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101 activities and ideas to do with your child by the kings of the house
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101 activities and ideas to do with your child by the kings of the house


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We present a huge collection of ideas in to inspire all those parents out there looking to do different activities with kids. There are activities of all shapes, sizes and ages, but they al have …

We present a huge collection of ideas in to inspire all those parents out there looking to do different activities with kids. There are activities of all shapes, sizes and ages, but they al have something in common: they help develop creativity amongst the little ones whilst we indulge in a bit of family time together.

This document has a lot of work, love and dedication put into it and we want to give it away to the world for free, if you want more visit our blog:
We hope you’ll have hours and hours of fun times with the 101 activities .Enjoy!

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  • 1. We know that your everyday life is a bit of a mess, and that it comes to a point where you´re unable to find something to keep the kings of the house entertained. It´s something that has happened to even the best of us. That´s why we came up with a comprehensive list of small (and large) activities to do with your kids when it seems that the only solution left is to leave them to the TV. Lets get started, shall we?
  • 2. 1 2 3 FINGER PAINTING Depending on the age of your child, he might not quite have the hang of tools such as paint brushes, so using fingers is not only easier, but it´s also fun to feel the paint on our skin. MAKING POTATO STAMPS TO CREATE COLORFUL DRAWINGS WITH PAINT This activity is very simple and will keep them entertained for ages. You only need potatoes, paint and paper. Help them to create shapes in the potatoes with a knife and then proudly display his masterpiece in a prominent place of the house. The refrigerator is usually the best gallery for young artists. CREATE STUNNING PAPER HATS We love crafts and it is one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon. Using coloured paper (you have to be creative), scissors and other materials (crayons, paints, glitter, feathers, dried pasta, etc ...) we can make some super original hats. The funny thing is that once they´re finished, you have to find them an outfit to match...
  • 3. 4 CREATE A NECKLACE WITH MACARONI, A BIT OF 5 USE A MIRROR AS A CANVAS 6 PREPARE SMOOTHIES TOGETHER STRING AND FINGERPAINTS Again, dry pasta is a great resource to create jewelry of all kinds. Necklaces of macaroni with ravioli pendants, bracelets of shells, and if you are good at making things, you can even make earrings with fusilli. With a handful of pasta and a bit of creativity, we will soon become master jewelers. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, tell me which side Im going to paint today". All classical painters painted themselves at some stage in their lives. And you´re not going to be any less. To do this, you must have a sheet of semi-transparent paper, place on the mirror and look through it. Now you can sketch in pencil the outline of your face (stick it to the mirror with tape, to work more freely). And if you want, finish the drawing at the table, we´re sure you´ll find the results is amazing. It is very important that from an early age children get in the habit of eating fruit. We know it´s complicated, but if they participate in the process of preparing the fruit, it´s more likely they will complain less, and fruit smoothies are an easy way to make this source of vitamins and antioxidants more attractive. Try mixing the fruit with milk or ice-cream to make it extra special.
  • 4. 7 8 9 PREPARE AN ORIENTATION DAY In a world full of technology, sometimes we forget too much about the big outdoors. The sun is a great ally, together with a map and a compass, it can help us to learn about our surroundings. We believe it is an interesting way to get in touch with the natural world that surrounds us. SING HIS FAVOURITE SONG Singing is a great exercise, it tames the beasts and enlivens the soul. And if he doesn´t ye have a favorite song (which we doubt) surely you can get find one of those with a catchy chorus that you can´t get out of your head for the rest of the day. CREATE PAPER MACHE MASKS USING A BALLOON Inflate a balloon to the desired size. Then in a bowl, mix 2 parts glue to 1 part water and mix well. Then, break strips of newspaper, add to the water-glue mix and adhere to the balloon. When you have two or three layers, let it dry for 2 or 3 days, until it is completely rigid. Finally, take the scissors and finger paints, and get creative!
