Conveyor belt furnaces with protective atmosphere type 322
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Conveyor belt furnaces with protective atmosphere type 322



Conveyor belt furnaces with protective atmosphere

Conveyor belt furnaces with protective atmosphere



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Conveyor belt furnaces with protective atmosphere type 322 Conveyor belt furnaces with protective atmosphere type 322 Document Transcript

  • Part after part: Brilliant results! Brazing Bright Annealing Bright Hardening ... for Tempering, Stress Relieving, Oxidizing, Reducing, Glass-to-Metal Sealing etc.
  • Advantages of treatments under protective atmosphereBrazing Bright Hardeningfor instance of parts made of deep- of hardenable (martensitic) stainlessdrawing sheet steel, constructional steels and high-alloy tool steels understeels, stainless steels, copper or cop- cracked ammonia or hydrogen.per alloys, German silver, precious Advantages: Many soundmetals. Under cracked ammonia,hydrogen (depending upon material) or No decarburization, no carburization, reasons no scaling, no discolouration or tintingother types of protective atmosphere. by oxidation. to choose SOLOAdvantage: Uniform high hardness, full resistanceNo fluxes necessary. to tempering. Absolutely bright surfaces: Parts do not pass through fia mes at the exit: Pickling and blasting eliminated. Mild heating: Lower stresses, minimized dis- tortion. Constant processing times: Always uniform and reproducible results. No poisonous salts, gasses orBright Annealing vapours:Normalizing, stress relieving, recrys-tallizing of parts formed by deep- .Jr, .{ , z• No air or waterpollution problems. , } pleasant working conditions.drawing, cold heading or extrusion r l ,.1moulding and made of sheet steel,constructional steels, copper orcopper alloys as weil as parts made " .. ,. • , " 1 Optional: High-power rapid-cool- ing section:of magnetic alloys. Under crackedammonia, hydrogen (depending upon , ,. ./ "i /,. ,- . . : -~ ~ Shorter furnaces, floor space saved. ~~material) or other types of protective J ",~. ., .atmosphere. /". , r-- ;" ,r " t,, Heating elements exchangeable J ", 1 whilst furnace at temperature: "t:~.1*, .·.1 ,Advantages: " " • Down-times minimized.Optimum cooling rate adjustable tomatch material and treatment, full Protecting device against thermalcorrosion resistance of stainless steel shock and effective compensa-maintained. tion device for thermal expansion: Increased Iife. less down-time, reduced cost for spare parts forRapid cooling devices SOLOVIT or SOLOVIT-TURBOQUENCH heating channel.Are used especially when hardening 13% chromium steel, or when parts are to be rapidlycooled. Genuine modular design:Advantages: Easily adaptable to ail production- better resistance to oxidation and greater part hardness conditions and requirements.- longer life-span of knives cutting edges- annealing of 18/8 stainless steel, special steel, gold, etc.Cooling curve for knives made of X 40 Cr 13 cooling start --- conventional furnace-line 1200 Ü _._.- SOLO-322 furnace-Iine with rapid cooling ~ Measured respectively in the centre of the work piece ., -- on the surface of work piece ~, .- ...•.............. ~ " ...•. 500 84" 158" ....•...•. .~.~. ...•.•..• -...•~- - . . time (sec)
  • Examples of a furnace-linefor multiple applicationsConveyor belt furnace, type SOLO-322Horizontal or hump-backed channelMax. temperature: 1150°CWidth of belt: 100 - 600 mmHeight of channel: 40 - 200 mmModular heatingzones of:1x 1000 mm to8x 1000mmwith crackedammonia asprotective gas,or otherprotective gasesSOLO also constructs continuousconveyor belt furnaces,types SOLO-371/372,for heat treatment of stripsand wires . Il .". • Soldering of aluminium hot plates Annealing of coin blanks made of various copper alloys Solution annealing of Solution annealing of Annealing of household Hardening of 13% Soldering of brass parts strips made of CuBe wires made of CuBe utensils chromium steel calipers to stainless steel parts al/oys al/oys.
  • Accessories SOLO-802 Electronic tacking machine for fixing of components for brazingSOLO-681 SOLO-812Automatic gas Automatic loadingignition with devices for ail kindsflame control of partsSOLO-682 SOLO-820Automatic nitrogen Dosing press for brazingpurging system pasteProcessor control for temperature, time, furnace atmosphereand safety devicesSOLOCARB-935Temperature - Time - Atmosphere - Process regulator SOLO-916 SOLO-680Safety Temperature - Time - Safety Automatic supervision of protective gases, purging gases and cooling waterComputerized colour display control: • Complex process times reduced • The supply and introduction into the• Brazing, annealing, nitrocarbu- • Easy use fumace of gases are automatically rizing, oxinitrocarburizing, nitriding, • Graphic of reading curve in relation controlled and supervised tempering to digital exits • Automatic safety purge• Hardening, carburizing, carboni- • Rapid display of output situation • Automatic supervision of protective triding • PC compatible atmosphere, purging and cooling• Excellent temperature accuracy, water flow adjustable over 22 segments• Storage for 45 heat treatment cycles• Carbon potential control by oxygen probeHave VOU heard Awork-shop laboratory for demonstra- any heattreatmentyou require, and giveof our tions, trials and control of thermic vou a full analysis of the results. OurTEST-POl NT- processes. specialists will help vou choose the Before finalising your choice, we can most suitable fumace-line.CENTRE? carry out trials with your own parts, use Ali data and information contained in this document refers to practical cases. Consequently, they depend upon the material treated, as weil as upon the required equipmen!. Confirmation will be given according to each case. Modification rights reserved.