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Blake gold mining
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Blake gold mining


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Gold Gold Gold

Gold Gold Gold

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  • 1. Gold mining by Blake
  • 2. List And map
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. I have chosen to go to the Mogo goldfields in NSW. The direction to Mogo from Romsey are as follows:
    From Romsey, travel to Lancefield and then onto Kilmore.
    From Kilmore I went through Broadford and then up to Canberra travelling through Albury and Yass along the way.
    From Canberra I travelled through Queenbeyan and Batemans bay to finally complete my journey at Mogo.;
    Distance: 780km (approx)
    This is my directions to Mogo. I will go by horse and cart. I will need my material, wool , needles, scissors and tent. I will buy my things before I get to the gold fields . I might face dangers such as snake bite disease heat exhaustion kangaroo attack and many more dangers.
  • 6. Time line
  • 7. The first major mineral discovery - gold - was a watershed (a turning point or landmark) for Australian society. The initial stages of the gold rush were responsible for tremendous changes in the community, bringing Australia's first great waves of immigration from countries other than England and Ireland.
  • 8. Ambitious prospectors from Asia, Europe and America made the trek to the goldfields of Ballarat and Bendigo in Victoria, and Bathurst in New South Wales, in the hope of striking it rich.
  • 9. 1823
    Government Surveyor James McBrien discovers traces of gold in the Fish River, east of Bathurst.
    Explorer and geologist Paul de Strzelecki discovers small amounts of gold in silicate near Hartley in the Blue Mountains.
  • 10. The 1840s
    Early gold discoveries were greeted with fear. Members of the governing class were afraid that the news of gold discoveries would encourage convicts and free settlers to abandon the cities and newly established townships in their search for gold.
  • 11. 1840
    William Campbell finds gold on his sheep run in Strathlodden, Victoria, in 1840.
    Clergyman and amateur geologist William Branwhite Clarke discovers traces of gold at Hassan's Wells, near Lithgow.
  • 12. The 1850s saw the beginnings of the great Australian 'gold rush'. Large gold deposits were discovered in various parts of Australia, particularly in the eastern States. A significant development at this time was the establishment of the Sydney Mint. This was the first Royal Mint to be established outside of England. Between 1851 and 1861, Australia produced one third of the world's gold.
  • 13. 1851
    First payable gold discovered at Ophir in NSW - beginning of the great Australian gold rush
    Gold miners rebel at Eureka in Victoria, in protest at the conditions imposed by the 'Miner's Licence'. The rebellion led to the abolition of the Miner's Licence.
  • 14. The 1860s
    One memorable find during this decade was the Welcome Stranger nugget, by Richard Oates and John Deason in Moliagul, Victoria.
    Gold discovered in Queensland, at Rockhampton.
  • 15. 1869
    'Welcome Stranger' nugget discovered by John Deason and Richard Oates in Moliagul, Victoria. It is the world's largest nugget found to date.
  • 16. The 1870s
    The 1870s saw the discoveries of gold in South Australia and Queensland. Interest in these colonies intensified as people started moving to the scenes of gold discoveries in the hopes of striking it rich.
  • 17. 1870
    Rich gold deposits found in North Queensland.
    First gold discovered in SA at Birdwood.
    World's largest piece of gold-bearing material, the Holtermann Nugget (a mixture of slate and gold weighing 235 kg) found by William Holtermann at Hill End NSW.
  • 18. The 1880s were a boom time for Western Australia. In 1862 the Western Australian Government had offered £5000 to anyone who could find payable gold deposits. As a result, gold was found in large deposits in several parts of the State. These discoveries led to greater prosperity for many and brought economic stability to the State.
  • 19. 1885
    First WA gold discoveries at Halls Creek. Triggers gold rush in WA.
    Large amounts of gold found at the Murchison goldfield, WA.
  • 20. The 1890s
    With the discovery of major gold deposits in WA, moves were made towards combining the colonies into one nation. Prior to the discoveries, the government of WA had been reluctant to join the other colonies as they felt they would have little influence on any decisions made by a Federal Government. With the new found wealth that the gold brought, they decided to become part of the Commonwealth.
  • 21. 1892
    Bayley and Ford discover large gold deposits at Coolgardie in WA
    Hannan's discovery at Kalgoorlie, the last and most important early goldfield.
  • 22. 1899
    The Perth Mint established to profit from Australia's richest goldfield at Kalgoorlie
  • 23. Eureka
    This phrase comes the eureka rebellion lead by Peter Lalor. Eureka was an uprising of miners at balalrat and began in 1854.
  • 24. Journal
  • 25. Day 1
    I have decided to go to the gold fields to promote my tailor business at mogo there seams to be a gold rush the men need more clothes so I am going to sell my clothes.
  • 26. Day 2
    I set off to the goldfields I have all the things I need to set up my business but I will buy my food with the money I earn . I have now been and gone from my home life I hope I please my family of six.
  • 27. Day3
    I have been on the track but on my way I stooped in a nice hotel shabby but fair well I shouldn't be snobby I mean I don’t dissever it. on my way to the hotel a brown snake bit me that might put me out of business for a couple of days.
  • 28. Day4
    That snake bite was swelling this morning I don’t have a good feeling about it I saw the hotel first add they gave we a bane and said to leave and let heal but I don’t think it will well also last night I had some leather stolen I shouldn't leave my thing with my horse and cart.
  • 29. Day5
    Well I have arrived at the gold fields in mogo there is a lot of diggers most of them in need of clothes that is a good sign that I am going to do well here I set up my tent and by some meat and am ready for service I sold almost half of my felt and leather I had to buy more things from other tailors.
  • 30. Day6
    I sent a letter home today saying how busy the business is going I almost didn’t have time write it. That snake bite is still getting worse but there is nothing I can do about it.
  • 31. Day7
    Tonight I didn’t have any sales today I felt bad so I went to the grog tent and just drank and got knock out in a fight and still the snake bite is getting worse
  • 32. Day8
    Today I had some good business for once again I ran out of materiel so I decided to order some from china I order I order 100 meters of wool and leather hopefully that will get me going for a while.
  • 33. Day9
    Today I deiced to hire some needle ladies to help thread some clothes faster I also gave then the job of washing the clothes and ironing as well.
  • 34. Day10
    today I am to demonstrate how to wash the clothes to the miners so they can wash then clothes in stead of leaving then dirty and get disease to kill then so I wont get enough sales but I am charging 1g of gold per person.
  • 35. Day11
    To day I stayed in bed all day because I was near the crushers which works like this they get some Quartz and put in this machine that rushes it don to fine dust that falls down a slope n the middle of the slope there is some mercury which the gold sticks to and the dust falls down the slope. Then you get the gold and mercury mix and put it in a leather bag and squeeze the mercury out then you put the remaining slurry in some what of a kettle to make the mercury into steam and then there is the gold in the kettle the steam of the mercury gives you a big head ache that’s what I got.
  • 36. Day12
    That snake bite was really bad and today I don’t think I'm going to last so I told the men to tell my family that I have died. Good bye every one.
  • 37. Value of gold
    The hand of faith is worth $1,137,266 the welcome stranger is worth $4,580,550 so all together they are worth $5,717,816.
  • 38. The end
  • 39. Bibliography