Sales White Paper: Maximizing Renewal Revenues


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This White Paper is about transforming your Customer Renewal team into a high-performing sales team.

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Sales White Paper: Maximizing Renewal Revenues

  1. 1. MaximizingRenewalRevenuesWHITE PAPER
  2. 2. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.Maximizing Renewal Revenues INTRODUCTION This White Paper is about transforming your Customer We will look at how the renewal sales model has evolved Renewal team into a high-performing sales team. over time, and overview the transformation model underpinning the objective of this White Paper. We will When The TAS Group acquired Infomentis at the end discuss checklists for each of the 4 main parts of the of 2010, it acquired high caliber professionals and transformation model: coverage, people and skills, sales methodologies with a 16-year track record of delivering process, and finally knowledge and sales tools. We will measured uplift in renewal revenues to almost 100 also present our top 5 transformation best practices. We enterprise companies. will close by touching on The TAS Group’s Selling the Value of Renewals solution which builds on and automates the This White Paper shares the insights and best practices renewal best practices in this White Paper through the honed over this period, so that, where appropriate, you Dealmaker intelligent software application. can put them into practice in your renewal organization. Of course, much of this will depend on your perspective As with any of our White Papers, there will be a big towards renewals, as well as your business situation, the variance in the seniority and experience of the readership. products and services you sell, the types of renewals you This White Paper aims to provide something for the deal with, and how you harness the efforts of people complete range of requirements, but if you want to dig directly or tangentially involved in your renewal process. deeper or move wider, we urge you to get in touch with us individually. You can do this via email to: OF THE RENEWALSALES MODELIn established technology providers, renewal revenues can Evolution ofaccount for half of total revenues, and attract a vastly higherprofit margin than new business. Despite this glaring fact, Renewal Sales Salesmany companies do not have a dedicated and strategic Inside Salesapproach to managing and growing the recurring revenue Teamnumber.The renewal sales model has been an interesting evolution to Renewalwatch over the last 30-plus years. Initially, when there was just Team Administrativea perpetual license paid up front and annual maintenance,the maintenance bill was mailed out annually and technology Collections R Focus FO LE LDvendors just waited for the money to come in. The SOmaintenance sold itself and there was no alternative. Over SAtime, marketplace resistance started to set in and in the early Sells Itself1990’s customers were questioning the value they received 80’s Todayfrom maintenance. Vendors found themselves periodicallycontacting customers to find out why the invoice wasn’t paid.Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 1
  3. 3. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.The focus moved to collecting on the invoice, with ‘Customer your customer could derive value from. Customers mightService teams’ being set up that were really focused on not always be aware of the service features in your offerings.collection. This became a more strategic approach, making They may also see additional value in a higher level of servicesure that there were no issues with large strategic customers, depending on where they are in their lifecycle with you. Thisenabling their maintenance bills to be paid on time. By the is done more effectively in sales mode than just from anearly 2000’s, these teams were still reactive for the most part, administrative perspective.solving system and billing problems, and paving the way forthe maintenance to get paid. Furthermore, renewals are about uncovering and reinstating lapsed customers. It makes sense to periodically investigateBy the mid-2000’s, the license model had started to move groups of customers for whom maintenance or subscriptiontowards subscription or software-as-a-service. As long as you has lapsed to see if there is a possible way back in. This is acontinued to subscribe, your software will run. If you ceased great opportunity to find out why they didn’t renew – muchto subscribe, you might get a short grace period but in time like the more established win/loss analysis you might do foryou wouldn’t be able to access the software, or your data. your new business deals, and a sales approach pays dividends again here. You can also employ the bargaining chip of anMost recently we’ve seen companies that have made the amnesty for back charges, since most technology companiesmost gains in renewal metrics equip and recognize their will apply all back charges for customers who want to re-sign.renewal sales teams as real sales teams. In fact, we seemore and more sales VPs responsible for the overall renewal A sales approach to renewals is also about identifying andnumber. generating opportunities for additional users, product or services. This is not unlike up-selling additional service plansA December 2011 poll by The TAS Group of 145 companies or features, but it requires actual discovery and ability tofound that 16% took a collections-focused approach to probe for additional customer needs outside what they arerenewals, 