An actual guide to tumblr

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  • 1. An Actual Guide to TumblrFor Shelby
  • 2. Lets Roll BitchesThis is your DASHBOARD, • This is home. This isyour DASH for short where all of the posts from all of the people you follow show up. • You can also make posts, check your inbox, search tags, and cry here.
  • 3. Followers & Following• You can follow other • Other people can follow people on the site. you.• That means you will see • They will see all of your all their posts on your posts on their dash. dash.• Follow the people who • Unfollow the haters post things you like
  • 4. Messages You can send messages too. IF YOU SEND ANONYMOUS HATE YOU WILL BE PERSECUTED. :)!• Your ask box is where all the messages you get go• You will never have messages unless your tumblr famous• You will never be tumblr famous• Unless you’re good at graphics, gifs, fics, etc.*
  • 5. Tags• Things to tag ALWAYS: – Hate – Triggers• Things you can tag to be nice – Fandoms – Charcaters Tumblr savior is great because you can blacklist tags you don’t want to see like Homestuck
  • 6. FANDOMS• A fandom is a fanbase? If you like a show you’re in that fandom.• There are at least 24,601.• When is it acceptable to make fandom references? – Always – The limit does not exist
  • 7. The Big Three• SuperWhoLock• Everyone is in at least one of these• Unless you’re a hipster blog• Or a Kawaii blog• Don’t be that
  • 8. The [other] Big Three• If you value your life, don’t insult these men.
  • 9. Slang• What is air • That’s really funny• My feels • Oh no! my emotions!• My bbys/bbs • These characters I like• I can’t even • Something is too much to handle• I regret nothing • You feel no guilt• Sorry im not sorry • You feel no guilt• “fandom quote” • We don’t have original thoughts
  • 10. Harry Potter If you don’t like harry potter this site is not for you MY BBS!!! Also my bbys although all grown up and savingAlways reblog harry potter references. china
  • 11. Do not join ifYou are You can’t/aren’t willing to• Homophobic • Take a joke• Racist • Give up your soul• Sexist• White• Male• Upper/middle class Beware social justice• Asshole bloggers