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Sales Webinar | Sales Playbooks in Salesforce
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Sales Webinar | Sales Playbooks in Salesforce


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Learn how to increase sales team velocity. Watch your sales process come to life with tools and resources presented to your sales team in real time as they are working deals. Understand challenges …

Learn how to increase sales team velocity. Watch your sales process come to life with tools and resources presented to your sales team in real time as they are working deals. Understand challenges and trends in sales effectiveness. Realize the benefits of a Sales Playbook integrated with your sales process. See a Playbook powered by The TAS Group and the Salesforce Platform in action

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  • Drive superior sales performance with intelligent industry templates, tools and repeatable winning sales processes.
  • 1. The history of selling2. The power of sharing best practices across sales teams 3. Playbook and industry stats what's working what's not working4. Tools today are lacking5. There is a better way6. TAS group is your right partner 7. Introducing dealmaker playbook8. Customers love it 9. Demo10. Getting started 11. Next steps
  • Over the years, our sales people have seen so much in terms of tools, methodologies and sales automation.XLS was (and for some) still is their primary sales automation tool. For many sales managers, XLS is still their default forecasting tool.Then we experienced applications like ACT, Goldmine and other desktop based contact lead the way to provide organizations with a tool to bring together disparate sales teams with their social, mobile and cloud service.What’s next for sales teams? Sales people expect their sales automation tools to be everything I’ve described but also smart with real time coaching. The evolution of sales has shifted from who you know to find the pain to intelligent insight.We believe intelligent deal coaching is the next wave of sales automation.
  • If Sales Automation is about making sales people more efficient, sales methodology is about making sales people more effective.But Sales Methodology is not delivered in context of their deals, their accounts and their team selling activity. We’ve seen hours, days and some times week of training. It is difficult to remember.Bringing sales people together for long and drawn out sales training workshops is not what sales people want or need. And buyers are getting more sophisticated, therefore sellers need to become more sophisticated too. Another limitation of Methodology is that it is not measurable. (We add Analytics to make it measureable)
  • Buyers are getting smarter, sellers aren’t. As buyers get more sophisticated, sellers need to become more sophisticated too. The gap is widening.
  • Over the years, there reaches a point where the more you invest in training, tools and community the improvement in sales effectiveness does not necessarily correlate. Companies Are Not Realizing Sales Training ROI on the $10B annual spendCompanies spend between $2,700 to $10,000 / sales person / yearIt’s amazing to see how much companies spend on sales training today.Sales people appreciate training but a lot of the dollars being spent today are going wasted. There must be a better way.
  • There is still a problem with efficiency and effectiveness. How can we help sales people be more productive?According to the Sales Executive Council, when coaching is added, sales productivity is improved by 88%. As a result of coaching, Return on Investment in sales goes up 27%, according to Gallup. And, where sales coaching is involved, customer loyalty improves by 56%.Why do managers resist coaching? Managers don’t see the valueNot enough time to coachManagers don’t know how to coachSales reps don’t ask for coachingOther
  • We surveyed thousands of sales people and they shared what’s working and what’s not working for them. Sales people are struggling: -getting access to power-qualifying deals-uncovering compelling events-developing a competitive strategy.
  • You can improve your sales performance by improving 4 levers that impact sales velocity.# Deals$ Value% CloseLength of Sales CycleThese become your core KPIs.The are the only factors that impact revenue, sales velocity (measured by dollars/day)And the magic is when your sales KPIs come to life and you start impacting the sales velocity formula.
  • Welcome to the TAS Group.We’re excited to be sharing with you our story.A huge % of sales people around the world have interacted with the TAS Group through training, tools and books.We just published a book called Account Planning in Salesforce.We have over 25 years experience helping companies like you accelerate sales productivity.There are over 750,000 trained TAS sales professionals, thousands of sales processes.Recently we migrated our tools to be 100% native on the Salesforce Platform.10,000 users of Dealmaker, each user has a quota of $1M, avg sales price is $100K, to make quota, do 10 deals, to do 10 deals, they need to work 50 deals (50x10=500 over multiple years), = .5m sales cycles, do that for 5 years = 2.5B sales cycles in dealmaker. We can say we have measured 1b+ sales cycles have been worked through Dealmaker. Customers have trusted us to process $x in sales through Dealmaker. Get numbers from Canice. We brought the leading platform in enterprise cloud computing together with the leader in sales methodology.We even wrote the book on “Account Planning in Salesforce”Now let me tell share a story about sales productivity.
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  • ChallengesRequires one One database for CRMFormalized Opportunity review process not happeningGrowing account management function and team requires scale and repeatability200% growth in account management organizationDeeper customer acquisition and customer retentionSolutionMore account reviews Smarter account reviewsVisualization of white spaceFormalized Opportunity review processAccount planning drives cross-sell & UpsellAnnual review processes with customersOrganizational and political mapsDeeper white space analysisEvolved from homegrown to Process & Technology embedded in the applicationBenefitsThe culture, values and language has been improved26% higher close rates75% of all cross-sell/upsell driven from dealmakerBetter opportunity planning and account management
  • Customers care about the integrity and strength of the underlying methodology. We deliver structured, repeatable opportunity assessment.Sales Campaign StrategiesCompetitivePolitics & InfluenceRelationshipsInsight MapEarly qualification & compelling event
  • We analyzed 750 participants in a Sales Performance Study, and learned that 2 of 5 companies still don’t have a defined sales process that is embedded in their sales organization. The evidence is Also, sales people spend on average 2.5 hours per week on sales forecasts,
  • BenefitsITS, saw a huge improvement in so many sales variables:Numbers of Deals: Up 47% Average Deal Size: Up 26% Win Rate: Up 58% Sales Cycle Length: Down 27% ITS now has close to 90% user adoption, and 90% of managers are reviewing their deals through Dealmaker. ChallengesITS set aggressive growth targets and then developed strategic plans to meet its goals. One central objective was to improve its sales achievement, and the company decided to do this by investing in existing human capital rather than extending the sales teams. In addition, they embarked on a new action plan that included the adoption of a formal sales process and implementing Salesforce as their CRM. One year later, however, ITS executives found a series of problems. First, adoption of Salesforce had declined to unacceptable levels and it was increasingly difficult to convey to sales people the value of using the system. At the same time, there was a lack of understanding about the sales process, and consequently, it was not being followed consistently. Also, communication across teams was poor, especially in teams that were geographically dispersed. When they dug deeper, the executives found that these were symptoms of some underlying failures. The company had not carried out enough training on the sales process, so it was not well understood or adopted within the sales organization. In addition, they operated a range of unconnected systems and this made sharing of information troublesome. For example, while ITS had been very thorough in providing process guides and other tools, these were in paper and spreadsheet formats. SolutionDealMaker Smart PlaybookDealMaker Opportunity ManagerDeal Maker Account Manager+virtual learning
  • 55% of Sales Reps are leaving money on the table (self-reported).Most sales people don’t get the most value from their strategic accounts.They fail to adequately identify their customer’s goals, drivers, and initiativesAnd know who to reach in the customers’ organization, And learn what is of high value to both them and us.They fail to plan.How many of you maximize the value of your deals?Source: Dealmaker Index
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