Uncanny Valley: Week 2 - Clay
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Uncanny Valley: Week 2 - Clay



Well, that was eventful! Let's round out the week.

Well, that was eventful! Let's round out the week.



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Uncanny Valley: Week 2 - Clay Uncanny Valley: Week 2 - Clay Presentation Transcript

  • Stephanie: Oh, hi Agnar. Hows the wifey? Good? Yeah, I know shes pregnant.Welcome back to Uncanny Valley. Last time, in a surprise move Stephanie Clay moved outof her boyfriends house and out on her own, Agnar met someone new and got married,Eyulf found a girl who thinks his dorkiness is cute, and was abducted by aliens. If you dontremember any of that, welp, I just gave you major spoilers for last chapter here on the firstpage. Whoops.But you should go read that, its a good one.
  • Since she moved out on a Tuesday, I went ahead and advanced the calendar up toTuesday afternoon. No sense in giving her extra days, right? I dunno, it made sense to meat the time.
  • So far, shes just been catching up on her “studies” and starting her garden.
  • Theres no money yet for a greenhouse, which she is going to need eventually, but so farits not so bad.Bit lonely, though.
  • Theres no time to dwell on that, though, because theres planting to do. And cleaning. Andother chores.
  • Of course, theres a quick solution to loneliness: townie walk-bys! This is Johnathan Harris.The only reason I remember his name is because its so effing simple.
  • ...Yowza! I dont remember what I made him, personality wise or anything, but I guess itsgood!
  • Of course, Eyulf stops by as well. Shes actually rather happy to see her former almost-brother-in-law.
  • Stephanie: So, have things settled down over there yet?
  • Stephanie: I expect things were kinda wonky right after the wedding and everything.Eyulf: No, no, everything went fine.Stephanie: Oh really? Thats good news!Eyulf: Well, the next morning was a bit...odd.Stephanie: So, is it true?Eyulf: Is what true?Stephanie: Youre “expecting?”Eyulf: Well... yes.
  • Stephanie: Wow. Thats amazing.You sure know the way into a Knowledge sims heart, man.
  • Eyulf: I dont really remember much of anything, until I was thrown off the ship.Johnathan: Oh? Youve been sailing?… Sure. Well go with that.
  • Johnathan: So youre Eyulf Tornquist? Ive heard a lot of good things about you and yourbrother.Eyulf: Really?Johnathan: Why so surprised?Eyulf: Oh, no, its flattering, really!
  • Stephanie: Thanks for coming over! It was nice to have you!
  • Johnathan: No, thank you! It was nice to be here. You really know how to welcome anewcomer in this town.
  • After dinner, things are looking brighter.
  • The next morning brings a new round of visitors, some more welcome than others.Stephanie: Hi! Get off my lawn before I feed you to my cowplant.Ibrahims Booty Call: You dont have a cowplant.Stephanie: You dont know that for sure.
  • Stephanie: Yeah, Im settling in just fine Heaven. Thanks for asking— uh, give me aminute, I have something to take care of.Well, hes certainly Outgoing, to just walk into a persons house like that.
  • Home Invader: You have a nice house. Good floorplan.Stephanie: Thanks. Im going to ignore you until you leave now. Please stop staring at me.
  • Later on, she decides she wants to see Johnathan again, so she calls him up and askshim to come over.Stephanie: And Ill even cook. Hows that sound?
  • Salad totally counts as cooking, you guys, especially when you dont have one of thosefancy spinner things.
  • Stephanie: Hey there, fella!Johnathan: Hey yourself!Stephanie: I hope you brought your appetite.
  • Hey, smile kid, this is the one you want, isnt it? Or are you going to play the uncertaintycard again?
  • Johnathan: So, I was thinking; what this town needs is a theater.Stephanie: Oh?
  • Stephanie: The movie kind or the live action kind?Johnathan: The real kind. Live. The best kind of theater.Stephanie: Ive never really thought about it. I suppose we could, though.Johnathan: Thats what Im talking about.Stephanie: I think we could use something a bit more immediate, first. Like a grocery store.Or a library. Or a school.Johnathan: Well of course, but it should be on the list.Stephanie: Ill agree with you there.
  • Sadly the date was cut short on account of skunk. Did we learn not to pet the funny black-and-white cat, John? I hope so.(Although, not gonna lie, I laughed. I couldnt help it.)
  • I have them try again the next day, though.Stephanie: You took a shower, right? Well good. Now get over here, Im making food and Icant possibly eat it all myself.
  • Salmon should do it.
