Irish Aviation Solutions Unique Services


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Irish Aviation Solutions Unique Services

  1. 1. Irish Aviation Solutions Introducing our unique business
  2. 2. Irish Aviation Solutions (IAS)…. • is an Irish Aviation company established following the closure of SRT Irl. • has access to a pool of 400+ aviation industry professionals who are ex Aer Lingus, TEAM Aer Lingus, FLS Aerospace and SRT Irl staff. • can supply a full range of flexible and experienced resources who have a history of over 70 years of Boeing & Airbus maintenance. • offers personnel with extensive experience of modifications and cabin reconfigurations on Boeing & Airbus fleet.
  3. 3. IAS offers the following experienced people: • Front line managers to offer individual support or act as team leaders for: Mechanics / Avionics / Sheet metal Composite / Trim Machine shop / NDT • EASA approved with A, B1, B2 and C Cat on the following aircraft types: B747, B767, B737 CL and NG, A320 Series, A330 and A340. • Heavy maintenance staff to include materials, commercial and planning. • Personnel who are ex airline, flexible, responsive and committed.
  4. 4. IAS can technically support customers in: • line maintenance activity. • routine light and heavy maintenance. • landing gear replacement / engine changes etc. • complex cabin reconfigurations. • IFE Upgrade / replacement. • composite and trim cabin refurbishment. • all aspects of aircraft structures
  5. 5. IAS provides unique solutions by.... • supplying management personnel to evaluate and lead maintenance projects and provide individual support or act as team leaders. • assessing your individual maintenance requirement and providing the perfect skills match. • offering hand-picked multi-functional teams with vast experience of: Cabin modifications and reconfigurations Structural repairs / reworks / modifications • providing knowledge and practical experience in performance management and continuous improvement.
  6. 6. IAS can provide experienced team leaders and teams of cabin specialists for the following: • Avionic modifications • Complex cabin reconfigurations • IFE system upgrade/replacements • Sleeper seat installation • Satellite and internet installation
  7. 7. IAS can provide experienced team leaders and teams of structural professionals for the following: • structural repairs / AOG structural damage / Aircraft recovery • A320 wing rear spar and wing skin corrosion rework and repairs • B737 Wing rear spar replacement • B737 Scribe mark repairs – Lap joint / Butt joint • B737 BS 178 preventative and terminating Modifications
  8. 8. IAS can provide senior personnel with experience of…. • designing and implementing a shop floor performance management system • training front line managers and staff on successful implementation of performance management • implementing 5S on the hangar floor • carrying out Kaizen events • implementing green belt CI projects
  9. 9. IAS supplies teams who have…  worldwide recognition as experts in aircraft maintenance  extensive experience of structural repairs & mods on all A/C types  embodied modifications on behalf of Boeing and Airbus  continuous improvement and LEAN Six sigma training  significant Airbus and Boeing approvals  commercial awareness at all levels  the perfect skills match and thus no learning curve
  10. 10. Our Mission IAS is committed to supplying skilled professionals to satisfy the needs of aviation clients worldwide. We can make available individuals but our unique offering provides hand picked teams to match the individual requirements of our customers. We treat all our stakeholders fairly and with integrity while respecting diverse cultures.
  11. 11. “Customers came to Dublin for our skills base. IAS can now base these skills with you”