Uncanny Valley Week 1 - Lindemann


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Uncanny Valley Week 1 - Lindemann

  1. 1. Hello and welcome to my Build a City Challenge, Uncanny Valley. Im your guide--you can call meHooligan--and if you havent gone through the list of settlers yet, I suggest you do, just to have half anidea who it is Im talking about in here, cause Im not going over it again. Its the post previous to thisone, its not hard to find.
  2. 2. Basically, if youre not familiar with this challenge, I suggest you check out the Build a City communityon LiveJournal. If you saw this through that comm, you probably already know about the rules. Just fora refresher, the goal is to turn something like what you see here into a fully functioning metropolis.My personal challenge is to do this without accidentally nuking the neighborhood somehow--ORCONVERSELY, getting bored after gen 3 and abandoning it. ...That is harder than it sounds, believeme. Shall we?
  3. 3. We start, of course, with Heaven Lindemann, our towns Founder.On the trip to the new town, everyone was trying to decide what to name it. They went through quite afew, some more unacceptable than others (Stephanie suggested "Bumfuck Nowhere", which wasimmediately rejected), and finally settled on Kareemas suggestion "Uncanny Valley." It was actuallynot the most popular suggestion, but Heaven vetoed "Lindemannham", "Lindemannville", and"Lindemannsburgh" as being too pretentious. Eventually more and more people were calling itUncanny Valley as a nickname before an official name was selected, and the name kinda stuck.Heaven lives on a lot by herself, her trailer situated right under the lone water tower that was left thereby predecessors unknown. Eyulf suspects aliens, but he always suspects aliens.
  4. 4. So the first thing I did upon Heaven parking the trailer (after, of course, everyone built their lodgingsfor the duration of the stay), is to teleport all the settlers onto the lot so that they can socialise. Thereare a few continuity errors here, but Im not going to point them out to you. They embarrass me.Also, here is the very first instance of "Euphemia is a Popularity Sim!" Youll be seeing this a lot.
  5. 5. For the most part, people got along really well. Really, really well, in the case of Euphie and Gary. Yallget a room, guys.
  6. 6. Weve already got some interesting dynamics going here: Ibrahim and my SelfSim already seem to behitting it off nicely. He hasnt got any of her turn-ons, though, so I dont see this going anywhere.I went through and randomised their gender prefs, so I fully expect to see some interesting pairingsgoing on.
  7. 7. That didnt go at all well. You might want to be nicer to her, Heaven, thats the person whos going tobe turning your old rustbucket truck into a functioning water pump and/or power company. JSYK.
  8. 8. ...Now this could be interesting. Esperanza and Ibrahim. Not what I was expecting here, but now that Ithink about it, hes Romance and shes Popularity. Dont really know why Im surprised.So far, no drama, though.
  9. 9. Despite that, its Esperanza and Johan that throw me my first autonomous hookup. Interesting...Maybe therell be some drama after all?
  10. 10. Second one comes courtesy of Agnar and Stephanie. Also, you may notice that I threw in a few pillarcandles. I noticed how hard it was to see what was going on.
  11. 11. Aaaaaaand that did not take that long at all....Cant say Im opposed, though. They both have two bolts (good! but not awesome), and hit one ofeach others turnons. Could be cute together.
  12. 12. And then they proceeded to do this at least two more times.Nabila: Oh wow, are you seeing that over there?Eyulf: Yes, that is my brother. He embarrasses me often.Ibrahim: (Hot.)Heaven: Get a room.
  13. 13. See? The party lasted all night and into the next day and evening, and they did this lots.Esperanza: Guys? Guys? Guys? ....Guys? Meet New Person +1000?I think theyre a bit occupied at the mo, darling. Go bug one of the other settlers.
  14. 14. And they end up throwing me my first crush hearts. Euphie and Gary dont count, cause they alreadywere in love when I opened the lot.Im almost proud of how fast these two moved.Also, yes I did change her and Nabilas hair colour in between these two slides. Whoops. LIKE I SAID,INCONSISTENCIES! I was in the middle of makeovers in the other households, and I forgot the partywas still going on over here. So sue me.
  15. 15. Eyulf: Congratulations on making out with my brother! You are now the talk of the town!Stephanie: Thank you...I think.