  • Johnathan: Hi there.Stephanie: Hey, handsome.Johnathan: Thanks for inviting me over again. And for not thinking badly of me because oflast night. I hated to run, but...you know.Stephanie: Thats fine, I prefer you not smelling like rotting eggs. Ill be right back, though, Ihave to go fiddle with dinner.
  • Thats okay, I think he can amuse himself for the time being. Someone has to, since thetownies cant.
  • John: —They even have a TV! Its been weeks since Ive seen a TV!Lilly Do: Oh man, Im gonna have to check that out.Gee, I wonder what his One True Hobby is.
  • Lilly Do: I hear they even have video games there! Its only the skiing one, but man thatsounds like fun.John: I havent played that one yet!
  • Stephanie: Foods ready. Had a good time on my lawn?John: Actually, yeah.
  • I do so love it when that happens.
  • Stephanie: Oh, I forgot to tell you! I mentioned your theater idea to Heaven, and she said(and I quote), “Since hes so gung ho about it, have him start the volunteer work for it.”John: Oh...Stephanie: Then she started complaining about her ankles and retaining water. Shes notusually that grumpy, shes just pregnant.John: That does seem to be going around out here. But I guess we get the go ahead?Stephanie: As good as its going to get.
  • Stephanie: Anyway... would you like to come in and eat now?John: I tremble with anticipation.Stephanie: Good.
  • John: What is that intoxicating aroma youre wearing.Stephanie: Baked salmon. But Im going to actively chose to take that as a compliment.
  • Haha, I guess its a hit??
  • John: This is amazing.Stephanie: Thanks. The secret is a pinch of tarragon.John: Really? Where did you get that?Stephanie: Youd be surprised what you can get out here.
  • After the dishes are done and the leftovers put away, they retire to the privacy of thebedroom.
  • Whether its the chemistry or just hormones, shes at her best tonight. And just in time too,since its a Saturday night.
  • Stephanie: So he says “Thats no shellfish, thats my wife!”John: Hahaha! Oh, thats hilarious!Uh, sure. Okay.
  • Stephanie: But enough jokes. I want to be serious now.John: Are you being serious about something in particular?Stephanie: You.
  • Stephanie: How about we get a little more comfortable?John: Well, if you insist, how can I say no?
  • Stephanie: There, isnt this better?
  • John: Youre not going to hold the skunk thing against me, are you?Stephanie: Already forgotten.John: Glad one of us can forget it.Stephanie: Shush. Just come here.
  • Much better.
  • Stephanie: So you—mpf!John: /smootch
  • Stephanie: Come back tomorrow night?John: Okay.
  • HAH, what a place to fall in love. The bathroom of your bootycall.
  • The next day is fairly uneventful. A few walk bys, a few phone calls.Stephanie: Oh man, words just cant do it justice. Hes amazing. ...Dont tell Agnar I saidthat.
  • One of the walk bys was Eyulfs new wife May. Its a welcome distraction from things likemoving the cauldron to the front lawn and building the greenhouse.
  • Then who should stop by but Agnar and Eyulf!Agnar: Shes still hot.Dude, dont. You will regret it for the rest of your very short life and you know it.
  • Stephanie: See? Youre glowing, you look wonderful.Eyulf: Haha! No. Im wearing running pants all the time now. I cant wait for it to be over.May: But theyre cute running pants!Eyulf: Youre not the one stuck in them.
  • Seriously, like, everyone stopped by today.Euphie: —And then she threw up on him. It was hilarious.May: Haha, thats what he gets for tossing her.Stephanie: Indigestion? Oog. Not feeling well.
  • May: Fried eggs? At this time of day?Eyulf: I know. Its the strangest thing.Stephanie: Could just make a fried egg sandwich.Agnar: You can do that?May: You can put literally any food in a bun and call it a sandwich.
  • Eyulf: Curry?Stephanie: Seen it done.Eyulf: Spaghetti?Stephanie: Used to do it as a kid.Agnar: Chinese food?Stephanie: Anything.
  • Eyulf: Agnar, put the pillows back! This isnt our house!Stephanie: Uh, guys? Im going to have to kick you out now, Im not feeling so hot.Eyulf: See what you did?Agnar: It wasnt me!
  • And this is what happens when you play with your sound off, kidlets. Its a decent question,granted, but I think you need to think a little more recently, girlie.
  • Stephanie: Man, I think I might be in trouble.And thats it for Week 2! I hope to see you back here soon, despite my delays.The last slide is the final breakdown for the week--
  • Not too shabby! Although nothing really happened yet. I need to open up Journalism andLaw Enforcement sometime soon, but its not like I can control burglars and fires. Oh well.See you next time, and happy simming!