  • 5. 10 BLOW SOAPY BUBBLES It really is fascinating how a bucket of water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid can keep the little ones entertained for hours. Add a wire forming a circle and and you´ll have them entertained for a while. It can also be a fun game if you have his friends over, because all you need is a simple rule to see who bursts more bubbles, and the game begins. 11 COLLECT SEASHELLS FROM THE BEACH 12 GO FOR A STROLL THROUGH THE PARK Not everybody lives near the sea, so not everyone can just pop down to the beach, but whenever it´s possible, it´s nice to take a walk by the sea shore. To collect shells from the beach while enjoying the infinite horizon that the open sea gives us is one of the greatest feelings of freedom that can be experienced by man. Walking is one of those sports that doesn´t actually look like a sport, but that is one of the healthiest exercises for our children. Go to a nearby park, let him run among the trees or play on the slides, it won´t just keep him entertained, it will also help him to burn some of that excess energy.
  • 6. 13 BUILD A BLANKET FORT And like all forts, once built, it is best to decorate it with the theme that you most enjoy: forest, desert, outer space ... and once ready, we can play at defending it from an enemy attack of stuffed animals. 14 PREPARE A LITTLE DANCE AND SHOW IT 15 CREATE A ROBOT COSTUME USING TO THE FAMILY Nothing like a challenge to encourage the little one, because for them the family is the most important audience (a first class audience) It´s best to use a song that they like and I´m sure the end result will be more that awesome (make sure you tape it for future reference). CARDBOARD BOXES Who doesn´t like robots? All you are a few used cardboard boxes, markers or pens, tape and scissors. With a little imagination and a bit skill, you can obtain spectacular results. Help him if he can not cut the pieces by himself, and don´t forget the photos for posterity.
  • 7. 16 PLAY HIDE AND SEEK Hide and seek is probably one of the oldest games in the world. We´re convinced that prehistoric children used to play all the time. And for that reason, you can´t go wrong with this game that will delight the kings of the house and pass it on from one generation to the next. It´s ideal for inside and out. 17 PLANT A TREE TOGETHER 18 MAKE A SMALL FINGER PUPPET THEATRE Though you may not know exactly what to plant: choose a plant or a tree (lentils are perhaps the easiest option to start), the pleasure of creating life, making the environment a better place and teaching them something somethings that´s valuable is priceless. You can use a box and a couple of tea towels as curtains. Decorate your family´s and yours fingers with different characters. It´s complicated, but remember to leave the camera rolling whilst you´re having fun.
  • 8. 19 DRESS STUFFED ANIMALS WITH SOME OF HIS OLD CLOTHES When it seems that their clothes are too small now and they´re totally forgotten in the bottom of a box, it´s time to re-use them. But this time we´ll be using the stuffed animals as models. Don´t worry, we´re sure that they´ll be willing to have an extreme makeover. We´re sure you´ll feel like one of the big fashion designers before the catwalk. 20 MAKE BISCUITS USING HIS FAVOURITE 21 USING A MICROPHONE, PLAY AT RECORDING A CHOCOLATE There are many recipes online to bake cookies at home. Instead of using plain chocolate though, why not try mixing their favorite candy with the dough. A simple idea with delicious results! RADIO SHOW Who can say that they have not imagined themselves as the star of their own radio program? With the computers we have today, you can use a microphone and record a show (Audacity, for example, which is completely free). Better if you prepare a small script beforehand.
  • 9. 22 PREPARE A SMALL PHOTO GYMKHANA IN A NEARBY PARK Living in the digital age, it´s quite easy to possess multiple cameras, one for each of you and go photographing. The best thing is to determine the maximum number of photos to take (make them discard photographs, be selective). Who knows, perhaps one day they´ll become great artists. 23 COLLECT FLOWERS, WHOEVER FINDS THE 24 GIVE HIM A PIGGYBACK RIDE MOST DIFFERENT ONES, WINS Enjoying the great outdoors is always a very positive experience, although it´s true that sometimes it can be a bit boring for the kings of the house. This game is very simple and will get the whole family walking, you just have to collect all the different flowers you find, and whoever gets the biggest amount of different varieties, wins. For them, the feeling of riding a horse as magnificent as you can only arouse laughter and excitement. They love it, so make sure they have a good time. The only thing you have to worry about is what activity you are going to propose when the ride ends.
