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Killer Value Proposition
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Killer Value Proposition


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Got a "Killer" Value Proposition? …

Got a "Killer" Value Proposition?

Not if you...
1. Face sales objections you can't overcome
2. Have long sales cycles and resort to discounting to win
3. Don't stand out as unique in your industry
4. Can't get people to listen to your sales reps

A killer value proposition is the foundation of ALL effective sales and marketing efforts.

No sales team, product launch or marketing program can succeed without it.

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  • 1. Finding the Elusive “Killer” Value Proposition
  • 2.
    • Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.
    • - Henry David Thoreau.
  • 3. People have referred to me as…
  • 4. What is Value?
  • 5. Is This Value?
  • 6. Or This?
  • 7. What IS a Value Proposition?
    • A clear statement of how your product or service:
    • 1. Solves a customer’s business problem 2. Delivers some business benefit, or 3. Improves their situation
    • … presented in a simple, compelling way that moves a prospective customer to take action, engage in further discussions or buying activity with you.
  • 8.
    • A long list of features
    • Techno-latin
    • Acronyms
    • Corporate babble
    • A tagline
    What it ISN’T
  • 9.
    • Why do you need one?
    • What will a KVP do for you?
    • How do you know you DON’T have one?
    • What question does a KVP answer?
    KVP Questions
  • 10. For the Numbers People In The Room…
    • 10
    30,000 1 Ex: Huthwaite
  • 11.
    • Short, Specific, Relevant
    • In the customer’s language
    • Hits the head AND the heart
    • Passes the ‘Seat of the Pants’ Test
    What makes it “Killer?”
  • 12. Examples
  • 13. GEICO
    • One call can save you 15% on your car insurance
  • 14. Domino’s Pizza
    • Fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes – or your money back.
  • 15. Wal-Mart
    • Low prices, every day.
  • 16. ADP
    • The magic of story
  • 17. Some BAD ones
    • We provide world-class, best-of-breed solutions that maximize profits, ROI and yield on technology investments for maximum competitive advantage.
    • We are the global leader in delivering productivity solutions which drive operational throughput, competitive advantage, and ROI from all enterprise activities via cross-functional communications.
  • 18. Help Building Your Killer Value Proposition
    • Upcoming Webinars
    • Upcoming Teleclass
    • KVP Toolkit –
  • 19. Questions & Answers
    • Type your question in the box on the right hand side of your computer screen.
  • 20. Contact: Steve Rankel, Email: [email_address] Sign up for webinars: For slides: e-mail us @ For audio: