Communication skills and talent management
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Communication skills and talent management



Theresa Micheal’s Angel Rangers Home in association with the Hope Society, Chandigarh is organizing workshops in No English, Know English. Considering the local survey conducted in the ...

Theresa Micheal’s Angel Rangers Home in association with the Hope Society, Chandigarh is organizing workshops in No English, Know English. Considering the local survey conducted in the neighborhood, 9/10 Principals, teachers, students and people cannot speak English, their vision for the year 2020 is to enable 9/10 principals, teachers, students and people can speak English. The workshop is currently targetted for the children, by the children and of the children to build and improve the physical, mental and spiritual growth of children through English Language and Personality Development classes.
The children enjoy the art of reading, writing and speaking English, learn more about wisdom, knowledge and understanding through various creative, intellectual and interactive forms of art and craft, acting, singing, dancing and sport activities. "The aim of the workshop is to develop a well mannered social communication skill to develop a peaceful and harmonious society.”
Theresa Micheal and Mr Rohit Masih picked up a handful of migrants children from Burail, who have never spoken or heard a word of English from the age group one onwards. The youngest student is a one year old girl called Grace, who comes from a family where English has not even heard of, but she has shown us wonders because she understands more English than she can speak. She follows every instruction and here favorite words are, “hi and bye”. With restricted time children have on hands we organized special classes for them on Sundays at St. Anne’s School, today the batch is successfully well-groomed and well-mannered in spoken English, they have learnt to use speak and when to say please, thank you, welcome, sorry and excuse me. They have learnt to sing carols in English and they already a part of a theatre workshop where they will be performing in a play, “Born Of God,” where they will be speaking out dialogues in pure English accent.
Theresa Micheal in association with the Angel Rangers Home for the kids, of the kids and by the kids, Kashvi Jain age 4, Khushboo age 5, Vatsal Sharma age 5, Shania Khan age 7, Kabir Khan 8 and others all from the Kendriya Vihar Society, Sec 48 have already created and composed their own Kolaveri mock song which is mix of English nursery rhymes.



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Communication skills and talent management Communication skills and talent management Presentation Transcript

  • Intelligent Cultural Communications Skills And Talent Management Initiative by: Venue Sec-48. Community Project: To Serve With Love H.No. Kendriya Vihar, Course Conductor: Theresa Micheal. Chandigarh. Program Fees INR 16,000/- (Sixteen Thousand) And taxes as applicable. Program Dates 2012 Batch A Happy Hours 40 Hours Last Date For Nomination Program Director Theresa Micheal 91 9501151511
  • Program Overview-Intelligent Cultural And Communication Skills successfully aims at the person, purpose andthe people.The Universal workspace is now shared on the basis of partnerships, joint ventures,cross-cultural teams and intercultural recruitment. With Cultural and CommunicationIntelligence, an individual dealing with any Universal workspace has the ability to relate betterbusiness practices.The Wisdom based practices stimulates interpersonal emotional intelligence.The Knowledge based practice will guide you to think and control intelligently.The Understanding based practice will enable you to communicate intelligence.
  • PROGRAM OBJECTIVES - To study the person, purpose and the people. To plan the communication spiel. To make on the spot decisions.
  • METHODOLOGY - Awareness Understanding Benchmarking Value Commitment Well-being Decision Making Xenology Engagement Yield Finance Zero Error Zone Growth Hierarchy Insight Knowledge Learning Motivating Negotiating Opportunity Presentation Quality Restore Sabbatical
  • COURSE CONTENT -Organizing thoughts: Common language problems in business writing: Thinking of the purpose of writing Generalization Making a mind map Judgments Making a connection Mirroring language Communicating it in a concise wayChoosing the right Method: ABC rule of wirting: Chronological Wrinting rules Order of Importance Word Choice Specific - to - general Avoiding Cliches Process and procedure Sentence ConnectorsEdit for thr right effect: Concluding: Paragraphs Concluding with impact Smooth transitions Concluding to achieve your goals Sequence Writing for non-technical readers Message should answer the question Use words the reader will understand ‘why’ ToneCommon errors and current pratices: Writing objective and styles Common errors to avoid Deciding to write or otherwise
  • TALENT MANAGEMENT SUITE - What does your talent say about you? Do you sound confident, clear and sincere? Can you express yourself effectively and directly? Or do you shake, stammer, fidget, dry-up or squeak? Correct use of your voice and body is the key. Eliminate tension, strain, stress and hyperventilation and improve your vocal and physical efficiency. Ever wanted to sing or dance? If you can speak and hear, you can sing - ITS THAT SIMPLE! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.You can improve your vocal strength, breathing and clarity, discover the joys of vocal freedom�and get fit at the same time. SINGING REALLY CAN BE REWARDING AND FUN! And everyone living has a heart that sends involuntary rhythmic beats to voluntarily dance, dancing is one of the most sought after work activity, if you have feet, then you must dance. Unlock your hidden vocal potential Understand the mechanics of your voice and the parts of your body that make up your vocal anatomy. Work out on the muscles that will transform your voice and body. Enjoy flexibility and strength and the ability to make your voice do whatever you want it to; whenever you want it to...
  • WHO SHOULD ATTEND - Students Individuals Entrepreneurs Practicing Managers Wanna Be Managers Sales Professionals Marketing Executives Customer Care Executives Tele-Marketing Executives HR Executives PR Executives Trainers Teachers
  • FACULTY - Theresa Micheal strives to bring about corporate justice to all workmen to be treated with respectand honor. She has ventured for 25 years in most corporate allies and gullies to build an era for ethicalbusiness practices. Well known for her passion in designing and campaigning various activities in Corporate andCommunity Circles, she asserts that the power of communication is the only personality trait which canmake you climb or fall down the Corporate ladder. She builds her communication network from the bottom rung and all the way to the top of the system.She believes that communication matters effectively only if you can make it successfully at the bottom,you can do wonders at the top. Known for her excellent voice, communication mannerisms and entrepreneurship talent, she teacheswith confidence that the best way to nurture ones talent is by teaching, caring, sharing and loving others. She firmly believes that education begins at home and so most of her classes are run within herresidence. She also runs outreach education and workshop programs. Classes are bespoke for specificprojects or your needs or come along and join a regular or drop-in class. Whatever the class may be shenever forgets to get one message across and that is, “TO SERVE WITH LOVE”
  • ABOUT HOPEWhat is Hope doing for children in need?The Hope Society is built for kids, by the kids and of the kids of the mostneglected parts of the society in the neighborhood.The Hope Society Vision is to provide a healthy, wealthy and happy lifestyle.Our Partners are localstudents, individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate houses.The Hope Society After School projectsare activity based and relate to the mental, physical and emotional well-being for kids.
  • CONTACT US- Registered Office H.No 26, Street No.1, Dashmesh Colony, Balongi, S.A.S Nagar (Distt. Mohali), 140301, Punjab, INDIA ............................................................................................. 00-91-172-2545190, Mobile: 00-91-9872972423 Email:,