  • 10. 25 26 27 MAKE HOMEMADE ICE CREAM USING FRUIT JUICES They´re very simple to prepare. Take advantage of the ice cube trays in your freezer, fill them with different juices and put a stick in each hole (we advise you to not use toothpicks, use wood or plastic sticks instead).Now you just need to put them in the freezer and wait patiently for the cold to do the rest. GO OUTSIDE WITH WATER PISTOLS ON A HOT DAY There is nothing worse than being stuck at home on a hot summer ´s day. A simple idea is to grab a bottle of water, put on a bathing suit and go outside or into the garden with water pistols. You will have a blast and at the same time enjoy keeping cool. CREATE A SUPERHERO COSTUME USING THINGS YOU HAVE AT HOME There´s something about superheroes that we find extremely compelling, and in the house´s smallest inhabitants, this is even more so. We can play we have a special power, tie a cape around his neck and put on underpants over his pyjamas; we guarantee an entertaining evening full of excitement.
  • 11. 28 29 30 PREPARE A MOUNTAIN OF PILLOWS AND BLANKETS ON WHICH TO JUMP We can not help feeling that our children are fragile and that they are going to break on minimum impact. It turns out that they are harder than we thought, but still, better safe than sorry, so a mountain of cushions, pillows and blankets are an ideal solution to let them unleash their infinite energy supply. HAVE A PICNIC IN THE PARK There is nothing better than to take lunch one day outdoors with the kings of the house. Prepare some food, grab a tablecloth to lay on the ground and do not forget to bring the camera. We promise you a magical day out! DRESS UP AS MUMMYS USING TOILET PAPER We know it´s an unnecessary waste of paper, but it´s really fun. You will need a roll of toilet paper, a volunteer and plenty of imagination. Then you can play to run around the house being chased by a mummy.
  • 12. 31 TAKE A NAP TOGETHER 32 CREATE A DOMINO EFFECT It requires only two ingredients: a good bed and the desire to take a nap. There is nothing better than a father and his son taking a nap curled up together. Sweet dreams! Get all the pieces you can to create the so-called "domino effect" at home. The objective is to build a column of dominoes, and when you knock the first one over, this causes the fall of the second piece and so on, until the last one hits the ground. You can use extra things you have at hand, once you have everything ready, give them the honor of pushing the first piece. 33 BUILD A HOUSE OF CARDS Patience is a virtue, and card games often teach us to be patient, to take things easy and to wait for the right time to play that ace we keep up our sleeve. A house of cards will teach you to be patient, and encourages perseverance and creativity.
  • 13. 34 BUILD A TELEPHONE 35 PLAY A GAME OF TAG 36 SKIP ROPE TOGETHER The title sounds complicated, but what we propose is very simple technology: a phone made of 2 aluminum cans joined together with string. Make a small hole at the base of the cans and slide the rope through them. Then decorate the cans and let them play with their new invention around the house. And best of all, you won´t have to worry about the bill! Perfect for a picnic day or at the park. You start by setting boundaries and then the first player is chosen. He must chase and “tag” any of the other players. Any time you tag another player, he will take his place with the same goal: to chase and tag any of the other players. Exercise is healthy, and if it´s fun, all the better. Make a rope and jump! Depending on how many play, you may need to tie one end to a tree so that more people can jump at the same time.
