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Link building Services from TheSeoPortal SEO Company
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Link building Services from TheSeoPortal SEO Company


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Link Building Services Company from TheSeoPortal. We offer High Quality Link Building Services Packages.

Link Building Services Company from TheSeoPortal. We offer High Quality Link Building Services Packages.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Google in the Real World: How Links Boost Your Ranking Presented by : TheSeoPortal Link Building Services Company Website :
  • 2. Link Popularity  Inbound links play a key role in determining rankings  It’s not just about quantity (“link popularity”); it’s about quality (importance of the page, topically relevant/authoritative)  This has been the cornerstone of Google’s ranking algorithm since Day 1  Comes from the Google founders’ fascination with citation analysis
  • 3. Checking Link Popularity  To a page – Google’s and MSN Search’s link: query operator  To your site – Yahoo’s linkdomain: query operator  Subtract your site from the results (MSN & Yahoo only) – E.g.  Google displays only a sampling of backlinks (to foil SEOs)
  • 4. Checking Link Popularity  Free tools – Yahoo’s Site Explorer ( – Netconcepts’ Link Checker ( – WeBuildPages’ Neat-o Tool ( – SEO-Links Firefox extension ( tools/firefox-extensions/seo-links/) – Thumbshots Ranking tool ( – TouchGraph GoogleBrowser (
  • 5. WeBuildPages’ Neat-o Tool
  • 6. SEO-Links Firefox Extension
  • 7. Thumbshots Ranking tool
  • 8. TouchGraph GoogleBrowser
  • 9. PageRank  PageRank™ – Google’s algorithm for measuring a page’s importance; Yahoo & MSN have similar measures  Each web page (not site) has its own PageRank score  PageRank scores from 0 to 10; logarithmic scale  Who’s at the top of the PageRank food chain? – 10: Google, Apple, NSF, FirstGov; 9: Yahoo, MSN, Stanford  Sites with higher PageRank get crawled earlier, faster, and deeper by Googlebot
  • 10. Checking PageRank  Google Toolbar for IE or Firefox – Download it from  Google Directory ( – Only works for pages that are listed in DMOZ (e.g. your home page) – Listings are ranked in order of PageRank – Makes it possible to see your site make small PageRank shifts relative to other sites in your category – Get historical PageRank scores w/ Wayback Machine (
  • 11. Google Toolbar
  • 12. Problems with the PageRank Meter  Take the PageRank scores with a grain of salt  PageRank scores are merely indicative  Scores displayed in the PageRank meter are: – Months old – Imprecise – Not the same as the PageRank as what is used in Google’s ranking algorithm – Not representative of the home page PageRank when a redirect is present
  • 13. Google Directory – listings are organized by PageRank
  • 14. Checking PageRank  More free tools – SEOChat PageRank Lookup ( tools/pagerank-lookup/) – SEOChat PageRank Search ( tools/pagerank-search/) – SnooPR (
  • 15. SEOChat’s PageRank Lookup The way to check the home page PageRank when a redirect is present
  • 16. SEOChat’s PageRank Search
  • 17. SnooPR
  • 18. Find Link Targets  Review links of competitive sites, sites in your keyword market – Use the tools just mentioned – Check sites with high rankings for relevant keywords – The fewer the number of links on their page, the better  Review links to your site; look for opportunities to get the link text revised
  • 19. Competitive Intelligence  These tools aren’t just good for finding link targets  They’re invaluable for uncovering competitors’ dodgy practices – E.g. Unraveling the mystery of commanding the #1 spot for “gift certificates”  It’s also just good to know where they’re getting the bulk of their PageRank from
  • 20. Watch Out For…  Types of links that are likely to get discounted: – Reciprocal links – Affiliated sites (on the same IP range or hostname) – Footer links (at the bottom of the page) – Site-wide links – Links contained on a page called links.htm / links.asp – Remember: the more links on the linking page, the less PageRank you’ll get
  • 21. “Google Bombing”  Inbound contextual links alone can drive a site to the top of Google (e.g. “miserable failure”)  Also works on Yahoo, MSN Search, etc.  THE LESSON: Link text is your secret weapon!
  • 22. An unintentional “Google bomb”
  • 23. PageRank Dilution  Careful about having multiple URLs serving up the same content – Multiple homes for your content – Multiple domains registered and resolving to your site – vs. – https:// version of your site – Session IDs or User IDs in the URL – 301 redirect them all to the definitive version of the page  Removed pages – 301 redirect rather than 404
  • 24. PageRank Dilution  Example of multiple homes for the same content: Laura Ries’ blog
  • 25. Best Practices  Try to get good keywords in the hyperlink text  Offer link-worthy content. Keep it fresh.  Provide RSS feeds  Simple keyword-rich links encourage deep linking  When you redesign your site, keep your old URLs or 301 redirect them to the new URLs  “Nofollow” any links you don’t vouch for – <a href=“/privacy-policy.htm” rel=“nofollow”>
  • 26. Worst Practices  Participating in “link farms” or FFA (“Free For All”) sites – Hallmarks of a link farm = more urls per page & less organization  Splogging, comment spamming, guestbook spamming  Linking to “bad neighborhoods”  Hiding links  Hoarding all your PageRank  Unnatural link structures
  • 27. Link Hiding Example 1  embeds an invisible image linked to their home page into their customers’ enewsletter signup forms – E.g. on look for: <a href=""><img src=" ppid=ORANADFE6858" alt="Email Marketing" border=0></a>
  • 28. Link Hiding Example 2  embeds keyword-rich text links within a <noframes> tag on their home page that not visible to ordinary users: – <a href="">Search Engine Marketing</a> <a href="">Search Engine News Release Optimization</a>
  • 29. Unnatural Link Structures  Google suspects unnatural-looking neighborhoods  Don’t link to every single node in your network of sites; it’ll get flagged.  Naturally occurring neighborhoods on the Web aren’t perfect  Google is looking for “cliques” (graph theory)
  • 30. Submit to Directories  Yahoo!  Open Directory (DMOZ)  GoGuides  JoeAnt  SearchHippo  Skaffe  RubberStamped  BlueFind  Gigablast  WebSavvy  Zeal  etc.
