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  1. 1. HOW TO OVERCOME FAILUREshows how to lower ping
  2. 2. FAILURE-WHAT DOES IT MEAN? We do a lot of tasks everyday and notall the tasks we do gives a desired result, there are some failures inwhatever we do Failure neither means absence of success nor is theend Every failure is a lesson and that acts as a stepping stone forsuccess If one faces continuous failure, it means he slowly learns to
  3. 3. shows how to lower ping enter the doors of success KINDS OFFAILURE Failure doesnt take only a single mode It has various forms: InStudies This kind of failure is more common in educational institutionswhich is being faced by students
  4. 4. They get depressed not only when they fail in a subject but also whenthey get marks less than what they expected Both the above cases areconsidered as failure by the students In Job Every individual strives hardto get a job They consider getting a job is their biggest achievementWhen challenging tasks(targets) are given in a job if an employee is notable to complete it before the deadline, he considers that as a failure andloses confidence Failing to achieve targets gives an extra pressure andthat causes stress
  5. 5. The Mindset Mindset does matter in determining both success andfailure There is nothing wrong in having a positive thought and keepmoving or keeping success in mind and starting a task Human mindshould know to accept failures When only success is implanted in onesmind and the tendency to accept failure is not been taught or said, themind is more prone to get mental problems WAYS TO OVERCOMEFAILURE Failure is always not permanent When the following waysreduces the failure rate: Practice Whenever a work is to be started, thereshould be proper plan, structure and follow a proper sequence, most ofall practice
  6. 6. Practice Makes a Man Perfect Proverb Stay Calm This is the ultimateway that is applicable to both success and failure Staying calm and silentduring success shows that he is a humble being In the similar way duringfailure it teaches a person to relax and work on the reason behind theareas he lags Self-Confidence The most accepted and easy way toovercome failure is to avoid over confidence possess self-confidenceBeing confident boosts an individual in whatever task he does and thisreduces failure REAL TIME EXAMPLES Edison failed a 1000 timesbefore inventing electricity
  7. 7. Bill Gates was a school drop-out All Big personalities today failed in theirlife many times before becoming world fame If they would have stoppedtrying in their first failure the world would have been still in darkness andthey would have been no operating system So whenever failure steps inkeep only one mantra in mind THIS TOO SHALL PASS AWAY
  8. 8. shows how to lower ping