23% had an administratively-focused team in place, currently licensed to address. As you probe for feedback onwhereas 61% had deployed a true inside sales team focused the value of the original investment, you get to discover theiron renewals. We hope this White Paper will provide those business needs, how much they’re using of your productwith a collections focus some insights to change the way or service, and what additional gaps or broken elements ofthey approach their customers, those with an administrative their business model you can help address with additionalfocus the incentive to take their staff to the next level, and products and services.those with an inside sales resource, who know the effort andresources involved, further advice on up-skilling their people Finally, it may also involve closing the sale of those additionalto maximize revenues. products and services. It’s important to distinguish between groups that have responsibility for selling or positioning, andRENEWALS ARE A SALES EFFORT those that have quotas and are expected to actually close business and may even carry a quota. Sometimes it is a fineRenewals mean real selling. If you’re talking to a customer, line between customer service and inside sales and so youthen you have to be in sales mode. This starts with the may also be closing this business, or you may have a formalconcept of the value of renewal. You need to be able to sell process for handing off the lead in a disciplined fashion to thethe value of being your customer, even if you’re in a services person that will hopefully close it.or support role. Never has this been truer than with existingcustomers. Your customers bought your solution for specific If you are doing the closing, it’s all understanding how yourreasons, to solve specific business problems. They renew additional products can help with more value. For thefor those same reasons – so that your solution can continue customer, the benefit is that they only have to deal with oneto deliver whatever those results are. You need to be able person. You are improving the trust, the relationship and theto convey to each customer specifically why they should continuity of relationship by uncovering needs, elevatingcontinue to be your customer. them to matters of consequence, attaching solutions, developing benefit statements, and closing the business. ThisYou also need to be able to uncover and up-sell additional is real selling.plans or features, exploring what else in your offering setShare this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 2
  4. 4. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.RENEWALTRANSFORMATION MODELThere are 4 parts to the Transformation Model: • Coverage Knowledge & People & • People and Skills Sales Tools Skills • Sales Process Key Features • Knowledge & Tools 7x24 Knoelefgebase Prog at-a ram Proactive Services User groupsspo Glance Re Product Cases nse Time updates Respo Severi FAQ se by by Ca Cases nse Tim ty Level & ’s by Sev e by Cab Com Oseje erity Level ctio m Geor ns on Coverage Pa ge Sm Stev t Willi ith en am Jam Matth s R LeDiff Susa es espwi ews n a o s ere CW se onse n ils n s b T ti Model y S im ato eve e b rs rity y C Le ase ve l Sales Process Seller Solution Solution Qualify Discovery Development Presentation Close Integrate Monitor Awareness Agree Valid Business Decision Timeline Work Live to to Consider Opportunity Case to Proceed Defined Started Site Defined Coverage As a general rule, we recommend having some kind of customer segmentation strategy applied to coverage and the overall renewal process. It’s not how many segments you end up with, but how you segment that’s important. In a Knowledge & People & Skills December 2011 poll of 165 companies, The TAS Group found Sales Tools that 3% segment by products or services licensed, 26% by Key Features 7x24 Knoelefgebase Prog at-a ram Proactive Services User groupsspo Glance renewal size, 15% by renewal size and region, 39% used a mixture of criteria, and 15% did not segment. Companies Re Product Cases nse Time updates Respo by Severi FAQ se by Ca ’s Cases nse Tim ty Level & C by Sev e by CabOseje om Coverage erity Level ctio m Geor ns on Pa ge Sm could also segment by the number of end users, among other Stev t Willi ith en M ams R LeDiff Jam atth Susa es espwi ews n a o s ere CW se on se n ils n Model s b T ti y S im ato eve e b rs rity y C criteria. Taking the most popular single strategy of sorting Le ase ve l customers by their annual renewal spend, as the graphic suggests, there are different sales and marketing strategies Sales Process you might want to apply depending on where any particular customer falls in the pyramid. Seller Solution Solution Qualify Discovery Development Presentation Close Integrate Monitor Awareness Agree Valid Business Decision Timeline Work Live to to Consider Opportunity Case to Proceed Defined Started Site DefinedShare this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 3
