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  1. 1. Blanket chests created in the Mission furniture style as we know it today, derived design elements from the furniture crafted from 1900 to 1916 in Grand Rapids, New York by Gustav Stickley. One of his brothers and also another furniture manufacturer did produce some Mission furniture in their factories that are consideredheirloom pieces, but the main potion of heirloom quality pieces were made by Gustav Stickley and company. His furniture style was extremely simple and solidlooking and at the same time was graceful. This was incomplete contrast to the bulky, overly decorative, mass produced factory furniture of the time period.affordable furniture
  2. 2. This factory furniture was supposed to replicate the William and Mary furniturestyle being produced in England Dark stain colors, poor quality craftsmanshipand overly done design elements predominated in the American furniturefactories Most furniture up until this point were replicas of the furniture stylesaffordable furniture being produced in England and France
  3. 3. People, especially the affluent in society, had the idea that only Europeanfurniture styles were worth owning The upper classes in America at this pointin time wanted to fit in with royalty social structure that predominated EuropeStickley had the idea that furniture should be made to last, constructed withenduring wood crafting principles
  4. 4. This heirloom quality furniture was to blend in with a families' decor andwas to last for generations Fine quality craftsmanship and beautiful designelements were his furniture themes which would influence other craftsmenThe first piece of 'Mission' furniture was introduced at thesemiannual furniture exhibition in Grand Rapids
  5. 5. This was a clumsy, stick piece chair that the manufacturer said had beenfound at one of the Franciscan Missions in California This was a rough hewnlooking chair made from Oak As a novelty item, this chair gained attention
  6. 6. The public liked the romance that this piece inspired and was ready to buyavailable pieces even though it was poorly made Americans ,as always,desired a product that was different and new This gave another cleverfurniture manufacturer the idea to make a small line of chairs in this style whichincluded the addition of the Maltese Cross in its design element as a prominentfeature
  7. 7. This design feature was created in the chair back Some pieces that followedalso had this element in the seat This addition was supposed to help peoplethink that his chairs were actually crafted at the California Missions
  8. 8. He named this new line McHugh 'Mission' furniture Even thoughMcHugh was the originator of the name 'Mission' oak furniture, hisfurniture pieces were poorly designed and poorly constructed Once the publicfound out just how poor the construction was, his pieces did not sell for verylong
  9. 9. The Mission furniture style lost its foot hold in 1916 as an item of choice andmany of the manufacturers of this style were bankrupted, including StickleyEven so, in years to follow, the Mission furniture designed and created mainlyby Gustav Stickely are the pieces that have endured to become highly soughtafter heirloom furniture Great designs in wood crafting do endure
  10. 10. The Mission furniture blanket chest style has proven this
  11. 11. affordable furniture