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  • 1. Companies big and small can benefit from colocation and , as well as managed ITservices. Virtual Management Technologies is the leading firm in managing Microsoft and Linux IT infrastructures.managed hosting
  • 2. Our job at Virtual Management Technologies (VMT) is to help manage theMicrosoft and Linux IT infrastructures for various organizations Manybusinesses like to call what we do managed IT services or networkmanagement, but in the end, the name does not matter Our goal is tomaximize performance for our client’s computer systems We manage,measure, and monitor clients’ IT systems through a broad range oftechnologies Moreover, we provide responsive and reactive management ofclient systems by using remote management technologies
  • 3. In addition to our managed IT services, VMT offers and cloud hostingservices as well So on top of the fact that we offer application and databasereplication and digital data backup, we also offer the and in the industry Thatis in addition to services such as network architecture and design,virtualization, and 24/7 monitoring In the end, obtaining our Atlantacolocation services or provides every company with the highest quality andmost capable IT management team in the industry To help drive clientbusinesses, we deliver high performance, secure, and dependable ITinfrastructures
  • 4. At the same time, we help businesses reduce the costs of managed hostingmanaging their IT environment Clients know that they are getting the best inMicrosoft and Linux IT infrastructure management while cutting costs andincreasing performance By visiting http://www vmtech
  • 5. net/, businesses will discover just how expansive our services are and just howmuch we can do for a company’s network system Managed IT servicesare the wave of the future and now is the best time to contact us AboutVM Tech: VMT is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) Based in a suburbof Atlanta, GA, VMT is staffed by experienced IT professionals that haveextensive experience in managing remote, diversified and multi-locationnetwork environments
  • 6. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptionally high levels of customer service We deliver predictable, business-focused IT services and software thatoptimize operations, manage risk and deliver measurable value We helpmidsize organizations manage the complexity of their IT infrastructure -whether at their data center or at ours Contact Address: 13560 MorrisRoad Suite 1000A Alpharetta, GA 30004 Phone: 770-751-1110
  • 7. managed hosting