  5. 5. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.Further investigation usually reveals that customers at thetop of the pyramid are not only adequately covered, but areat the lowest risk of defecting. Coverage in this case is oftenprovided by one or more field sales people, perhaps working “Top” Saleswith a renewal or account manager. Customers in the small or Marketing • Field Salesinactive segments often don’t require any coverage at all. It’s • Strategy “Big” • Accountthe customers in the middle of the pyramid that are usually at • Campaigns Mgmtrisk, as they are the ones that you might not have adequate • Messages • Telesalescoverage for, and are attractive to your competitors. We “Medium”recommend you take a look at the customers in the middle ofyour pyramid and ensure that there is enough coverage there. “Small”Importantly, closer analysis may unveil that buying behaviorsand opportunities vary by segment and may therefore requiredifferent coverage. For example, depending on your industry, “Inactive”companies might require more or less care or service levels Source: Customer Marketing Method, 2000from you depending on where they are in their lifecycle withyou, and often depending on how large your footprint is withthem.When there is a choice of service level, most companies will Particularly for larger customers, aligning the renewal modelgravitate towards the least expensive service level that they with the field sales model often makes the most sense, ascan live with unless there is some driver for more or less sales and renewals can work together to come up with theservices. A larger footprint often requires a higher level of strategy that will deliver the most value for – and revenueservice to keep systems optimized, and customers can either from – customers. Where the teams are separate, you needresource this in-house or else pay you. You need a different tight alignment, or it destroys credibility with customerssense of skills, degree of touch and relationships between when they hear different stories from different quartersyour top 5 renewal customers and your smallest renewal of your company. We encourage you to look at how theycustomers. You need the right people, talking to the right communicate with one another, furnish them with exactly thecustomers, at the right time, and you should adapt your same information to use, and institutionalize a high degree ofapproach to each segment. co-ordination.In a subscription model, there is typically one level of support Another consideration within coverage models is what skillsservice, but there could perhaps be ancillary services that and competencies are required for each customer segment.customers might be interested in. Renewal reps, therefore, Obviously, working with a multi-million dollar customercould be tasked with identifying additional products for their requires a different skill set than working with a $10,000customers. customer. With smaller customers, you would typically see less complexity, less time at your disposal to deal with the renewal, and fewer objections as well.Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 4
  6. 6. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.People and SkillsSo how do you address each segment? Once you figureout how you want to treat your customers, getting the rightpeople with the right skills into the job is next. We encourageyou to develop a competency model, recognizing that People &different skills are required, and assess people against those Knowledge & Skillscompetencies. Then you can perform a gap analysis and Sales Toolsfigure out how to fill the gaps to better address each segment. Key Features 7x24 Knoelefgebase Prog at-a ram Proactive Services User groupsspo Glance Re Product Cases nse Time updates Respo by Severi FAQ se by Ca Cases nse Tim ty Lev’s & CThere are different ways to close the skill gaps based on your by Sev e by Cab el Oseje om erity Level ctio m Geor ns on Coverage Pa ge Sm Stev t Willi ith en am Jam Matth s R LeDiff Susa es espwi ews n as o s erecompany’s policies. You could decide to up-skill the people CW es on se n ils n by Tim tia Model Se e to ve by rs rity C Le ase ve lyou have. Another alternative is to hire in the talent fromoutside. For people who are not suited to the role and thecompetencies that the segment demands, you may consider Sales Processmoving them to other parts of the business where theycan contribute more productively. We have seen field sales Seller Solution Solution Qualify Discovery Development Presentation Close Integrate Monitor Awarenesspeople successfully moving into account management and Agree Valid Business Decision Timeline Work Live to to Consider Opportunity Case to Proceed Defined Started Site Definedrenewal roles, and clearly the success of this will depend onthe compensation models.A good number of our customers also outsource a piece– though not all – of their renewals business to a specialistthird party renewal company. Typically the outsourced part It’s also important to establish an ongoing hiring plan, and awill be towards the bottom of the pyramid, the part that progression plan for how you plan to develop your peoplereceived little or no coverage. In this area we can point to over time. This development of your people is not just aone customer improving renewals by 20%, from 60% to 75% case of up-skilling them once and then letting them loose.renewal rate, by outsourcing the smaller renewals. You need Transforming your renewals team into a high performanceto ask yourself how important it is that you have your own sales team is a process, not an event, and you need to put inemployees interfacing with customers, as opposed to a third place the appropriate framework for regular coaching andparty, and as you might imagine, the tendency is to stay closer regular reinforcement. When you train people, you’re askingto those customers towards the top of the pyramid. You need them to change their behavior for the foreseeable future, andto make sure you align available resources with the right this won’t happen unless all the conditions for change are incustomer segment, and how you prioritize your segments will place. (For more information on Sales Change Management,guide the levels of allocation that each segment receives. refer to our White Paper with the same name.)Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 5
