Energy summary 2013


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Learn how to optimize and direct employee energy to grow sales, profits, market share and innovation.

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Energy summary 2013

  1. 1. Optimizing and Directing Human Energy at Work Accelerate Innovate GrowBlend energy mapping, energy pulsing and energy learning to meet your business goals today.; +1-877-377-8573; 1 Copyright © 2013, eePulse, Inc.
  2. 2. Introduction to eePulseeePulse is in the energy business -- optimizing and directing human energy at work. Whenenergy is optimized and targeted in the right direction, companies grow faster and moresuccessfully; they innovate and sell more, and their employees increase effectiveness. eePulse uses rigorous social science methods, stemming from work in physics, sports physiology, motivation theory and the science of firm growth. The work, done since 1996, is validated through hundreds of studies of human energy at work. With over 1 million data points on employee energy, including extensive research on the drivers and outcomes on energy, conducted in global organizationslarge and small, we know that human energy at work predicts performance. Our research usespredictive modeling, not correlational studies. That means energy improvement from time oneto time two (with control variables so we can attribute causation to energy not other causes)produces increased sales in multiple industries, higher quality in manufacturing, improvedpatient satisfaction in hospitals, lower turnover of key talent, improved 360 performanceratings, lower absenteeism and business growth.When we talk about growth we mean sales growth, growth in employees, growth in marketshare, growth in employee skills, growth in learning and growth after large-scale change. Theenergy work has been done in global telecommunications organizations, hospitals, large, globalmanufacturing organizations, high technology firms, defense contractors, small, start-ups andfast-growth, entrepreneurial firms. The energy work is applicable to any organization becauseits about human energy at work, and where we work is not the question.eePulse is the only company that has been in the human energy at work business since 1996.Our research started from studies conducted at Cornell University by founder, president andCEO Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne. After Cornell, she moved the research to the University ofMichigan, and now the work is being done at eePulse, University of Southern Californias Centerfor Effective Organizations and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln where she leads severallarge-scale research initiatives. Learn more about improving employee energy to meet your business goals.; +1-877-377-8573; Accelerate Innovate Grow 2Copyright © 2013, eePulse, Inc.
  3. 3. Energy Mapping™ Energy mapping is one of the tools used by eePulse to understand how energy is moving within the organization. Energy mapping uses an organizational network analysis (ONA) technology and process developed by eePulse. Energy mapping works for any size organization. Find the hidden structure in your organization; learn from informal leaders; know where energy, innovation and other key behaviors are at their best.Energy mapping plots the energy hubs in the organization. Clients see where energy is high orlow and quickly find centers of excellence in optimizing and directing energy. Once thesecenters are identified, organizations learn whats working and then translate that knowledgeinto skill building for all employees. Energy mapping is used for any type of effort that involvesbehavioral change. Energy mapping helps organizations find high potential employees, and thisis particularly useful when organizational structure changes are imminent.Energy Pulsing™ eePulse started Energy Pulsing in 1996 because trending and measurement are key to managing employee energy at work. Since its inception eePulse has refined and continually improves the art and science of leading and directing the business conversation to drive growth and meet goals. Energy Pulsing quickly engages employees in short, focused dialogue about energy, the driversof energy and energy direction. Energy Pulsing is a frequent (monthly, weekly, every otherweek) process.Trend data, not point-in-time data, are needed to make fast change that is needed for growthin sales, profitability and innovations. Energy Pulsing uses eePulses signature Energy Pulse™measurement system. In addition, eePulse customizes the Energy Pulsing engagement bydeveloping customized metrics strategies for clients. eePulse liberally uses appreciative inquirytechniques, coaching dialogues, influence questions, and validated constructs to accelerate theclients achievement of goals, growth and innovation. 3Copyright © 2013, eePulse, Inc.
  4. 4. Energy Pulsing starts a data-driven dialogue, and it is the continuous nature of the updateddialogue and conversation that moves the business forward. Leaders spearhead the evolvingorganizational conversation, which is designed to influence and direct energy at work.Energy Pulsing feedback and learning are provided not just to managers but to all employees.Thats because employees are ultimately responsible for their own energy. The energyemployee suite of tools includes personalized energy pulse reports, a journal to trackinfluencers and the action taking module. Clients also use the role-based 3-minute 360™ forperformance feedback.Energy Learning™ Energy Learning blends eePulse technology tools with the teaching, consulting and research needed to help clients leap forward faster. Leaders use real-time energy pulse data, informal network maps and research from merging multiple data sources, together with the context of their organization, to continually teach, learn and drive growth. eePulse deploys its proprietary implementation to teach the internal company energy directors (individuals whomanage the energy process internally) methods for continuous improvement and growth.eePulse uses a train-the-trainer model to share information and set up tools and process forongoing knowledge acquisition in their organizations.Data coaching blends storytelling, the science of making movies and rich data analytics to helpleaders tell compelling stories with their data. We call it power story telling. This newapproach to analyzing and communicating data helps organizations become more effective.Another new body of work developed by founder Dr. Welbourne is Fast HR. Using the Fast HRmethodology, HR leaders are learning to apply agile and extreme programming techniques tomake HR more responsible and supportive of growth. Blend energy mapping, energy pulsing and energy learning to meet your business goals today. Accelerate Innovate Grow; +1-877-377-8573; 4Copyright © 2013, eePulse, Inc.