional „game rule‟ Hence, change the game rule if needed and when necessary. MSEs and NGOs have more flexibility to change the game rule: Disruptive Innovation
  12. 12. Game-Rule-Change Matrix What is absent What is familiar  clean water  bicycle INSIGHT What is essential  pumping water What is sufficient  human power
  13. 13. Business and Appropriate Technology 1. Li m t at i ons show i nnovat i ve i sol ut i ons.
  14. 14. Business and Appropriate Technology2. Reani m e w ever i s w ed at hat ast or di scar ded. (ex. Sol ar -pow ed LED er )
  15. 15. Business and Appropriate Technology 3. Tr ace back w hat w e e’r f am l i ar i n t he past year s. i
  16. 16. Business and Appropriate Technology 4. Keep t he f unct i on t o t he si m est possi bl e. pl
  17. 17. Business and Appropriate Technology 5. See w ever i s or di nar y hat as ext r aor di nar y ener gy or r esour ce. (ex. Keep t he Change)
  18. 18. Business and Appropriate Technology 6. U di f f er ent m se ode of power(f r om el ect r i ci t y t o hum pow ) an er (20-dol l ar D um Laundr y) r
  19. 19. Business and Appropriate Technology 7. Focus on what w al l do i n e dai l y l i ves. (ex. uncl ean w er box) at
  20. 20. Business and Appropriate Technology 8. Thi nk over your unpl easant exper i ences or di scont ent s. (ex. D gni f i ed M l e Toi l et ) i obi
  21. 21. Business and Appropriate Technology 9. Pr ovi de and l i nk sever al sol ut i ons t o m t i pl e i ssues. ul (ex. Sol ar -3)
  22. 22. Business and Appropriate Technology 10. Obser ve peopl e’s hi dden desi r es, not j ust aski ng what t hey need. (ex. a Sat el l i t e TV i n Lat i n Am i ca) er
  23. 23. Business and Appropriate Technology A 10+ m e! nd or “What w d you add?” oul
  24. 24. Severe Problems to Serious Business “The best design often comes in a situation where there are lots of limitations and barriers.” Tim Brown, President of IDEO
  25. 25. Severe Problems to Serious Business “Good designer observes things. Great designer observes people.” Tim Brown, President of IDEO
  26. 26. PAPER THAT WORKS: concept design Paper Soap Paper Against Food Poisoning Paper… what?
  27. 27. Thank you for your attention danhovi si on@hanm l .net ai w w heU t oday.com w .t N @t heU t oday NRecommended readings:<Emerging Markets, Emerging Models> (Monitor Group)<Growing Inclusive Market> (UNDP)<Change by Design> (Kimyoungsa)<Market 3.0> (Time Biz)