  7. 7. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.Sales ProcessCompanies with a well defined – and well followed – salesprocess, generate more sales. You need to clearly define yourrenewal sales process, and even within the renewals area youmight find there is more than one sales process. For example, Knowledge & People &you may differentiate an annual renewal from a mid-term Sales Tools Skillsinvoice-only renewal. Key Features 7x24 Knoelefgebase Prog at-a ram Proactive Services User groupsspo Glance Re Product Cases nse Time updatesA renewal process is usually different from a new business Respo Severi FAQ se by by Ca Cases nse Tim ty Lev’s & C el by Sev e by CabOseje om erity Level ctio m Geor ns on Coverage Pa ge Sm Stev t Willi ith en amsales process. A new business sales process has a variable Jam Matth s R LeDiff Susa es espwi ews n as o s ere CW es on se n ils n by Tim tia Model Se e to ve by rs rity C Le ase vetime between first contact and close. A renewal has a fixed lclosed date and in effect works in reverse, the variable timebeing when you start to engage with your renewal customer.You need to plan by working backwards, and this can be Sales Processas far back as 150 or 180 days before the contract renewal Seller Solution Solution Qualify Discovery Close Integrate Monitordate to begin the conversation, set expectations and handle Development Presentation Awareness Agree Valid Business Decision Timeline Work Live toobjections, so that they don’t happen a few days before ‘day to Consider Opportunity Case to Proceed Defined Started Site Definedzero’ and run the risk of derailing the renewal.Whatever the sales process is, it must support the intricaciesof the contract between you and your customer. Despite thewritten word being enshrined in your contract, customers Sales is predominantly about revenues, which means renewalmay still look to reduce users, look for bargaining room, sales is about renewal revenues. Make sure your renewalplead poverty, employ fellow-vendor peer pressure, or play sales process supports your renewal revenue objectives.procurement hard-ball. Or they may elect to try not to pay Your revenue objectives and compensation plans should beor get out of the contract. Some contracts are not auto- properly defined and dovetail accordingly.renewable, and you have to re-sell the value. Customers willalways look to get a better deal, or get more benefit. So while With any sales process, you need to think abouttimings vary by customer, and circumstances vary, the need measurement, review, adjustment, improvement and sofor having your renewal process mapped out does not vary; on. You should look at measuring renewal rates (by bothyou must do it. customer count and revenue), the time and effort to renew, the length of the renewal sales cycle, how much you areIf your company has a prevailing sales methodology, leverage discounting, how often, and so on, by segment. When youit for your renewals. Sales process and sales methodology measure it, you can manage it, fine-tune it, improve it, andintegrated in your CRM system are proven to increase eventually become more proactive about how you approachrevenues and improve the use and data integrity of your CRM your renewals. For example, if the renewal cycle metric issystem. For example, you could adapt Target Account Selling® getter longer, you can move out the start date from 120 days(also known as TAS®) opportunity management methodology to 150 days before the contact renewal your renewals, thereby connecting the method to theprocess. To read more on the subject of sales process, see the White Paper from The TAS Group called ‘Sales Process Equals Sales Success’.Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 6
  8. 8. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.Knowledge and Sales ToolsIt goes without saying that you have to arm your repsproperly for them to succeed. Your value story is soimportant. Why should your customers renew? What arethe real benefits of being your customer? What makes youdifferent from competitors, including the competitive option Knowledge & People &to ‘do nothing’? Sales Tools Skills Key Features 7x24 Knoelefgebase ProMany of the companies we have worked with did not have Proactive Services gram at-a User groupssp Glan Re ce Product Casesonse Time updates Resp Seve FAQ se by by Ca on rit Case se Time y Level & C ’sa strong value story for renewals. Companies always have Seve by Caseje omm O s by rity Le b ct ion on Coverage ve Geo l s rg Pa e Sm Stev t Willia ith en m Jam Matth s R LeD ewgreat messaging for selling their products and services in Susa es espwiff s Model n a o is er CW se on se en ils n s b T tia y S im t ev e b or eri y s ty Ca Le sethe first place, but when it comes to renewal, the messaging ve lis typically not as good. In this scenario, customers haveadditional objectives that can’t be handled, the renewal sales Sales Processcycle elongates, the renewal lapses, and the knock on effects Sellerto revenue and cash flow can be significant. You need to do Solution Solution Qualify Discovery Development Presentation Close Integrate Monitor Awareness Agree Valid Business Decision Timeline Work Live tothe homework, developing in-depth competitive research to Consider Opportunity Case to Proceed Defined Started Site Definedand employing good marketing, but understanding yourcustomer and using a specific, resonating