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ISOMAT_Durocret deco

  1. 1. Available in create special spaces Light Ochre COLORS DUROCRET-DECO Polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, cement-based mortar Advantages Special, friendly aesthetic Bioclimatic material Economic solution Excellent resistance to abrasion and cracking Water impermeability Very good bonding to the substrate Colors White, grey, light grey, mocha, crocus, light ochra. ISOMAT possessing the expertise, developed a construction material that characterizes the Greek architectural tradition and the modern tendency to return to spaces friendlier to humans and to the environment. DUROCRET-DECO enhances the ability to create hospitable spaces, with monolithic appearance of various geometries. Ideal for interior and exterior use in a wide range of applications. The possibility of using a single material has the aesthetic result of unifying the interior with the exterior area. Suitable for special constructions such as built-in beds, fireplaces, built-sanitary articles (washbasins, showers) or wherever a creative imagination wants to give innovative solutions with a “handmade” look. Μocha Grey White Light Grey Crocus Select the style that suits you Color the mixture by adding pigments (colorants) or add colored cement mortars (grouts) on the fresh cement surface. Handle them in any way you like and create original and inspiring spaces. Ideal for applications on new constructions or repair of existing spaces. Before application, the substrate should be clean, free of dust or loose materials etc. Absorptive substrates such as masonry, concrete or plaster, should be dampened. Acrylic primer UNI-PRIMER is recommended to be applied on absorptive substrates such as porous stones or aerated concrete units. Non absorptive substrates such as old tile layers should be primed with ISOMAT AK-PRIMER, so there is no need to remove the old tiles. Application DUROCRET-DECO is gradually added into water (25 kg of DUROCRET-DECO should be mixed with 5.50 l of water) under continuous stirring, until a homogeneous mixture is formed. The product is applied by using a notched trowel in a thickness of 2-10 mm per layer and then it is flattened with the smooth edge of the trowel. For applications exceeding 3 mm thickness or when the substrate is subjected to tremors or vibrations or on a substrate with cracks it is recommended to embed a fiberglass reinforcing mesh on the “combed” surface by using the smooth edge of the trowel. After a while when the product starts to harden on the surface (usually after 20-30 min at 23°C), another thin layer of DUROCRET-DECO or DUROCRET-DECO FINISH is applied by using a smooth trowel in a thickness of 1-2 mm. Waterproofing and protection Consumption Approx. 1.5 kg/m2/mm of layer thickness. Packaging Bags of 25 kg. www.isomat.eu For waterproofing and protecting the final surface, from mechanical stresses, stains, and pollutants, etc., it is recommended to apply the two-component polyurethane varnish VARNISH-PU 2K, or the equivalent water-based varnish VARNISH-PU 2KW. The water based varnish is strong odor free, more user-friendly. The ISOMAT polyurethane varnishes complete the trowelled mortar system, ensuring effective protection even in professional areas with impaired use, kitchens, galleys, and in areas with light traffic of vehicles. They are available in matte and glossy finishes, for a more natural effect or for texture accentuation, respectively.
  2. 2. modern choice based on tradition Fast and easy application for a more economical solution DUROCRET DECO CEMENT SCREED FOR SURFACE FINISHING ON FLOORS AND WALLS ENJOY YOUR SPACE A “tool” for decoration Furniture built with imagination The traditional cement screed, deriving from the Mediterranean region, continues to optimize and plays a leading role in the trends of modern architecture. Internal and external floorings The surface finishing of floors and walls, using DUROCRET-DECO, offers special timeless aesthetic, excellent water impermeability, high strength and abrasion resistance. Thanks not only to its excellent bonding to a variety of substrates, but also to its easy cleaning, it can be used in many applications in kitchens, baths, furniture and decorative elements. 0713 It is an economical solution that respects the environment where it derives from and highlights the environment it creates. Visit our website. Suitable for floors, walls and stairs Ideal for rooms with high humidity THESSALONIKI, GREECE 17th km Thessaloniki - Ag. Athanasios Road P. O. BOX 1043, 570 03 Ag. Athanasios Τ +30 2310 576 000, F +30 2310 722 475 ISOMAT S.A. ΒUILDING CHEMICALS & MORTARS www.isomat.eu export@isomat.eu