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  • 1. Madagascar Aday hawli Ku taal (Hello)
  • 2. Madagascar! This is our group! Sophie Jack Jonah And our friend Madagascar flag Isaac
  • 3. Contents ๏ Pg 4-5... Languages in Madagascar. ๏ Pg 6... 1-10 numbers in Malagasy ๏ Pg 7... Wildlife photos. ๏ Pg 8... Wildlife photos 2. ๏ Pg 9... Funniest animal photo ๏ Pg 10... Information. ๏ Pg 11...Sports in Madagascar ๏ Pg 12... Photos of Madagascar money. ๏ Pg 13... Photos. ๏ Pg 14... Mini Task 1 Question. ๏ Pg 15... Food and drinks in Madagascar. ๏ Pg 16... Mini Task 2 Question. ๏ Pg 17... Noal’s life in Madagascar.
  • 4. Languages in Madagascar Aday hawli Ku taal (Hello) Samala (Hello) Tonga soa (Welcome) Reny (Mum) Eny (Yes) Tsia (No) Veloma (Goodbye)
  • 5. Misaotra (Thankyou) Tsy misy fisaorana (Your welcome) Venjoe (Help!) Tsy mysy miteny gasy aho (I do not speak Malagasy) Tsisy (Nothing) Firy taona iann ianao (How old are you?)
  • 6. 1-10 numbers in Malagasy One (isa/iray) Two (roa), Three (telo), Four (efatra) Five (dimy), Six (enina), Seven (fito) Eight (valo) Nine (sivy) Ten (folo)
  • 7. Wildlife Photos We choose these pictures because the were really cute and funny
  • 8. Wild life Photos 2
  • 9. Funniest animal photo We choose this photo of a gecko because its really funny
  • 10. Information There is a film about Madagascar: Plot- The setting is the island of Madagascar is in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique. Problem: Alex the lion, Marty the Zebra,Gloria the hippo and Melman the Giraffe are stuck on the little island on the coast of Africa, Madagascar
  • 11. Sports in Madagascar Madagascar sports include athletics, football, boxing, judo, tennis, basketball and various other games. The country also participates in the international competitions especially in the field of Athletics. Women's basketball and women's tennis are two of the major sports at Madagascar. There are many sports persons who have distinguished themselves in these two games and also in athletics.
  • 12. Photos of Madagascar money
  • 13. Photos
  • 14. PHOTOS 2
  • 15. Mini Task 1 question is... What is the most popular food in Madagascar?
  • 16. Food and Drinks in Madagascar ๏ National specialties: ๏ Ro (a mixture of herbs and leaves with rice).Beef and pork marinated in vinegar, water and oil, then cooked with leaves, onions, pickles and other vegetables and seasoned with pimento. ๏ Ravitoto (meat and leaves cooked together). ๏ Ramazava (leaves and pieces of beef pork browned in oil). ๏ Vary amid ‘ anana (rice, leaves or herbs, meat and sometimes shrimps),often eaten with kitoza (long slices of smoked, cured fried meat). Malagasy drinks include litchel (an aperitif made from lychees). Betsa (fermented alcohol). Toaka gasy (distilled from cane sugar and rice). Three Horses lager. Non-alcoholic drinks include ranon ’apango or rano vda (made from burnt rice) and local mineral waters. Tipping:Not customary, although waiters expect 10 per cent of the bill.
  • 17. Mini Task 2 Question is... What is the most popular thing a school student does during a day in Madagascar?
  • 18. A child's life time in Madagascar What time does he get out of bed? What time does he go to school? What time does school finish? Does he need to work in the rice fields after school and the weekend? Like most of the people who live here, my family are farmers and Zebu herders. We raise rice in irrigated fields and herd cattle, most of which are zebus. Zebus are ox-like animals that live in the hills. Here in Madagascar we don't measure our wealth by how many cars or fancy houses we have. We measure wealth by how many cattle we own! In our country, there are nearly as many zebus as cattle. We also grow some bananas, sweet potatoes, and cassava.