  • 14. 37 COLLECT DIFFERENT LEAVES 38 MAKE POPCORN AT HOME AND WATCH HIS 39 MAKE A PUZZLE TOGETHER Any stroll is a good excuse to collect leaves (Winter is not a good season if you live surrounded by deciduous trees). The process of drying them with paper, and carefully identifying to which tree they belong, will surely inspire them. Let them feel like scientists doing vital work for the planet. FAVORITE MOVIE ON THE COUCH There are times when the most simple plan is the one that has the most votes. Can you think of anything better to do than prepare a large bag of popcorn and snuggle on the couch with the blanket while watching a movie? If you are able to clear a table or part of the floor for a few days, get ready for a deliciously addictive activity: puzzles. You get to chose the difficulty, but the fun is 100% guaranteed.
  • 15. 40 MAKE A COLLAGE USING OLD MAGAZINES, GLUE 41 CREATE A PERSONALIZED T-SHIRT 42 AND SCISSORS Creativity is a muscle that if exercised frequently, can adapt to any situation with imagination. Making collages (cut out pieces of magazines and paste them somewhere else so that tell a story, describe a place or a character), is the perfect way to recycle those magazines that gather dust whilst keeping the kings of the house entertained. You´ll have to buy different colour textile dyes, and get an old tshirt (preferably white). The rest is up to you, just make sure you add a good dose of creativity. At the end you can show off your different creations on an imaginary catwalk. READ TOGETHER We´re pretty sure he´ll already have a favourite book. If not, depending on the age of your child, you can introduce him to some classic children´s literature. Read together, it reinforces the pleasure of sharing, and at the same time it helps them discover the exciting world of books.
  • 16. 43 PLAY BASKETBALL WITH BALLS OF PAPER AND A 44 MAKE A DRUM KIT WITH POTS, PANS AND 45 CREATE A PAIR OF BINOCULARS WITH TWO RUBBISH BIN Take that old newspaper or magazine that´s been lying on the coffee table for weeks, tear out a couple of sheets and make balls that fit in your hand. Find a rubbish bin and create different zones that have different shot points (triples, free throws, etc... ). You can even play whilst sitting on the couch. WOODEN SPOONS In this case, the remedy may be worse than the disease. Take a couple of big pots and pans, a pair of wooden spoons, and we assure you that he´ll be entertained all afternoon. TOILET PAPER TUBES AND STICKY TAPE If your child is a bit of an adventurer, we are sure he´ll love this. All you need is a couple of cardboard tubes (the ones you find at the end of a roll of toilet paper) and some sticky tape (if you´re feeling artsy, why not decorate them with a bit of paint? You now have a pair of awesome  binoculars. Shall we go on safari?
  • 17. 46 FACE PAINTS AND MAKEUP Prepare a makeup session in style, where all the kings of the house are invited. For the boys, you can use special face paints, and turn them into pirates or animals for a while. For the girls, you can also use face paints or take advantage of your mommy makeup skills to make her feel like a full grown princess. As always, don´t forget your camera, not only to capture the end result, but also the process as a whole. 47 LAY THE MIRROR GAME 48 GO TREASURE HUNTING This is a fun technique often used in theater (every single actors in the world has trained with this game for several hours). Stand in front of your little one, and start making different moves, so that he can then imitate you as closely as possible. Get ready, because when your turn ends, then it´s your go to follow his lead. Hide something (anything that he will find exciting and rewarding) and then prepare a series of clues. Each clue should lead them to the next one, and should have little riddles or puzzles. The feeling of being ever more closer to the prize, will give him the energy to keep following the clues.