  • 31. Submit to Directories  Do your homework: – – – –
  • 32. Submit to Verticals, Topical Guides  e.g. Yahooligans if it’s of interest to kids  e.g. if you’ve got good historical content  e.g. if it’s relevant to facilities managers  etc.  Lots of work here to uncover the niche sites!  Create a linking plan
  • 33. Blogs  Search engines – and Google in particular – love blogs  Inherently link-rich – “Hat tips” – part of blog etiquette – Blogrolls – RSS feeds – Trackbacks – Comments  The dark side of the blogosphere: – Blog comment spam – Splogs (spam blogs)
  • 34. RSS Feeds  Not only an unspammable content delivery channel to your consumers, but also…  A powerful way to syndicate your content to other web sites – Propagate deep links that drive traffic and PageRank – Careful! Some spammers lift your content from your RSS feeds, strip out the links, and use as keyword-rich content
  • 35. Slashdot headlines syndicated on
  • 36. The top result was thanks to syndication via RSS
  • 37. Blog software like WordPress creates an RSS feed automatically , even embedding audio/video as podcasts too!
  • 38. RSS Feeds  Facilitate propagation of your feeds across the web: – Set up feed “autodiscovery” • e.g. <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="Atom 0.3" href="" /> – Make your search listings in Yahoo! display the “Add to My Yahoo!” link • Instructions here: – Send out “pings” (to Technorati, My Yahoo, Pingomatic, etc.) – Make sure “trackbacks” are enabled  Submit to RSS directories & search engines – List at  Pay attention to each item title; it’ll become link text
  • 39. Buying Text Links  What is a Yahoo directory listing but a paid text link! – Ok by Google because of the “editorial review”  Brokers like and can help  Google’s perspective: – “Selling links muddies the quality of the web and makes it harder for many search engines (not just Google) to return relevant results. The rel=nofollow attribute is the correct answer: any site can sell links, but a search engine will be able to tell that the source site is not vouching for the destination page” -- Matt Cutts, Google engineer
  • 40. Buying Text Links  Google discounts the voting power of sites that it knows are selling text links: – “…parts of,, etc. have not been trusted in terms of linkage for months and months. Remember that just because a site shows up for a “link:” command on Google does not mean that it passes PageRank, reputation, or anchortext” -- Matt Cutts, Google engineer
  • 41. Evaluating a Text Ad Opportunity  Good – High rankings for the search terms targeted with the existing ads’ link text – Stats showing the page you’ll be on gets good traffic numbers – Stats showing a respectable amount of traffic is sent to the advertisers – Site is topically relevant to your business – Site is likely to be considered an authority site – Inbound links from .gov, .edu, .mil sites – Good Alexa rank – Extra good if the site you’re placed on is a .gov, .edu, or .mil – Reasonably good PageRank score on the page you’ll be on – Reasonably few other links on the page you’ll be on – Link is within the main body of the page
  • 42. 984th most popular website Note: Alexa rankings can be manipulated
  • 43. Evaluating a Text Ad Opportunity  Bad – Sitewide link – Site has been greybarred (i.e. banned) – Neighboring ads are of dubious nature (casinos, Hoodia, Viagra, etc.) – Acquired PageRank through dubious means (e.g. hidden or obscured links) – Advertisers have left in droves (evidenced by Wayback Machine archives) – “Advertisers”, “Sponsors”, or “Sponsored” closely associated with the ads – No visibility in top 10 pages in Google for advertisers’ targeted keywords
  • 44. A year ago (was a PR8)
  • 45. Today (now a PR7)
  • 46. Advertiser is not in the first 10 pages in Google for “college football”
  • 47. Get Creative  Give awards / recognition – Badges with link text underneath  Allow webmasters to republish your articles – Require a link in your byline  Publish unique content – Podcasts (e.g. – Screencasts (use TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio) – Wikis (e.g.
  • 48. Get Creative  Offer useful tools for webmasters, such as… – Hit counters • E.g. NOT – Weather stickers • E.g., – RSS feeds • Lottery winning numbers from
  • 49. Get Creative  Start a blog  Give testimonials – E.g. – E.g.  Sponsor a nonprofit – E.g. Kohl’s supports the Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association  Leverage your affiliates – Get a straight link (e.g. from Legal Notices page) – 301 redirect
  • 50. In Summary  Best links are: – Topically relevant – One way (not reciprocated) – Not in footer and not site-wide – Earned by merit, rather than bought, bartered or stolen – Not crowded with many other links on the page – On a high PageRank-endowed, high Alexa-ranked, .edu/.gov/.mil authority site
  • 51. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a link on here?… ;-)
  • 52. In Summary  Get creative – With your content, functionality, free tools, your budget – Think “Web 2.0” (blogs, RSS, tagging, etc.)  Measure success not by fixating on the PageRank meter, but by measuring the rankings lift  Don’t hamper the PageRank flow within your site
  • 53. Q&A  Thank You!  Time now for some Q & A!  Feel free to visit website :  Email for Free SEO Consultation and Free Website Analysis