Multi-purpose bell furnace type 202.1
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Multi-purpose bell furnace type 202.1



Multi-purpose bell furnace

Multi-purpose bell furnace



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Multi-purpose bell furnace type 202.1 Multi-purpose bell furnace type 202.1 Document Transcript

  • www.soloswiss.comCarburising Quenching AnnealingCarbonitriding • in water Tempering • in emulsionsHardening • in synthetic Iiquids Nitriding • in oil (20-180°C) • in salt baths (180-550°C) Nitrocarburising • cooling under inert gas Brazing
  • The special advantages:• One plant- Operation Iree selection 01 quenching media Loading The parts to be treated are put into• Quick change baskets, long components are placed into 01 atmosphere fixtures. The load is placed onto the furnace bottom with a simple loading• Extension simple and economic trolley and lifted into the pre-heated bell. Heating The load is heated to the pre-selected temperature under protective atmosphere avoiding scale formation. A vigorousFinancial circulation of the atmosphere ensures faster and more uniform heating.o Low investment costso Very low cost of treatmento Low maintenance costo Little space requirements Hardening The load is locked ln the furnace by turning the bell. The furnace bottom isProduction lowered and the furnace with the loado Partial automation for simplified operation moved sideways over the quench tanko High temperature uniformity (for instance water, oil or a salt bath).o Consistent and reproducible heat-treating A supporting grid (lifting table) moves results under the load. The load is unlocked ando Low consumption of protective gas and energy lowered with the supporting grid (liftingo No re-conditioning after longer interruptions of table) into the quenching bath. This operation required (weekends, holidays) procedure takes only 5 seconds! Theo Programmed, automatic temperature-time quenching baths are tempe rature cycle controlled and the quenchants areo Control of carbon potential and its adjustment circulated with variable speed. to t.emperature changes fully automatico Readily adaptable to various types of treatments and batcheso Clean surface (Ioad is under protective gas Re-Ioading from loading to quenching)o Short conveying times The empty furnace is moved into its initial position. Whilst the first load is still cooling, the furnace is ready forSalety immediate re-Ioading. This ensures continuous production with practically noo Operators not exposed to heat idling times.o Clean working conditions, no fire hazardso No air pollution by smoke or steamo Each plant is tested under simulated working conditions by SOLO prior to despatch Unloading When the quenching time is elapsed theMaintenance load is automatically lifted ab ove the levelo Great reliability of the quenchant and the liquid is allowedo Sound construction requiring little maintenance to drip off. It is then taken over by theo Ail wearing parts easily accessible and loading trolley and moved or degreasing unit. to the washing exchangeableo Prompt customer service by experienced engineersErection 01 planto Shipment of pre-assembled units minimizes transportation problemso Ali connections are centrallsedo Short erection and start-up times