  • 18. 49 ROLEPLAYING GAMES: STORES, RESTAURANTS 50 FLY A KITE 51 TEACH HIM TO PLAY CHESS AND HOSPITALS Roleplaying games are great for kids, because it helps them to develop a feeling of the grown up world, and it gives them the chance to see what it feels like to be in somebody else´s shoes. It´s fun to see how they see the world through their innocent eyes. We propose to you an activity that everyone in the world dreams of doing: flying. And even if it´s just through watching the kite, the high winds and the control we have over it, we assure you that you´ll find it fun and addictive. You will need a wide open space, free of trees and other obstacles, a kite (which you can build yourself or buy) and a bit of wind. We wish you plenty of high flying fun! Since it first appeared, chess has established itself as the ultimate strategy game, much appreciated and played by kings. Today its popularity is growing, as its practice develops and stimulates the brain (Chess is a subject in Armenian and Cuban schools). Begin by teaching him the basic moves of the pieces (the pawns first and the knights last), but don´t  push it, let them learn at their own rate. That´s how chess becomes so addictive!
  • 19. 52 PLAY "I SPY" 53 GO FOR A BIKE RIDE 54 GO CAMPING This typical game is frequently used to shorten long car trips. To begin the game, all that´s needed is that one of you say "I Spy with my little eye, something beggining with..." This game helps your children to become aware of their surroundings, whilst at the same time learning the alphabet. Inflate your tires, feel the air through your hair, stop at a fountain to drink water, breathe fresh air, stop and eat a sandwich... All this and much more just by going out for a ride with the kings of the house. To help you prepare a camping trip with the kings of the house, we´ve made a list of things that you shouldn´t forget: the tent, sleeping bags, guitar, camera, a map, binoculars for bird watching, troll repellent (in the kingdom, we never leave home without it), a water bottle...
  • 20. 55 MAKE A CITY OUT OF CARDBOARD BOXES 56 TAKE HIM TO THE TRAMPOLINES 57 Collect those small cardboard boxes (from medicines, biscuits, tea bags, etc ...) and get ready to have your very own city. The first thing you have to do is line them with paper, and then paint them to your heart´s desire. Remember that there are no rules, the city can be as big, spacious and colourful as you like. Stop respecting the laws of gravity and feel like a true superhero. Take your kings of the house to jump on the trampolines, let them feel the pleasure of being in the air and know that he´ll fall on soft ground. And if you like photography, don´t forget to take the camera, set it to burst mode and immortalize these aerial memories. MAKE SAND CASTLES ON THE BEACH Start with castles, like the ones we have in the kingdom, with its tall towers, thick walls and a moat. Then, with a bit of practice,  you can participate in sand sculpture contests, but we´ll leave that for another day. Arm yourself with a couple of buckets, shovels and a rake. Any tool is welcome really, but even with basic ones, you´ll have hours of fun.
  • 21. 58 GO RIDE THE BUMPER CARS 59 FIND BIRDS TO LOOK AT WITH OUR BINOCULARS 60 Here you´ll find a couple of forbidden pleasures that even adults enjoy. First is the rush from driving: kids have the opportunity to grab the wheel and take charge, and second, having complete freedom to crash again and again as if it was an action movie. We are accustomed to having pets, that we can stroke and play with when we like. But when it comes to wild birds, it´s a different story. So you should get a book about birds in your area, don´t be surprised, even though you´d never thought about it, in any bookstore you will find one to suit your needs. The other thing we need are binoculars and the desire to have fun. You´ll see how nature is closer than ever. GO TRAINSPOTTING The world of trains and locomotives moves a lot of people all over the world, and not only in people that collect miniature railway sets. Watching trains pass is a timeless activity, that impresses young and old since 1825. It´s a fascinating world, especially through the eyes of a child.
  • 22. 61 62 63 TAKE HIM TO A MUSEUM There is nothing more fun than doing fun things. And although this adjective is rarely associated with museums, every day that passes the entertainment and educational value of these have improved, especially focussing their attention on the enjoyment of the little ones. Before you go, check out their website and see if they have special child routes, audio guides or even children´s guides. And if not, it will be up to you   to show them it with a different point of view. TEACH HIM TO RIDE A SCOOTER (NOT THE MOTORISED KIND) A scooter is fun and safe. It doesn´t require enormous effort or special positions, it gives a certain independence and enables short legs to move faster than you. That´s not counting the fun and smiles that you´ll definitely get. MEASURE HIS HEIGHT EVERY YEAR IN THE SAME PLACE Although in reality this game is for mum and dad, it helps our children to be aware of their own growth, and teaches them that they are “growing up" and helps them become more responsible.
