Pronunciation teaching and learning feb 2013 teddy bear


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Course on pronunciation for teachers during the "Teddy Bear Educational Development Program (DeP)". Based on Adrian Underhill's approach to use of the Sound Foundations phonemic chart in the English language classroom and activities using games and songs to teach the phonetic symbols to students created by Thelma Marques.

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Pronunciation teaching and learning feb 2013 teddy bear

  1. 1. Teacher Development Week Florianópolis and Jundiaí - February, 2013.“Pronunciation Teaching and Learning” Thelma Marques
  2. 2. Pronunciation is • Overview • Importance Everywhere • Problems • Adrian Underhill’s ApproachThe Chart as a Map • Working with Sounds IntegratingPronunciation into • Working with Symbols Language Work • Practical Activities Sharing • Adapting and Creating Activities • Integrating Technology
  3. 3. • Is pronunciation important? Why?• Why is pronunciation neglected?• Is there room for pronunciation in the classroom?
  4. 4.
  5. 5. created by: Thelma Marques
  6. 6. L look O only I V very, very E even love I give Love game Two love make Take heart break Love made me youcreated by: Thelma Marques
  7. 7. created by: Thelma Marques
  8. 8. based on: "A New look at the Phonemic Chart”, by Ken Willis
  9. 9. /ɔɪ / The / ɒ/ /ɜ: / /ʊ /æ/ / /e/ /Λ/ /ɪ/ /ɑ:/ copied from the book: 1000+ pictures /i:/ /eə// er /for teachers to copy, Longman created by Thelma Marques
  10. 10. /aɪ/ /ɔ:/ /əʊ// oʊ //eɪ/ /ɪə/ / ɪr / /aʊ/ /u:/ created by: Thelma Marques picture: google images
  11. 11. BEE BIT BOOK BLUE BET AGO BIRD SPORT JACK CUT/i:/ /ɪ/ /ʊ / /u:/ /e/ /ə/ /ɜ:/ /ɔ:/ /æ/ /ʌ/ /ɜ:r/ leg ankle thumb feet hips foot tooth head girl forehead hand tongue chest back CAR HOT HERE SAY POOR BOY NO THERE BUY NOW /ɑ :/ /ɒ / /ɪə/ /eɪ/ /ʊ ə/ /ɔɪ/ /əʊ / /eə/ /aɪ/ /aʊ / -- / ɪr / -- /oʊ / /er/ ear nose eyeheart body face boy shoulders hair mouth beard thigh based on a chart by Camila Lieff
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Copy the sentences below.1) I let it fall, my /ɑ:/2) until you kissed my /ɪ/3) My /æ/ , they were strong, but my /i:/ were far too weak4) To stand in your /ɑ:/ without falling to your / i:/ created by: Thelma Marques
  14. 14. /uː//æ/ /ʌ/ /æ/ created by: Thelma Marques photos: Google Images
  15. 15. /e/ /ʌ//a:/ /ɔː/ created by: Thelma Marques photos: Google Images
  16. 16. VANILLA and CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS /juːˈtens(ə)lz/ Utensils/ˈpeɪpər/ /ˈlaɪnər / /ˈmʌfɪn/ /pæn/ paper liners muffin pan Photos: Thelma Marques
  17. 17. /ˈmeʒərɪŋ ˈkʌps / measuring cups/bəʊlz/ /boʊlz/ bowls Photos: Thelma Marques
  18. 18. /wɪsk/ whisk / uˈ/ spoon /ˈmeʒərɪŋ spuˈnz / measuring spoonsrubber spatula /ˈrʌbər/ /ˈspætjʊlə/ /ˈspætʃələ/ Photos :Thelma Marques
  19. 19. /ɜ:(r)/ choose one of these words and write it down /wɜː(r)d/ l world /ɡɜː(r)l / girl /dɪːzɜː(r)v/ deserve created by:Thelma Marques
  20. 20. Choose two symbols, draw them and write their key word./ɑ:/ /e/ /au/ /ɪ/ /əʊ//oʊ/ created by: Thelma Marques
  21. 21. Write all the words you can find with the vowel sounds you’ve chosen:heart know goout proud crowdlips ring bellsoul loud part Now, listen to this song and stand up every time you hear your words. created by: Thelma Marques
  22. 22. Bibliography and further readingCambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary.Grant, Linda – Well Said. Heinle & Heinle, 2002.Hancock, Mark – Pronunciation Games. Cambridge, 2002.Godoy, Sonia, Gontow, Cris & Marcelino, Marcello – English Pronunciation forBrazilians: the sounds of American English. Disal, 2006.Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.Pow, Elizabeth M. – Descobrindo a pronúncia do inglês. WMF MartinsFontes, 2010.Schumacher, Cristina, Zanettini, Marta & White, Philip – Guia de Pronúncia doInglês para Brasileiros. Campus, 2002.Underhill, Adrian – Sound Foundations. Macmillan, 1998.Wright, Andrew – 1000+ Pictures for teachers to copy. Longman.
  23. 23. Sites and Useful Links - !/index (listen to body parts) (Phil x Feel)SongsL-O-V-E – Nat King Cole (movie: I don’t Know how she does it)Set Fire to the Rain – AdeleTelling the World – Taio Cruz (movie: Rio)
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26.
  27. 27. - !/index
  28. 28. TDW – Teddy Bear Florianópolis and Jundiaí February 2013 "One mark of a great educator is the ability to lead students out tonew places whereeven the educatorhas never been." - Thomas Groome Photo: Thelma Marques