  • 5 modular Il 1Precision in heat-treatment elements Examples of combinations 6Cg Cg·18 P,eheallng lurr3ce 1 Auslenltlsing lumaee Tempedng furnace 1 Quench lank Annealrng turnace wllh or wlthout prolecllve atmosphere 10-11Cg 08·Cg-18·28..,1 Austenltlslng jurnace 1 AUSlellillslng fumace 3 Ouench tanks 1 Loading HolleyExample for 8 load Quench tanks 1 B-1OCg·2B-La·cf OB Water 1 Auslentlislng furnace MUltl-pu,pose bell furnace, type SOLO-202 - 40/40 /100, composed 01modula elemenls. seml- 18 011up to looC 3 Quenell lanks 8utomatle or lully aulomalic wilh compulenzed control lar hardcnlng and quenching ln waler, oil, salt or 28 O,llIp 10 2OOC under OIIrogen up to 5 bar. 1 Washlng unIt 48 Sali bail, up 10 1 loadlng tlolley 5OOC N28 under In9rt gas AB in Bir Mulh·purpose bell furnace, type SOLO-202 - 30/30/60 Washlng plants OB-l OCg-18·6Cg·6Cg·La·cl La Alkallne washing 1 Auslenitlsing furnace solutions 2 Quench lanks Lei SOl vents 1 Tempenng fumace 1 Anneahng furnace 1 Washing unit 1 loadlng trOlley el Loadlng trolley - La·6Cg-18-10Cg-18· 10Cg·18·6Cg-La-cf 1 Washlng unll 1 Preheollng IVlnace 3 Ouanch tanks 2 AustonitlslngMulll-pupose beillurnace. Iype SOLO-202 - 60 /60 1100 1J lurnaces l Tempermg 01 anneahng lurnoco l Washlng unitNEWIFurn8ces for hardenlng of hlgh~speedsteel! up to 12300C 1 Loadlng 1I01iey ----------- N-202-40140160 M -202-401401100 h~~2-6OI60!60 N -202-60/601100DimenSIons available LX W x Height 300 X 300 x 300 mm 300 x 300 X 600 mrn 400 X 400 X 600 mm 4ooX4oox 1000 mm 000 X 600 X 600 mm 600 X 600 X 1000 mrn 1000 X loooX 600 mm 1000 X 1000 x 1000 mmMax. temperalure 1oooC (11OOCl IOooC(llooC) 1000C (11ooC) loooC (llooC) 1000C (1100C) 1000C (1IooCl l000C (I1ooCl 1OOOC (11ooCIInput of the austenitlslng furnace 21 kW 30 kW 60 kW 90 kW 120kW 180 kW 210kW 210 kWHeatlng capaClly ta B50·C 35 kglh 50 kglh 100 kglh IBO kg/h 250 kgJh 400 kglh 600 kgN> 750 kglhMaximum gross load 50 kg 80 kg 150 kg 250 kg 400 kg 600 kg 1000 kg 1500 kgOuench tank volume 600 1 1200 1 3200 1 4000 1 6700 1 6000 1 140001 180001Consumpllon of prolectlve almosphere Vl 0,8 m3/h 0.8 rnIh 1 m3/h 1,5 m:l/h 3 m"h 4 ml/h 4-10m~/h 4-10 mSJhInput 01 the temperlng lurnace 15kW 24 kW 30145kW 45/60 kW 60100 kW 901135 kW 105/140 kW 1051140 kW
  • Auxiliary equipment with improved quality and reliability of your heat treatments 3 specifie solutions combined with the reliable SOLO-674 oxygen probe Oxygen probe with Adaptable to exchangeable bail: ail types of heat an exclusive product from treatment installations SOLO· ECON OX A mDdel Df reliability 2 3Computerized colour display Computerized colour display1 Digital control of time-control and calculation of control for the functional temperature- and carboncarbon profile, simulation regulation of different heat level.and optimization. treatments. Todays technologYlMeets with the highest demands! First class technologYl . / • 932 933 913
  • From the smallest furnace The SOLO production programme - Car-bottom fumaces - Large chamber fumaces- Automatic treatment lines for soldering, brazing, carburis- - Twin chamber fumaces ing, carbo-nitriding, hardening, washing and tempering - High-temperature chamber fumaces- Vertical retort fumaces with forced gas circulation - Fumaces for the treatment of aluminium for solution Bell fumaces with forced gas circulation annealing and age hardening Pit-type fumaces for heat-treatment of long components - Salt bath fumaces Fumaces with forced air circulation - Preheating fumaces for hot pressings Conveyor belt fumaces - Sintering fumaces Automatic conveyor belt annealing fumaces - Melting fumaces with metal or graphite crucibles Inert gas hardening fumaces for air-hardening of 12% - Cupellation and incinerating fumaces chrome steels and high-speed steels - Temperature regulating equipment and electric control Hardening fumaces with buiit-in quenching tanks cabinets Generators for endo- or exothermic gasses, ammoniac - Washing and degreasing plants dissociators - Laboratory muffle fumaces Measuring and controlling equipment for inert gas or - Laboratory heating cabinets other protective gases - Electronic tacking machinesAli data and information contained in this document refers to practical cases. Consequently, they depend upon the mate rialtreated, as weil as upon the required equipment. Confirmation will be given according to each case. Modification rightsreserved.