The Medici Family
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The Medici Family






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The Medici Family Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Medici Family The Princes of the Renaissance
  • 2. Medici Background
    • The Medici were one of the most affluent families in Renaissance-era Florence
    • The Medici used their fortune to, in essence, buy their way into Florentine politics
    • They then used their political sway to have 2 of their own be appointed as Pope
    • This dynasty lasted 300 years, from 1430-1737
  • 3. Medici Economics
    • The Medici started out in small scale money-changing in Florence
    • Eventually evolved to a banking operation with banks in most major European cities
    • Eventually diversified their concerns into manufacturing and real estate
  • 4. Medici Politics
    • The Medici started out in small scale politics and were so corrupt they were thrown out of politics several times
    • Giovanni di Bicci, a cousin of the family, was elected governor and then abolished popular elections
    • Coincided with the zenith of economic sway over the city
  • 5. The Nexus of Politics and Economics
    • The Medici used their political power to enact laws favorable to their economic interests
    • Used their personal fortune to make Florence a beautiful city, as a sort of “bread and circus” effect to distract from their despotism
  • 6. The Nexus of Politics and Economics cont.
    • Used personal fortune to effect the future of Florence, once paid a foreign general 50,000 Florins not to attack Florence
    • Used their political power to have 2 of their family appointed to the position of pope, who ran the catholic church like a business and gave legitimacy to their economic efforts (usury was considered a deadly sin)
    • One of the Medician Popes Leo X’s sale of indulgences led to the protestant reformations
  • 7. Medici Patronage
    • The Medici commissioned many works of palaces and works of art from most of the preeminent Renaissance Artists
    http// /Medici_patronage.html
  • 8. Medici Legacy
    • The Medici set a precedent for ruthless political control through economic means
    • Machiavelli wrote his master-work Il Principe , a book about keeping and maintaining political power through the lens of Lorenzo “the Magnificent” di Medici, the ruler of Florence during Machiavelli’s time
  • 9. Medici Legacy Cont.
    • Their strategies are mirrored by those of 19th-20th century city bosses (graft) and Robber Barons (lobbying)
    • The Medici were one of the earliest examples of a multi-national banking operations with depositories in many cities
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