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Fabrication program type 000

Fabrication program type 000



Fabrication program

Fabrication program



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    Fabrication program type 000 Fabrication program type 000 Document Transcript

    • For more than 25 years we produce We supply to the following industries: industrial and laboratory furnaces. Our facilities in the development as weil Machinery Machinery parts as in the production make it possible Apparatus Arms and ammunition for us to satisfy the most exacting Metal goods Watches and jewellery requirements. Non ferrous metal Ceramic, glass Electrical apparatus Rolling mills We offer: Modern laboratories for Electronies Warm press plants trials and demonstrations, first-class Atomie power plants Motor cars and equipment experience in production, an excellent Aluminium Office machinery service and agents in more th an Chemicals Scientific laboratories 20 countries. Toois Schools Inert gas furnace with 2 built-in quenching Inert gas furnace with 2 built-in Automatic tanks. Capacity 250 kgs quenching tanks. Capacity 30 kgs hardening furnace for small articles -Conveyor belt furnace with inert gas Automatic washing Vibrating furnace with Inert gas for Tiltlng furnace Salt bath furnacefor hardening and carburizing and degreasing plant hardening and carburizing with Inert gas for hardening ~. p. 1 11~~ Il ... lInert gas crucible Air circulation furnace for Inert gas crucible Muftle furnace with Muffle furnace Muftle furnacefurnace for brazing tempering, annealing, pre- furnace for carburizing, air circuiation with inert gasand stabilizing heating and stabilizing annealing and nitrating www.soloswiss.com
    • t ~.Quenching tank Inert gas hardening plant Inert gas hardening plant for air hardening Automatic pre-heating furnace with for high speed steel steel and chromium steel inert gas for warm-pressing .,- •• . 1. 1 J Injection system Methylated alcohol Exotherm ic and endo- Cracked ammonia for hardening generator thermic inert gas gene- generator and carburizing rator (air-gas/propane) Inert gas conveyor belt furnace 80 kW tnert gas conveyor belt furnace with 2 conveyor belts 120 kW - JJJInert gas conveyor belt Inert gas conveyor belt furnace 2 kW for Electric Tacking Machine Electric Tacking Machinefurnace 6 kW the jewellery industry etc. for tacking prior to for fee! of watch d ials soldering or brazing Inert gas conveyor belt furnace for glass/metal bonding www.soloswiss.com
    • Conveyor belt furnace wilh conlrolled air PuSh-through furnace up to 1500 0 C with or Conveyor belt furnace for «thick-film»moisture for the manufacture of condensators without inert gas for firing of ceramics, sintering, chamotte firing etc. rm L!IL Laboratory muffle furnace Tilting laboratory Tubular furnace 11000 C Resistance for experimen- with or without inert gas furnace and 16000 C tal work Muffle furnace 16000 C Smelting furnace Incinerating furnace for Vertical tubular furnace with for precious metals precious metals lifting device 16000 C Automatic treatment plant pressure/vacuum Vacuum furnace High vacuum furnace 10- 10000 C with stand for pump r ~1 ~ ·1. J. Laboratory warming cabinet Drying oven with forced air circulation Vacuum drying oven www.soloswiss.com
    • oP Jo r~l Conveyor belt drying oven with infra-red heating Drying oven with forced air circulation Wire annealing furnace wilh inert gas and Trolley furnace for annealing and slabilizing quenching jels &0..:...,-,, ï 11 • ~ J • a I~... ~." 1 " lU ii. r- I~._o 1 Rolaling cylinder furnace for Conveyor bell furnace for lhe hardening of copper beryllium High lemperalure sinlering furnace 1500 0 C wilh oxydising and blueing aulomalic program r:.Q 1 :l,. r~I , ,. .,.. f! ·;i~ ,Q "I~ 1 ..• ...., - 1 • !./ . .J .•l ::• t. , 1 1 Inert gas annealing furnace for copper Aulomatic production line with inerl gas for brazing, hardening, Tilling furnace wilh inert beryllium belts washing, drying and lempering gas for hardening and annealing of goldPrinted in Swilzerland Modification riQht reserved 041 www.soloswiss.com