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Luke 6

Luke 6

Published in: Spiritual
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  • 1. Luke 6:20-49 A sermon that doesn’t cater to the crowd
  • 2. Blessings and Woes
    • V. 20-22 Blessed means Happy
    • Jesus reverses the norm
    • V. 24-26 – Woe is an expression of grief (Sad)
    • V. 23 – Do you want your reward on earth now or in the age to come? Your Choice!
  • 3. Love Your Enemies
    • V. 27-28 - The Love that Jesus COMMANDS here is a non-selective love based on the very nature of God Himself.
    • Do you know when Jesus eventually demonstrates this kind of love for enemies? (He practiced what he preached.)
    • V. 29-30 – Retaliation or protection of material possessions is less important than loving humans.
    • V. 31 – Golden Rule = “Think of the kindness you wish others would show you; do the same for them.” –The Voice
  • 4. Love Your Enemies
    • V. 32-35 – Natural Love = What you do anyway without God. Human Nature. Love people because they love you.
    • VS.
    • God’s Love = Loving people who may not love you back.
    • V. 36 – Compare this to Matthew 5:48, “be merciful” instead of “be perfect.”
  • 5. Judging Others
    • V. 37-38 – Judge Not – Maybe referring to the “religious” people of the day who were uncharitable to the sinners.
    • Condemn Not – Don’t try and be God
    • Forgive – Receiving God’s forgiveness is dependent upon a forgiving spirit towards others.
  • 6. Definition of a Disciple
    • V. 39 – If you ignore what Jesus says, its like the blind leading the blind.
    • V. 40 – To be a Disciple of Jesus is to be like Jesus!
    • *This is our theme verse for entire book of Luke. Luke is showing us through the book how to become a disciple of Jesus and what that looks like .
  • 7. Don’t be Hypocritical
    • V. 41-42 – This shows Jesus’ humor. The bizarre nature of this picture would force thought and reflection, which is what he intended.
  • 8. A Test of Goodness
    • V. 42-45 – It is all about what is in your heart!
  • 9. “ Do What I say”
    • V. 46-29 – House on the Rock = Listen to Jesus’ words and puts them into his or her everyday life.
    • House on the Sand = Listens to Jesus’ words but does not put them into practice. No foundation