  16. 16. The get-together wears on. Behind the stove there is Kareema, the other Duman sister. Mostlyeverything seems to be going well, so I float around a little, checking things out, when suddenly...
  17. 17. Hehehehe. Believe it or not, this is actually the shape of things to come for Eyulf for the foreseeablefuture. Hes adorably awkward with women, which I find endearing as a player, but I really was hopingfor him to pass on his genetics. I mean, sure, he and his brother are identical, but theyre cute andthey have good genes.Sadly, hes just really bad at talking to women. Hes not even Knowledge, hes Fortune! An awkward,awkward Fortune Sim.
  18. 18. But hey, maybe hell have better luck with Nabila, right? One can hope.No this slide is not just a gratuitous excuse for Gary/Euphie spam.
  19. 19. Heaven: Look, Im sorry; I think we got off on the wrong foot. We all need to work together here, and Irealise I can be a bit abrasive sometimes. Think we can still be friends?Kareema: Hook me up with the motor from that old truck of yours, and Im pretty sure I can keep thebragging to an absolute minimum.Heaven: You have yourself a deal.The two of them really are well on the way to making friends. I dont remember the exact numbers atthis point, but Im pretty sure theyre in the high thirties already.
  20. 20. Have you noticed the absentee? Yep! Its Johan. Vampires and the sun dont mix well, you know. Also,a great way to keep neighbors off of your ballet bar is to lock the trailer door. Its the only reasontheyve spent so much time socialising here.So yeah, most of the people have paired off into groups for a chat, and Nabila decides to pop off to theloo--Wait a minute.
  21. 21. I. The. Wh-. Nabila, honey, that is an engaged woman. An engaged straight woman.Nabila: Still hot.This challenge just got interesting.
  22. 22. Eyulf fails at women: exhibit B.Eyulf: What? What did I do?Honey, you two just met today, youve barely talked, and you went in for a makeout already?
  23. 23. Eyulf: It worked for Agnar. /poutYes, but thats Agnar. He has a way with women. A kind of nerdy charm. Youre a bit long on nerd,short on charm.Eyulf: Thanks.The sarcasm is unnecessary, dear. Try a different angle.
  24. 24. Now this just made things very interesting to me. They did this autonomously, by the way. I think itsHeaven here whos making the first move.See, originally, I had planned for Nabila to end up with one of the Tornquists or as a scarlet woman(pun intended), but I like this much better. Theyre cute.
  25. 25. Heaven: I really like her.I can tell.Yes, I think this is going to be a real ship. Theyre both into women, I checked. That kills the idea ofbreeding them, unless....Actually, now I have an idea. Later.
  26. 26. Night falls and I call Johan back, which may or may not be a mistake: the man has a dearth of Nicepoints. However, I thought I gave him few enough Playful points that he wouldnt prank people atrandom. Guess I was wrong.Johan: Poit! Haha, this is one funny looking dame.Kareema: Aow! How dare you!It looks like these two are shaping up to be perfect enemies.
  27. 27. And then the very next thing they do is sit on the ground of their own volition and hang out. Sims,amirite? In the background Eyulf tries for an Admire and is shot down pitifully, and Gary wonders ifhes going to have to smack a bro.
  28. 28. That went about as well as could be expected. I almost expect to see a look of longing on his face if Iwere to rotate the lot and look, by the way hes just kinda gazing at the way his brother seems to begetting along. Very sad.
  29. 29. NO. BAD FOUNDER. DOWN GIRL. Shit. I expected the drama to come from the two romance sims,not from you two!I knew making Steph a canon bisexual would be a problem. They have...kindof a lot of bolts.
  30. 30. Wow guys, rude. Hes still on the lot. Sure this is the most juicy piece of gossip in town, but reallygirls? Girls, really?
  31. 31. Nabila: Hey. Whats going on over here?Kareema: Nothing much. Sitting here wondering how Im supposed to get this energy-water situationdealt with. You?Nabila: Just...thinking.Kareema: Worrying, you mean.
  32. 32. Nabila: I cant help it. Thats how I am.Kareema: And it was driving your blood pressure through the roof. We came out here to get away fromthe stresses of the city, remember?Nabila: Yeah, but I dont think we realised how much more stressful it was going to be out in the sticks.Kareema: Just leave the tech work to me. You find something to keep yourself occupied, or help thetown as you see fit. Everythings going to work out, trust me.
