Uncanny Valley: Week 2 - Hsia


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Uncanny Valley: Week 2 - Hsia

  1. 1. Bonsoir! Welcome back to Uncanny Valley.This little cutie here is Allison Hsia, the eldest daughter of Gary and Euphie, and the veryfirst child born in town! Wookit da widdle cyootness and da bitty booties, I cant stand it!All hail the Puffs.
  2. 2. Arent you guys just loving being parents? :DFor the record, Gary sleeps in his little red rose boxers usually, so hes not as naked as helooks here.
  3. 3. Allison is clearly distraught. So distraught. At five in the morning. And she just has to lether parents know.Allison: If I cant sleep, nobody sleeps.Right on, kid.
  4. 4. Oh, yeah! Since I forgot to include it in the update last time, this is Allisons personalityspread:8 Neat1 Shy3 Lazy10 Playful10 NiceWe have ourselves a Creepy Smiling, Couch-Jumping-Neat-Freak Sagittarius.You should see the look on my face right now. Its legit like 8D
  5. 5. Things have been going okay, though. Euphies pregnancy is progressing well with fewcomplications and very little vomiting, but it leaves her tired, so she sleeps at weird timesof day.This sometimes leads to her digging up the yard in the middle of the night and findingtreasure maps in her yard.
  6. 6. Dammit, girl, we just got those pipes. Dont go breaking them.Euphie: Why didnt we mark where we put these??
  7. 7. Gary sometimes lets his wife sleep in in the wee early hours of the morning, and takes topotty training his daughter....Right next to their bed.Im convinced her mother has no sense of smell.
  8. 8. The rest of the day is usually spent trying to get the tomatoes to come in well...
  9. 9. ...And opening their home to whatever poorly dressed vagrants decide to stop by and hogtheir TV and try to eat all their food.
  10. 10. Euphie: So tired of being pregnant.Its not for much longer. Just enjoy your glitter torte.
  11. 11. (Obligatory potty training face.)
  12. 12. The house is doing well, however. Peoplecome by all day when its open, including thisinteresting pair. One of them is a custom townie I made just for this place, and the other...Well, I think shes randomly generated. I like the outfit, though.FTR, ticket venues are super easy to raise the business rank of, as will be evidenced thisweek, but not so hot on the money making side. So the two of them spend a lot of timedigging in the yard.
  13. 13. Gary: No, its not a hat, its her real hair!What on earth are you talking about, son. Do you even know?
  14. 14. Meanwhile, the pregnancy hormones are running rampant in the bedroom. Euphie, stopthat. You are a married woman.Euphie: Zzzzzsohotzzzz. Zzzzzpointyzzzzz...zzsassyhatzzzzz....Well, you do present a decent case for it, I suppose.
  15. 15. Later on, she wakes up with a craving, so I have her make some sparklefish. Those areprobably some of the fish she caught last week at Agnar & Eyulfs, point of fact. I know Ihad her put those right in the fridge when they got home.
  16. 16. Then she played with the techno machine until she was too tired to stand. She spendsmost of her days in pyjamas lately, but seems happier for it.
  17. 17. Euphie: I swear, Im ready to pop!So pop, then?
  18. 18. Euphie: Okay.Gary: Whats with all the screaming, I was just going to make the bed—Oh!
  19. 19. Baaaaaybeeeeeez.
  20. 20. Boils and ghouls: Trisha Hsia. Look how pleased her mother is.
  21. 21. This was about the time that I decided to give them an addition, since the girls are growingup, and theyre running out of places to shove a crib. Plus, it gets it done before winter setsin, keeping anything new being built. Its just too hard to get things built that arent going tofill up with mold when it that wet....Ill play my game by meatspace rules if I want. :c
  22. 22. And so begins another round of bottles and nappies.Gary doesnt seem to mind.
  23. 23. I have to admit, he has a pretty good gig going. Hes his own boss, rarely has to do anysort of heavy labor, and occasionally gets to chat up Fake Bella Goth and convince her tobuy a ticket to watch TV when he isnt digging up his own yard. These were two separateincidents, by the way. I think I know where all the treasure maps are buried in this town.
