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The New Milenium: Stratagies for Online Promo & Marketing
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The New Milenium: Stratagies for Online Promo & Marketing


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Welcome to the new millennium of digital marketing for recording artists. …

Welcome to the new millennium of digital marketing for recording artists.
This presentation was given in Austin on Apr. 30th, 2011 for Grammy U students

Published in: Business

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  • 1. GrammyU
    Presented by
    ThedaSandiford & AdiAnada
  • 2. Analog Music Promotion
    The Old Way
    Radio & Satellite Radio
    Music Video
    Fan Clubs
  • 3.
  • 4. Digital Music Promotion
    The New Way
    Social Media
    Viral Video
    Digital Radio & Podcasting
    Streaming Concerts
    Ecommerce bundles
  • 5. Music Promotion
    Radio & Satellite Radio
    Music Video
    Fan Clubs
    Digital Radio/Podcasting)
    Viral Video
    Ecommerce bundles
    Streaming Concerts
    Social Media
  • 6. The Fundamental Difference
    Gate Keepers Vs Self Serve Model
    In the digital age, an artist can handle most of the promotion responsibilities labels use to handle exclusively.
    Yes, relationships with gate keepers are still important, however it is possible to break thru without them
  • 7. The Fundamental Difference
    Artists Are Now Content Creators
    In the digital age, an artist is not just selling music anymore they are selling themselves through a variety of means.
    Digital Bundles
    Video Channel Advertising
    Twitter Sponsorship
  • 8. The Fundamental Difference
    Public Relations Is Now the Artists Job
    Social Media has broken down the barriers between artists and fans.
    An artist doesn’t really need a publicist to tell their story for them anymore, they can blog about it themselves.
  • 9. Step 1: Branding
    Music does not speak for itself anymore
    Ask, why should anyone care about your band?
    Develop your brand story
    Recognize that brand
    storytelling includes more
    than music and words.
    Who Am I And What Is It To You?
  • 10. Step 2: Content Strategy
    Identify appropriate platforms to facilitate user generated content and conversation
    Make a plan for what content to post and when to post and stick to it
    Great content reflects your brand and gives people a reason to stay engaged.
    Develop an authentic voice.
    Create multimedia content
    Coordinate content pushes with your PR strategy
  • 11. Step 3: Build Community
    Increase your “Likeablity”
    Convert fans to brand advocates
    Identify key influencers and have a special relationship with them
    Use Gamification to incentivize fans
    Find clever ways to build your email list
    Offer unique incentives/programs for each social media channel
    Reputation Management
  • 12. Step 4: 360 Marketing
    Online + Offline = Integrated 360 Marketing
    A big-picture campaign that ties all marketing channels together.
    Radio > Print > Mobile> Online > Retail
    This can include a co-op partnership between the artist and a business that sponsors the act with a presents package.
  • 13. Step 5: Advertise
    Online Media Buying
    CPC- Cost Per Click
    CPA- Cost Per Acquisition
    CPM- Cost Per Impression
    A/B Testing of Banners & Landing Pages
    Ad Networks
    Buying Direct
    Pay For Play
  • 14. Step 5: Advertise
    Increase visibility in search engine result pages through the use of, paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.
    Google Adwords contextual buying
    Improving visibility in search engine result pages organically
    Effective use of keywords in content creation
    Promote back links with bloggers
  • 15. Step 6: Monetize
    CD Sales are declining and Digital sales are not making up the difference.
    Traditional CD sales in the US brought in $3.8 billion in revenue last year, and is expected to drop to around $2.7 billion in 2012. iTunes is leading with $2.8 billion.
    What’s Next?
  • 16. Step 6: Monetize
    Digital Downloads
    Digital Bundling: combining mp3, video and t-shirt
    Live Versions, Remixes, Alternate Versions
    Video Mixtapes
    Cloud-based Digital Lockers
    Streaming Subscription Services: Rental model
  • 17. Step 6: Monetize
    Streaming radio and video
    3rd Party Sponsorship
    Brand integration, advertising
    You Tube Video branded channel
    Mobile Apps
    Sale of Branded Artist Apps and in app content purchases
    Virtual Goods
    Branded artist items in social games and virtual communities
  • 18. Lets Practice
    Band One
    A four member hip hop collective from Atlanta GA.
    Live drummer and DJ are part of the group
    All 4 members rap, the DJ is the producer
    All members are between 18-22
    Band Two
    A four piece roots music band from San Antonio with a female vocalist.
    Regional touring band with an monthly artist residency at the Continental Club
    The Drummer was in an established band in the 90’s
  • 19. The Assignment
    Define your brand story and name your band
    Determine Content Strategy
    Identify Community Building Tactics
    360 Marketing Tactics
    Illustrate Media Buying Strategy
    Include examples for each part of your marketing plan
    Present to the workshop
  • 20. Good Luck
    Theda Sandiford