  33. 33. Heaven: Hm, no, I dont think theres anything magical going on about us needing so few bathroombreaks... There probably arent any wizards out this far from Sim City.Stephanie: ...These candles are fucking fascinating.Smooth.Speaking of bathroom breaks, whats with the thought bubble, Nabila? Somebody hogging the sink?
  34. 34. And what do they do next but file into the house for some alone time? These two are seriously cute.Its official, Heaven/Nabila is my first auto couple.
  35. 35. ...Ibrahim, I said alone time.Ibrahim: What? Dont mind me, just admiring your couch. Its a nice couch./weirded out!
  36. 36. Eventually, though, all good times have to end, and I broke up the party in time for Heaven to go tosleep that night. Everyone was exhausted by then, and quite eager to go back home.The flying thing still amuses me. /whistles wicked witch theme song.
  37. 37. Back from her first day helping out her constituency. It actually went really well. She had a highenough performance to get promoted on her first day, but we still dont have running water orelectricity for the town, so no dice. With luck, well have that before week three.One can hope.
  38. 38. Just after work, Agnar shows up. Just in time, too, because Heavens been a bit lonely today.Naturally, he promptly goes inside to play with the ballet bar.
  39. 39. The next person to show up, just after sunset, was Esperanza. They get along fairly well, despitehaving little in common.
  40. 40. Thanks, Heaven, thats good to know.
  41. 41. Heaven: So, youre not regretting moving out here, are you?Esperanza: No, its pretty cool so far! Well, actually its really warm, but the stucco helps. A bit.Heaven: Yeah, not exactly what I imagined with this whole "40 acres and a mule" thing, but I dontthink were in trouble yet.
  42. 42. Esperanza: Hows the mayor thing going for you?Heaven: Its fine. Not what I thought Id be doing out here, but thats okay, too.
  43. 43. Heaven: Do you remember that one guy from the party? The redhead who was playing kissyface withthat girl with the technicolor hair? Hes inside, probably playing around with the ballet barre.Esperanza: Haha, really?Heaven: Yeah, he does that a lot.
  44. 44. And thats exactly where they found him.
  45. 45. Heaven: Hey Agnar!Agnar: Hello, Ms. Lindemann!
  46. 46. Heaven: Can we discuss something?Agnar: Of course.
  47. 47. Heaven: So, can we talk sustainability options? How are we going in the food department?
  48. 48. Agnar: The farm is going well enough. It would be easier with some fertilizer. And some pesticides.Heaven: Yeah, I dont know about that--we dont have the cash or the resources. I believe in you guys,though.Agnar: Well, if we can get glass, we can make a greenhouse...Heaven: Now theres an idea!
  49. 49. Maybe Ill get that promotion now.Maybe, Heaven. Maybe.Or maybe you should be worrying about having toilets that are hooked up to a sewer system, insteadof a septic tank. Just a thought.
  50. 50. And here comes trouble, right after work.Wait a minute....
  51. 51. YHKJHFJKHKHGKJHGGLJHGGL WHAT IS THAT EXPRESSION. What is this. I cant. Icanagkdjfghskjfdjhgkjhg./dies sputteringThis is so very me.
  52. 52. And theres Kiss Kiss. I like that greet. Its very posh.If you think shes going to behave herself, youre wrong.
  53. 53. She immediately goes in for a flirt, because why not, obviously.
  54. 54. And then they start talking about the environment. Because Sims.I consider leaving them on free will, but there are relationships happening that i kinda like, so i monitorthem.
  55. 55. Especially when they head into the trailer.Oh, and whos that outside? An excuse to send Heaven away from the makeout couch, you say? Why,youre absolutely right!
  56. 56. Heaven: Hi! Hows it going?Kareema: Not so bad--we should have power in a couple of weeks!Heaven: Thats great to hear.
  57. 57. Heaven: If I introduced you to someone who could collaborate with you, make it go faster, would yousay yes?Kareema: Depends on who it is...Heaven: Stephanie.
  58. 58. Kareema: You mean that girl who made out with the redhead at the party?Heaven: She can probably hear you, you know.Kareema: Oh. Whoops.
