Injection system for generating endothermic gas type 602

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Injection system for generating endothermic gas

Injection system for generating endothermic gas

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  • 1. Fully automatic operationSimple and safe working methodProtective gas for:HardeningCarburisingCarbonitridingCarbon RestorationBrazingSintering
  • 2. Description Advantages ApplicationThe SOLO Injection System consists Reliability Carrier gas for:of a proportioning pump and a - always non-changing Hardeningswitching mechanism for automatic composition Carburisingchange-over from one storage tank - always constant dew point of Carbonitridingto the second one as soon as the endothermic gasfirst tank is emptied. They are Protective atmosphere for:mounted in a cabinet the front panel Adjustment Annealingof witch also holds two separate - wide range of dew points Temperingflow meters and a pressure gauge. adjustable by using diluted BrazingAli items are made of alcohol- methanol Sinteringresistant mate rials. - instant change of gas volume Nitrocarburising possibleWhen methyl-alcohol (methanol) isinjected into the heated fumace, it Sorne useful data Operating costsis cracked into hydrogen (H2) and - lowest possible cost of Methyl alcoholcarbon monoxyde (CO) forming an operation CHpH ~ CO + 2H2endothermic atmosphere (endogas): - no heating cost for retorts - no cooling water required Specifie Gravit y 0.8 kg/dm3Methanol is cracked into hydrogen+ carbon monoxyde - little electricity, just for Evaporation point 64°CCHpH ~ 2H2 + CO proportioning pump Methyl acetate 65% + 33% - no catalyst100% ~ CH3 cao CH3 ~ 2CO + 3H2 + (C) - practially no maintenance costThe atmosphere generated also - hardly any spare parts Ethylacetatecontains small amounts of water necessary CHpOO C2Hs ~ 2CO + 4H2 + 2(C)vapor (HP) and carbon dioxyde(C02), both in quantities of less than Safety1 %. - no explosion riskEndogas serves as a protectiveatmosphere in hardening, annealingand brazing processes. It is used asa carrier gas in carburising,carbonitriding and carbonrestoration. ln order to obtain ahighly reactive fumace atmosphereof a suitably high carbon potential,endogas is enriched withcarbonaceous additives such asmethane (natural gas) or propanegas or with liquids like ethylacetateor acetone which are immediatelyinjected into the fumace chamber.Dew point, CO2-contents and oxygenpotential of the fumace atmosphereare weil-proven means ofautomatically monitoring andcontrolling its carbon potential.Technical Data Type Volume Dew point Outer dimensions in mm Input Consumption Weight Containers m3/h length width height kW alcohol kg alcohol mm mm mm 11m3 1 adjustable In-2 0-2 (O°C) to ( + 25°C) 550 300 900 0,1 0,5 85 2x20
  • 3. Installation system for generating endothermic gas by cracking of injected alcohol to fumace Flow meter Tank Pump Tank Flow meter Valve safety valve Valve Case depth as function of time at various temperatures 1,4 1,2 1,0 0,8 0,6 E 0,4 E .ç -= li Q) 0,2 u Q) rJ) (3 0 0 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Carburising time (hours)Hardening Carburising Carbonitriding
  • 4. Control of the carbon potential by measuring the dew point or the CO2"contents recording instrument indicator govemor injection system propane for ammonia for fumace control of atmosphere enrichment carbonitriding carbon potentialC"Potential in relation to temperature and dew point or CO2"contents +24 2,7 1,7 +20 2,1 1,5 ID E :J +16 1,7 (5 1,3 > Ci ID +12 1,3 ~ E 1,1 :J (/) (50- ë >0 Ol +8 1,0 ë Ci 0,9ë 0 u ~·0 C>- :;: o C>- 0 <J Ol +4 0,8 al ü 0,70 > Ol cr; 0 0,6 ~ 0,5 -4 0,4 0,3 -8 0,3 0,1 0,4 0,6 0,8 1,0 1,2 1,4 0,4 0,6 0,8 1,0 1,2 1,4 Carbon potential (%) Carbon potential (%)SOLO Automatic conveyor belt hardening plant, types 302, 702, 305 Automatic vertical batch-type heat-treating fumaces, type 202, 211heat treating plants: ShaH fumaces, type 215 Conveyor belt fumaces, type 322SOLO Injection system, type 602 Endogas monitoring and control by dew point measurement,protective atmosphere Generator for methyl alcohol, type 612 CO -analysis or oxygen probe, Generator for air-propane or air-methane,generators type 620 conlrol of ammonia dissociation in nitriding processesand control equipment Ammonia dissociator, type 640 Separators - Molecular sieves 1080