  • 23. 64 65 66 MAKE LEMONADE It´s as simple as it is refreshing: a few lemons, sugar and cold water ... and for those who are feeling a little creative, whatever their imagination tells them. Actually selling it is a different thing altogether, but enjoying freshly made lemonade is something that can´t be missed. BUILD A TOY USING CLOTHES PEGS Clothes pegs are one of the simplest and most creative construction materials in the world. Separate the two parts and keep the metal joints for another time (you never know when you might need them). Use glue to attach the wooden pegs together. Start with simple objects like a raft or a sled. You´ll soon be creating new and exciting toys. GIVE THEM A PIGGY BANK TO COLLECT THEIR PENNIES It is very important to teach kid from an early age the value of money. When buying something you want (like a pack of stickers or some sweets) means saving up for two weeks, it teaches them that things in the world have a value and that you have to work to get them. Things should never be taken for granted.
  • 24. 67     68 69 SHOOT A MOVIE SEQUENCE It takes many people to make a film, but when production is done at home, everybody has to do a bit of everything. We encourage you to help them shoot a short movie scene. We will have to write a script, look for the costumes, learn and recite the script out loud, call Mom to check the makeup, and thus, a grey day becomes pure movie magic. Operation Mealtime READ A STORY AND THEN DRAW THEIR CHARACTERS Stories aren´t always meant to be read before bedtime. We want to offer you a different take; right after reading a story, help them to draw their characters and settings. It will help them remember the story better, because in the process, they will imagine all the details.. SHOW HIM A SIMPLE MAGIC TRICK It doesn´t need to be complicated, but your children will love shocking his friends   with amazement, and it´s always a joy to see the look of surprise on your child´s face. If he´s too small to do card tricks, you can show him the trick of removing one´s finger.
  • 25. 70 FIND SHAPES IN THE SKY´S CLOUDS 71 INTRODUCE HIM TO A NEW FOOD 72 It´s best to start by lying comfortably on the grass (or a cushy blanket used as a bed) in the open, and looking carefully at the passing clouds. Try to identify shapes, animals and recognizable objects. You will soon be pointing to the sky shouting: "Look, it looks like ..." IN AN EDUCATIONAL MANNER In this case it´s important HOW you present this new food. Try using different food colours (the more striking the better, like carrot orange, or lemon yellow) and shapes (fish fingers can become earth, and the mashed potatoes, fluffy clouds). Only by treating the plate as if it were a canvas will you open up your child to new and interesting foods like vegetables or fish. EACH HIM TO TIE HIS LACES. Each and every one of us have learned to tie our shoelaces from somebody in a different way. It´s funny to think that when we leave this useful knowledge to future generations, it´s going to be for a lifetime. Don´t get left behind, be a part of history by teaching your children to tie their shoelaces.
  • 26. 73 74 75 TEACH HIM TO RECYCLE Learning through play is the easiest way, because when it´s fun, information is assimilated faster and better. So it´s positive to teach them to recycle, what the different groups are, what the colors are and how important it is for the protection of   our planet. Once we get the theory out of the way, it´s time to put it into practice and let them help you separate the waste. BUSINESS TIME Create a fictitious business around something he likes (a bakery, a zoo, etc... ) and show him the value of money through it. Ask him to give you change, to pay suppliers, to keep the premises, to make his customers happy. His mission isn´t to get rich, but to understand how everything works, you never know if his future self will become an entrepreneur.. PREPARE A THEME PARTY Usually the kings of the house have a theme that is their favorite (from a story, a profession such as a pirate or a princess, or something simpler, like a colour). Take advantage of this theme to prepare him and his friends a party.