  59. 59. Heaven: Listen, its going to be hard work, but I know you can do it.Kareema: Well, maybe it would help if i had another head to bounce ideas off of.Heaven: That was the plan.
  60. 60. This picture is just to show you how unbelievably annoying it is to have people come by just to play onyour ballet bar all the time. A picture cant really convey it, though. Im thinking of taking it down, butthen shed have no Fitness boosting item and shed whine.Also, Euphie came by. Hi, Euphie!
  61. 61. So, as the sun was setting over the desert, I had them all invited in to shoot the shit. They decide totalk horticulture, apparently.
  62. 62. And...uh...Maybe Ill just let you guys play Caption This Slide. Youre bound to do better than anything I cancome up with.
  63. 63. And of course, the compliments abounded. Heaven, do keep your hands to yourself, please, that IS anengaged woman.
  64. 64. Stephanie: So.Kareema: So. Youre the one whos supposed to help me with the power situation?Stephanie: I suppose...
  65. 65. Stephanie: Well, if you need parts or an extra set of hands, feel free to call on me anytime. I dontalways sleep.
  66. 66. Kareema: Hah, well, I will, I suppose! Maybe sometime later this week...And so it went. I thought I had more pictures of this evening, but I guess I dont. Ah well.
  67. 67. The following afternoon, just after work, who should swing by but Nabila?
  68. 68. She is pleasantly greeted.
  69. 69. ...And greets quite pleasantly back. I have to admit, this came as a surprise, but theyre now one of myfavorite matches. Its cute.
  70. 70. Oh.Hello, homewrecker. Why is my self-sim always such trouble?
  71. 71. And then a chaperone stopped by. Hopefully hell curb the worst of it.
  72. 72. ...OK, this was autonomous on Nabilas part. Guys, Im sorry but you cant form a lesbian triple, okay?I was planning to breed you.Tempting though it may be.
  73. 73. Eyulf: You want to build a power plant in the middle of a desert? I will not allow this!Heaven: Okay, have fun taking ice-cold baths this winter.Eyulf: ...Do you forget where I am from? This is no threat to me.
  74. 74. /laughing.There are no words. I swear I will turn all of your autonomy OFF.
  75. 75. Ibrahim, stop macking on your sisters lady. She doesnt like sausage.
  76. 76. Oh sure guys, just. Gossip about the town vampire at night, in the open. That totally wont comearound to bite you in the ass--literally.Although its nice to see Eyulf hearing some gossip that isnt about his failed romantic endeavors.Thanks, guys.
  77. 77. Heaven: Im just glad we havent had any fights-- its not like we have any police out here.Eyulf: Perhaps we should choose someone to be a Sheriff? Like in the old time Wild Westerns. Ormaybe Mr. Public; he looks like a police detective already.Heaven: Thats an idea, but I dont think we have to worry about it yet. And Im not so sure Johan canhold down a day job, if you know what I mean.
  78. 78. Stephanie: Im no fortune teller, but I think if we have to live much longer without at least publicsanitation, theres going to be more than fights.Heaven: I know. I thought you and Kareema were working on it?Stephanie: Shes the one doing the brunt of it. Im a self-taught biologist, not a roboticist.
  79. 79. Dawn arrives finding Heaven in a good mood, which extends all the way until she gets home fromwork in the afternoon. I have no idea where she goes, because there are literally no other buildings intown whatsoever, but I try not to think about that too hard.
  80. 80. Oh look, the Situations back. I consider sending her on her way again, but really, this is supposed tobe a hands-off experience for me, so why not. Lets see what trouble she can get herself into.I think we can guess how this ends.
  81. 81. They start with a flirt in broad daylight, in front of the trailer.
  82. 82. And then head inside....Lets just give them some privacy, shall we?
  83. 83. Later on in the evening, Nabila drops by for some desert love of her own. I cant stand it, these two areso sweet and romantic. Its pretty obvious they have some deep feelings for each other in their littlepixel hearts.
  84. 84. And it shows.
  85. 85. This is where Ill leave you for this update! Its the end of the week and time to move on to the nexthouse in the rotation: the Dumans!Will Kareema manage to get the town fitted for habitation? Is Nabila truly smitten with the fearlessfounder? Seriously, what is UP with Ibrahim?Youll see.