How to make your hanoi tour more comfortable


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How to make your hanoi tour more comfortable

  1. 1. How to Make Your Hanoi Tour More Comfortable Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam consists of many historical landmarks, beautiful landscapes, beaches and many cultural activities. Visiting to this remarkable place could be more cherishing as the city offers a wide range of hiking opportunity that you could hardly get from any other place in Vietnam. On this vacation, if you are planning to visit Hanoi then make sure you have planned your trip earlier and have taken all the required measures to make your Hanoi travel more comfortable and more convincing. Follow through the below guidelines before you be there. Tips and guidelines – • Sort lists your destinations – Hanoi allows many tourist destinations for trekking. To enclose more convenience throughout vacation trip, it is important that you should sort list your destinations earlier.
  2. 2. • Find a suitable hotel – Picking a hotel closer to your destinations can save you time and money. If you want to slow down your expenses, then select a hotel that lies within walking distance of popular tourist attractions. Note, the city holds best Hotels in Hanoi. Thus, make sure before you come to any conclusion do research carefully to find even better option. • Hire a Tourist Guide –Of course, Hanoi is a new place to you if you are a first time visitor. You cannot be aware of all the tourist places. Hence, hiring a tourist guide makes sense, because he can guide you to the top most destinations. • Hire a good transportation – The best way you can enjoy the beauty of Hanoi is by car. If you are not hired a transportation yet, make sure to hire a car to make your travel more comfortable. Note, these are the things you need to plan before you reach at Honai. But how could you manage it alone? Well, if you are confused and do not find answer to this question, then either consult with a travel agent or simply take your research through online.
  3. 3. Researching online is a good choice. You can also browse through some online review sites to determine the quality of service you are certainly looking for. No doubt, Hanoi is an amazing place, and it can cherish your memory for life. But you can only have that only when you arrange all these (i.e. best Hanoi accommodation, a tourist guide, transportation etc) earlier. So what are you waiting for? Carry your
  4. 4. research and find best Hotels in Hanoi, a better transportation etc to make your Hanoi tour hassle-free.