  • 27. 76 PREPARE A COLOUR SAFARI Prepare some simple rules, because although the game that we propose is simple, it could end up in an argument if that vase you thought was red during your whole life is actually orange. It´s a colour safari. Pick a color, and on the count of 3, run away and find as many objects around the house in that color (no need to carry them, you can tag them with post-it notes with your name on it). Finally, the person who finds the most items in the selected colour, wins. 77 78 KEEP THE BALLOON IN THE AIR All you have to do is keep a balloon in the air without dropping it. The good thing is that balloons are harmless and don´t tend to damage objects they may crash into, so here you can make your own rules, but you have to comply with the following one: if it falls on the ground, you lose. GUESS WHAT I´M THINKING We´d all like to be like Sherlock Holmes, so it´s good to train the mind for when we want to use our deductive powers. To do this, think of an object, and ask your kids to guess asking questions that can only be answered with yes or no. You´ll oblige them to think about the answers, to use their brains in an exercise that will help develop their deductive powers.
  • 28. 79 IMPROVISED STORIES In these shared stories, one only knows how they start (“Once upon a time…”) but never how they end (that´s the fun of the game). Use a timer to change the narrator every 30 seconds. This narrator will have to continue the story where the previous narrator left it. 80 PLAY WITH A SPINNING-TOP, A DIABOLO OR ANY 81 SHIPWRECK ON A DESERT ISLAND OTHER TRADITIONAL TOY What? You don´t remember how it was done? That´s okay, another reason to buy one and spend an afternoon in the park learning for a second time. Thanks to its simplicity, we realize that traditional games never go out of style. Anytime is good to shipwreck for a while... The bed or a sofa can become an island or a boat. Our mission in this game is to rescue whoever has into fallen the sea; we can also signal for help by waving a handkerchief, making sure not to leave our little  island.
  • 29. 82 LEARN TO SWIM There is nothing better than to help our kids to lose their fear of water from an early age. Use a child float (arm bands, inflatable ring, foam tubes, etc ...) to keep them safe and help them complete their first lengths. 83 GET THE PHOTO ALBUMS OUT 84 TAKE HIM TO THE SUPERMARKET And begin telling stories about the people who appear. It´s a great way for him to learn about the world before he came along, see family he hasn´t met in person and teach him about relationships. You´ll see how in no time he starts asking all sorts of things whilst pointing at the photos. There are loads of things you can do here, for example, let him choose 1 item that he has never tried before, open him up to try new things. Remind him that he can only choose one thing, so he thinks wisely about his choice. You´ll keep him entertained, and at the same time, we´re sure that he´ll surprise you.
  • 30. 85 CREATE A WEATHER MAP 86 HELP HIM TO CREATE AN ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT 87 On a sheet of paper, make a table with 7 columns and 4 rows (one for the days of the week, and the other three to separate morning, afternoon and night). Now let him draw the weather in each box depending on how that day turns out. This will give him sense of time and will teach him to keep a chore responsibly. We all dream of having superpowers and have the ability to throw lightning bolts from our hands. To help them keep this dream, and to also teach them some secrets of electricity, build together a simple electrical circuit. A battery, some cable, a switch and a small light bulb will be enough to get you started. TEACH HIM TO MAKE BRACELETS Because not every day does the sun shine and sometimes we want a more relaxing activity, such as learning to make bracelets with threads; it´s simple and very relaxing. Get coloured thread, tie a knot at one end and start braiding. On the internet you can find lots of types of knots and creative braids explained step by step.