  24. 24. Euphie: I dont know about you, but I keep finding all these weird maps in the yard...Gary: Yeah, so do I. You wouldnt think thered be so many buried here. Its not like desertsare well known for pirate activity.Euphie: Well, however they got here, they sure are good for keeping us in the black!
  25. 25. Hm, indeed. Didnt know Pleasure Sims could get money-related Wants.
  26. 26. Later on, her exhaustion begins to show. That cant be good for the complexion. Herhusband seems unperturbed.But wheres the baby?
  27. 27. Oh, there she is. Trying to catch fireflies. Hows that working out for you, kid?Allison: Stupid...floating lights! Come closer and let me hug you!
  28. 28. Euphie: YES! No more diapers for this one!Allison: But where does it all go?
  29. 29. Since they seemed to like fishing so much, I also gave them a pond. Theyve been makingquite a bit of use of it, before it freezes over.Dont ask me where the fish come from. Theyre magic fish. Except they dont grantwishes, unless of course, you wish for fish. They seem to manage that one just fine.
  30. 30. Euphie: Try to hook the fish and not your belt loops, babe.Gary: Rassinfrassin...
  31. 31. It always seems like when I turn my back, Garys there with a bottle in his hand for thebaby. I can think of quite a few more troublesome bottles he could put a hand on, so Iadmit I dont mind.In the meantime, Euphie tries to instil proper grammar in her firstborn, who is having noneof it. They need to hurry if theyre going to make it in time, cause they have 24 hours to getthose last 2 skills in.
  32. 32. v/Evil chuckling.
  33. 33. Discretionary baby shot! Allison loves the hell out of that logic toy.
  34. 34. Euphie: Mommy cant wait until youre potty trained just like your sister! No she cant!Eh, just leave it for your husband.
  35. 35. Speaking of the sister...Allison: Up!Its not like shes wanting for attention, really, as every time I turn around, someonesinteracting with her. I think I even caught one of the customers reading her a story once, if Irecall correctly.
  36. 36. Probably not quite what she meant, but whatever works. Besides, we have to get in thisone last thing before six oclock.She doesnt look like she minds.
  37. 37. Last toddler skill for Allison! They look so happy together.
  38. 38. And just in time to toss her sister into toddlerhood! Allison joins in in the background,executing a perfect Grow Up spin—
  39. 39. —And popping into a pair of very pink pyjamas. She was totally rolling the Want at thetime, too. Way to go, Allison! Welcome to school age! Thats not much of a prize, but youopened up the Education career track for your mother, and youre bigger now, so you cancause more trouble.I mean have more fun. Yeah.I always get those two confused.
  40. 40. And heres Trisha. Shes a Libra with the personality spread of 4 Sloppy, 9 Outgoing, 3Lazy, 6 Playful and 7 Nice. Slightly less extreme than her sister, and will likely be annoyingAllison pretty soon by leaving her dishes and toys all over the place, clogging the toilet andbreaking the sink.I love her already. She gets sassybraids.
  41. 41. Daddy makes sure to take time out of his “work” day to teach his daughter how to formwords.I find it fascinating how they spend 4 Sim days trying to get them to walk and talk, and therest of their days trying to get them to sit down and shut up. Ah, kids.
  42. 42. Allisons not going to school until tomorrow morning, but I figure the least I can do is gether some new clothes. I love this combination, by the way. Its very “I dressed by myself!”Also, she decided that since that one townie had an awesome frohawk, she wanted onetoo.It works.
  43. 43. And now that the kids are bigger, it leaves mom and dad some more free time to spendwith each other.Still looking for that baby chime.
  44. 44. Allison: Wheres the baby? Wheres Trisha?
  45. 45. Allison: Peekaboo!
  46. 46. Trisha: Bee boo!I love this interaction. 8|
  47. 47. Teacher: Acquired. Thanks, Euphie!
  48. 48. Her first school day rolls around, and its time to board the school bus!Dont ask me where that thing is taking her, since shes the only kid in town and her motheris the only teacher. Its Sims. It doesnt always make sense.
