Uncanny Valley Week 1 - Hsia


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Uncanny Valley Week 1 - Hsia

  1. 1. Uncanny Valley, chapter 3, take 2847598hjt6i796874263958rt0.Its 5 am and I cant sleep. Lets get this over with.Welcome back to town. Were on to the Hsias, who, going into the first week are my second favouritesim couple in town. Well see if they can move to the top spot. (My guess would be No.)
  2. 2. At the moment, its just Garret and Euphie, but since this is a breeding experiment/challenge, andthese two have compatible parts/are already a couple, this is going to be changing soon.
  3. 3. So, we open up the lot to the lovely young couple entertaining themselves as only sims seem to do.Most people I know would be doing something illegal and/or immoral by now, what with there being nopolice and no actual laws. That probably says a lot about my view of people though.But no, theyre content to read and paint and keep to themselves.
  4. 4. Nothing like a big greasy cheese sandwich to whet the appetite. Nobody in town is a GCer yet, buteventually....There will be. Mark my words.
  5. 5. Like I said before: this is just about the only thing to do in this town, besides play chess. Its a lot likemy hometown, in fact.Only with a lot more chess.
  6. 6. This picture is included for no other reason than the red rose boxers hes wearing.Mmmmmm.But we cant stick around staring for long, theres something we have to get done today.
  7. 7. So I buckle down and teleport everyone onto the lot for....drumroll please....
  8. 8. TA-DA! Its a wedding.See, I hardly ever have trouble with sim weddings, because theyre just so easy for me to entertain.Now, thats not saying that I get the guests to show up for the actual ceremony, but thats neither herenor there.She totally carried this thing in her inventory all the way from Sim City, by the way. Its going to bemaking its rounds among the townsfolk before the Pavilion is built. Yes there is going to be acelebration pavilion. Its going to be glorious.
  9. 9. Take a good long look at this slide, people. Notice anything out of place?Heaven, Honey, theres more than enough seating for everyone, you did not need to stand directly infront of Esperanza.I like the tiki torches; they shed a nice romantic light on everything, as well as keeping the mosquitoesat bay.
  10. 10. Seeing as this was a bit of a rush job, the couple is married in their best clothes. But thats okay,because theyre getting what they wanted, and all their local friends are here to witness it....You know, when I eventually put these guys up for download, Im going to have to include a notethat Ibrahim should never, ever be let off his leash. At least Johan behaves himself. And doesnt try tomack on his sister.
  11. 11. And this is why we had the wedding right now: they both miraculously had the Want in their panels,and they aint getting any younger. The massive aspiration boost helps the party score, seeing astheres really nothing else to do but phog the chessboard and socialise.
  12. 12. ...And homewreck, apparently.Well. I. You know, I really cant even say anything against this. At this point, Heaven isnt engaged, soits anybodys race. And it netted me a Roof Raiser, so eh. /shrug
  13. 13. The night after the honeymoon, and the bride wakes up to morning sickness. And this is anotherreason I wanted that done right the F now.I feel kinda bad, though, because this took a lot out of her. I lost track of the times she threw up. Shewas tired and achy and vommy for two whole days, so I just let her be, mostly, roaming on free will.
  14. 14. I forget who made the crepes suzette. I also didnt know that crepes suzette needs to be set on fire. Isthis a reality stretch? Do you really do this?
  15. 15. Pregnant sims and fire dont seem like theyd mesh well, but she manages not to catch anythingimportant on fire. Like the food. Or herself. That said, is it really a good idea to let her eat a food thatsdoused in alcohol and then set aflame, even if it all burned off?The things I learn for future reference: crepes suzette requires flaming hooch. Good to know.
  16. 16. I can never seem to get the dust. Might be just too slow, or it might not be showing up with mygraphics settings. Nonetheless, I will keep trying. I have faith.Sadly, this pair of meshes dont seem to have a pregnancy morph, so Im going to shove her into herwedding dress. It just looks more comfortable, even with the little heels.
  17. 17. They dont get many visitors. Maybe everyone else thinks they need Honeymoon Time, but therehavent been nearly any walkbys since the wedding. Id worry, but I know for a fact the streak is goingto break today.
  18. 18. Confession time: I will never, ever get tired of this "Talk to Belly" interaction. Its just adorable, despitethe fact that I know its just a change in the body mesh and theres no actual fetal Sim in there. Its likethat thing where you see a baby animal and you just go "Aww~" despite the fact that it isnt human. Itscompletely illogical, but thats brains for you.It also amuses me that its Esperanza whos doing this. I have plans for you, oh yes.
  19. 19. Discussing busts. Yep, looks like its time for another Choose Your Own Caption Adventure! Becausegod only knows I cant be clever on 0 hours of sleep.
  20. 20. Pregnancies bring Family sims out of the woodwork, as anyone whos played the Curiouses knows.
  21. 21. And at this point Ive simply given up on the concept of fidelity in this neighborhood. Its apparentlysomething my sims have never even heard of.But thats okay, because I may be getting some delicious drama out of this, and a police position toboot.
  22. 22. They keep it chaste enough, at least.
  23. 23. Everybody in town loves Esperanza. And who could blame them? Shes presh.....Good lord you are a hairy little sasquatch, Ibs.
  24. 24. This may look all cute and cuddly, but little does she know, Euphies putting her mark on Esperanza.Youre next.
  25. 25. And theres pop 2. Sadly, I didnt get the pink dust, but the shocked Pregnancy Face looks amusing ashell with her features, from this angle.And nobody else seems to notice.