  • 31. 88 CHEF FOR A DAY 89 IMPROVISED STORYTELLING Here´s a way to help develop their imagination in a very simple: write random words on bits of paper and put them in a bowl. Let him choose 4 at random. He then has to use those words to tell a story. 90 Put on an apron and get to work. For example, today we cook pizza. A healthy and delicious food he will love. You can prepare the dough (or buy it already made ) and start adding ingredients that you like. Add your concoction to the oven, and once it´s done, enjoy it like little kids. TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD You can do it without leaving your chair, because a little imagination can take you thousands and thousands of kilometers. Get a globe, spin it and stop it with your finger on a random country. Tell him a story about this country, its climate and its people... A good way to have fun and learn at the same time.
  • 32. 91 92 93 ABC AT HOME Learning the alphabet can be fun, since all the objects around us have a name. Therefore we propose to use post-it notes to help name the things in your house. All you have to do is mark the items that start with that letter (put a T on a table). BUILD A FISHING ROD TO HOME Nothing better than to spend a few moments acquiring skill, therefore using a stick, a piece of string and something as a hook (without tip, a flipped hanger will do), build a fishing rod to catch stuffed animals from the sofa and this way rescue the bears that are on the floor. TRIP TO THE PHOTO BOOTH Draw several types of glasses and mustaches on paper, cut them out and use them to make funny pictures as if you were in a photo booth. We recommend a white background (a wall or a piece of cloth will do).
  • 33. 94 95 96 PLAY WITH THE DICTIONARY Do you think that analogue is dead? Not yet, grab a dictionary from the shelf, propose a word at random and time how long it takes him to find it. CELEBRATE RECYCLING DAY The international day that marks recycling day is May the 17th, but you can celebrate it whenever you like. A few days before, start storing anything that you were going to throw out, and save them to build something. On the chosen day, take out your box of collected items, and see how you can build something amazing with them. We recommend you start with a big box of detergent (as the body) and go adding smaller pieces to unleash their imagination. MAKE YOUR OWN NEWSPAPER uy several newspapers (or use ones you have lying around at home) to build your own front page.Use a photo of the family as the main picture, and the add bits of words and phrases ... If the end result looks good, don´t forget to frame it.
  • 34. 97 HAVE FUN MAKING CHINESE SHADOWS 98 PLAY 20 QUESTIONS 99 THE MEMORY GAME Have you always wanted to, and never known how to place your hands? That´s no longer a problem, the Internet is here to help. You start preparing a white sheet and a light source.   Now connect to the internet and see how you´ll find the basic postures with a quick search. Start with basic shapes like the crocodile, the dog or the eagle. One of the players thinks of an object or a person, and the other has 20 questions to try and guess what you´re thinking. Having limited questions means that you have to carefully think the questions you ask, which is perfect for the kings of the house. If you want to make it more difficult, reduce the number of questions by half. Take a deck of cards and deal the cards face down on the floor or table. Once there nicely placed, lift them up two at a time at random and remember them. Now put them back in their place and pick another two. When you´ve seen a couple of cards, you should be able to pick up 2 identical ones from memory (with the same number for example) in one go. Remove them from play, and continue picking up pairs..
  • 35. 100 101 WHO IS ROBIN HOOD? Welcome to a game of archery, to start you will need to place some figures and toys in a row on a table or the floor (choose toys that aren´t fragile). On the other hand, get a rubber band and a few pieces of paper to throw as if they were arrows. Take turns and make a archery competition shootings figures. The winner chooses the next activity from this list. MINIGOLF AT HOME Materials: a small squishy ball, and an umbrella with a curved handle (use it upside down). Now that you have almost everything, prepare a circuit around the house, you can use pillows and magazines to make corners and define a circuit. Remember, golf is   a game of precision, not strength, the ball should always roll along the floor..
  • 36. Wow, it seems that we´ve arrived at the end of the list. We hope that we´ve given you plenty of ideas to keep your kids entertained. There are some activities that are best done exactly as described, but the others,just adapt them to your particular situation as not all children are equal, and what one may find interesting, another will probably find boring. We´d love you to tell us how your experience with these activities we propose goes, and if you know someone you think that might like it, please share this document with them.