  49. 49. Meanwhile, Gary teaches his other daughter about the importance of the high chair. Onthe lawn. In his pyjamas. In front of the townies.Good thing shes too little to understand the crushing sense of embarrassment shed feel ifshe was older!
  50. 50. Left alone with little other company, Gary plans his day. Then I throw those plans out thewindow and make him open up shop. He seems a bit depressed about it? Or maybe hejust got some glitter up his nose.
  51. 51. After school, he helps Allison with her homework.Allison: But cant mom do it?Gary: Shes your teacher, hon, she cant.Allison: Why not?Gary: Let me tell you about a little thing called the “conflict of interests”...
  52. 52. Pop.Euphie: FINALLY! Hi, baby!Personally, Im hoping for a boy. Not out of a sense of superiority or an innate preference,but simply because theres three little girls in town already. A bit of diversity would belovely.
  53. 53. Good on ya, Gary!Gary: Awesome, now I can plant something other than these stupid tomatoes!Tomatoes: :C
  54. 54. He doesnt seem to mind the cooking part. I think hes taking well to being a househusband. I was going to have him try to open up the Gamer track, but Im not sold on itnow. He seems awfully content.
  55. 55. Nonetheless, hes always up for a bit of the ol idiot box with his eldest. They really lovethat game console.They only need the computer to complete the goal for Gamer, so well see.
  56. 56. Sadly, all that rich, home grown food is more filling than expected, and Allison ends up alittle pudgy!Unseen in the background: Gary teaching Trisha how to talk.
  57. 57. Feeling a bit bloated herself recently, Euphie can easily understand, and tucks her child inthat night with extra care.
  58. 58. ...Then goes off to take care of some other business. Thats two down!
  59. 59. In the morning, Allison makes her bed on her own like a good kid.
  60. 60. And she then proceeds to jump all over it, too. Playful Sims.
  61. 61. And Euphie comes home with a promotion. Well pretend like this says “Teacher, SecondClass” instead of “Teachers Aide.” Its a one child schoolhouse, whos she aiding?
  62. 62. Obligatory Best Friends shot for Euphie and Trisha. I love those little dresses, by the way.
  63. 63. Gary: Of course I do. Isnt that right, boo-boo? Your mommy is the prettiest mommy in thewhole wide world.Euphie: And your daddy is very wise and knows which side his bread is buttered on.Gary: Youre damn right.Trisha: Dam wite.Euphie: Dont say damn, pudding. (sigh)...And dont eat the sand.
  64. 64. After brushing the grit out of one childs teeth, Euphie takes time to swing the other aroundfor a bit. Kind of a weird place to do that, right next to the greenhouse, but whatever, theynever seem to mind.
  65. 65. All the way up to Rank 5 this week! Nicely done. Sadly, theyre not exactly rolling in dough.But they get by just fine, is seems.
  66. 66. Speaking of rich food, Gary falls prey to one too many plates of Blackened Catfish andstarts to feel it.Fat seems to suit him, but to be honest, I didnt want to have to go through and find a newoutfit that would fit and all that yet again, so I make him work out. Yes, I admit that this isentirely for my own laziness.
  67. 67. It was also a ploy to get Allison to get up and move as well. Naturally, somebody elsedecides to party crash and wiggle his poorly clad butt in the kitchen. Townies.
  68. 68. And here, I leave you, at 6 pm on Sunday. Ill try to sort through the pictures for the nextupdates (yes, updateS with an S) in the next couple of days. Sorry this took so long, butguess who has two thumbs and forgot to make sure of the order of the pictures before theydeleted the family album? Thats right, this guy.Wish me luck. And until then, Happy Simming!
  69. 69. Euphie: I look fat, dont I?Gary: How could you say that? Youre gorgeous, glowing!Euphie: I feel as big as this house.Gary: Stop, youre my little piece of heaven.Euphie: You mean that?
  70. 70. Euphie: I look fat, dont I?Gary: How could you say that? Youre gorgeous, glowing!Euphie: I feel as big as this house.Gary: Stop, youre my little piece of heaven.Euphie: You mean that?