  26. 26. Esperanza: ...with a big fluffy white dress, and lots of blue roses.Ibrahim: Oh yeah?Esperanza: And cake. Blueberry cake. With whipped cream on top.Oh dear. Seems someones gotten a bit caught up. Pity hes not the marrying type, isnt it dear?
  27. 27. Sure is a conversation about lubricants going on here. Oh, who am I kidding, with those two itsprobably legitimately about machine oil or something.These days, Euphie spends most of her time painting, then when she gets sore feet, she moves to thechess board, or to get a bite to eat, or to go to bed. This is her life now. Fun.
  28. 28. Eventually she gets to where she feels like shes going to pass out on the floor, and being abenevolent higher being, I send her to bed. Its Wednesday night, and tomorrows a big day--not onlyis the baby coming, but so is running water and electricity!
  29. 29. First thing I add: telephone. Second thing I add?
  30. 30. Entertainment options. Gary is going to be the one opening the Gamer career track, so I figure itsabout time to get that started.
  31. 31. Unfortunately, I forget that they shouldnt be able to open a venue yet, because thats Esperanzas job,and youre going to see that coming up next time. However, she totally does have a business up andrunning right now, I just did these out of order. GO ME.And look; they shop at the same store! Its the one that sells white bottoms and long sleeved shirts.Apparently thats all they have in stock, too.Date, you two. Give me questionably attractive babies.But they wont, because Townies. :c
  32. 32. And of course in the middle of the grand opening, Euphie decides to drop sprog. I love the happy littlesmile on her face, its so joyous, so...ignorant of the pain to come.
  33. 33. Then comes the shock of having to push a watermelon sized object through a fleshy tunnel the size ofa potato. Have fun with that, babe.Garret, hon, if this is a surprise to you....
  34. 34. ...Its like he briefly mastered levitation or something, JFC. I laughed like a hyena, but it was also 4 AMby then, so yeah.
  35. 35. One brief spin-and-catch later, and we have achieved spawn.
  36. 36. Gentlefolk, meet Allison Hsia.Garret & Euphie: BABY!Allison: *burp*
  37. 37. Garret: Hello, little person! Honey, we made a little person!Euphie: Well, yeah. Thats the whole point of woohoo...
  38. 38. Garret: I made a tiny person.Euphie: AHEM.Garret: I mean, I helped make a tiny person.Euphie: ...You know what? Im just gonna put the bottle on the table. And then take a nap. Make sureto feed her when youre done.Get over the awe, darling, youre going to make at least one more.
  39. 39. (This was what happened next, by the way. I cant even stress how funny this is to me right now.Its just a tv and a game console. Granted, its the ONLY tv and game console until the next town over,but STILL.BEST OF THE BEST. OF PLACES YOU CAN WATCH TV. IN UNCANNY VALLEY. Congratulations,guys.)
  40. 40. Despite all of his annoying, piddly little Pleasure Sim wants, Gary is a remarkably good parent. I like tosee this sort of thing. It always depresses me when Sims arent good parents. He took care of everydirty diaper and most of the feedings, and never once rolled the Fear of changing the baby.You rock, Gary.
  41. 41. Why yes, Euphie.Yes, I did.Enjoy your vomiting.
  42. 42. Baby burping. I think this is an adorable animation--technically its not "burping" per se, but its under"Cuddle". Sometimes the baby burps when you cuddle it after feeding. She does this a lot. But she ispregnant here, so most of her time is taken up by eating, sleeping, peeing and puking....And people tell me this is something I have to experience for myself? Why?
  43. 43. Since its actually getting further along in the challenge, and I havent even played the designatedfarmers, and people are slowly running out of food, I figure its time for victory gardens. If nothing else,they can subsist on tomatoes until the crops REALLY start to pick up.I hope.
  44. 44. Fabulous. Parent.Even despite the rose boxers. (No, but really Gary, put on some pants. You have to open the shop.)
  45. 45. I keep missing the dust. :cThat said, its now Saturday, and the second-to-last day of the week. I dont think Im going to getthrough this pregnancy before I have to leave the house, so shes going to be walking around townpregnant until I play them again in a week.I feel sorry for her poor bladder.
  46. 46. And its back into her best dress. Dont ask me how she manages those heels with swollen ankles,because I havent a clue.
  47. 47. Does the creepiness never end? Apparently the garden club guy has a thing for pregnant women,because he threw a star every time Euphie walked by. I was a bit weirded out.
  48. 48. Its a painting of a dog, Gary. Its not exactly a Degas. Go tend your customers. Give the pregnancyfetish guy something to do.
  49. 49. ...Ooooor play with the baby, that works, too.
  50. 50. Now, dont get the wrong idea: Euphie also spends time with their daughter. Its not all vomiting andrunning around in her wedding dress and weeding the tomatoes, no sir! Theres time for fun andbonding. Especially on Birthdays!
  51. 51. Its 6 PM on Sunday night, and this is where I leave you: with a mouthful of sparkles. Happy Simming,everybody!
  52. 52. --Haha, just kidding, I wouldnt do that to either of my faithful readers. Here she is, because I knowyouve been wondering: Allison Hsia. I think she got a good blend of her parents, but I have no ideawhere the freckles came from.Now with THAT, Ill leave you. Next up is the Citizen family, and then the Tornquists! Theres notenough to give them separate entries, sorry. I thought I had more than I do.Happy Simming, remember to tip your caddy. Gnight folks!