value story is key toprotecting your current customer base.Your reps need to have access to all types of information on and made specific to your customer. Especially towardsregarding your customers: industry knowledge, specific the top of the pyramid, you have to understand the specificcustomer results as available, and their product history with value that each customer gets from your products andyou – what they’ve purchased and dropped, what products services. You should point to concrete results, like renewaland services they are currently using. Good renewal sales rates, customer satisfaction scores, and the other metricspeople will also listen to earnings calls and strategize with where you have collected the actual results to compare withtheir counterparts in field sales to determine if there are the target results established at the outset of the contract.additional opportunities they might listen for or focus on Companies who have renewal roles focused on the customer,when talking to customers. not the selling team, will generally achieve better satisfaction scores.It’s important to have a call plan before you make yourrenewal call to your customer. As well as the basic details As we have mentioned before in this White Paper, there hasof the customer contacts you’re calling, you should prepare to be an ongoing coaching process. Just like in the sportsthe questions you will ask to elicit the information you need, domain, people need observation and feedback from coachesdetail out the objections you anticipate for this customer, in order to develop skills. Be proactive about your coaching,what expectations you have already set, and what your based on what you are measuring, so you can adapt theobjectives and desired next steps are for the call itself. development plans for your people. Finally, there will almost always be things you are doing well within the enterprise.You should equip your renewals teams with a range of sales Don’t re-invent the wheel needlessly. Capture the internaltools. These might include typical objections, preferred best practices you have, bring in the best practices you don’tanswers, job aids, and generic value stories that can be built have, and coach to them both relentlessly.Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 7
  9. 9. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.TOP 5 TRANSFORMATIONBEST PRACTICES1. Start with a Solid Renewal Sales Process 5. Recognition of the Investment RequiredDocument and ensure that internal systems are in place When there’s change involved, there’s investment, and gettingand everyone is trained accordingly on your renewal sales the right renewal systems, processes, people and tools inprocess. Remember to coordinate activities with the intent place is no different. Investigate what’s going on in theof subscription customers renewing before their contract market, and how you compare. There’s nothing wrong withexpires, and maintenance customers paying before their being more expensive, you have to be able to understandcontract expires. why and explain why you are worth more and defend it.2. Avoid Competing Priorities of Renewing and Sales Furthermore, pricing analysis of renewals rates involvingRevenue complexities like bundles may lead you to see if there is anyHere we are talking primarily about compensation plans. If elasticity to the pricing that will drive greater acceptance andyou are compensating renewal sales reps for new sales of adoption.product or service, on top of renewals, make sure that thatcompensation is weighted so that they are not sacrificing a Segmentation is important and does take time. The biggestsingle customer renewal in order to make a sale at another challenge can often be your systems and extracting the datacustomer. Examine your compensation plans and look for you need in the form and detail you need it.where you might be incenting sub-optimal behavior. In short, developing your systems, processes, people, and3. Have Realistic Renewal Expectations tools requires investment. If you make the investment, andYou might have one overall renewal rate goal you are execute correctly, the benefits are better coverage, betterstriving for, but make sure it is realistic within your industry, customer satisfaction, improved revenue, improved renewaland recognize that there should probably be different rates, and renewals ahead of time, which in turn improvesexpectations for each customer segment in the pyramid and cash-flow.for each rep. For example, in the Government segment sector,there is generally one set renewal process from which vendorscannot deviate or they will be excluded.4. Have Lead Management DisciplineIf you do uncover a lead, you need to have the engraineddiscipline to manage it according to your current leadmanagement process. Either you hand it on according to theprocess, or you close it yourself.Share this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 8
  10. 10. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.DEALMAKER SMARTRENEWALS MANAGERDealmaker Smart Renewals Manager from The TAS Group • Find a partner with the necessary knowledge andhelps you maximize renewal rates for subscription or experience of the maintenance businessmaintenance recurring contracts. The smart renewals salesprocess and playbook outline the proactive steps to take to Smart Renewals Manager presented Lawson with a rangeanticipate potential cancellation of contracts. Automated of solution components to address their specific businessdeal coaching, applied in context, identifies risks and requirements:vulnerabilities in upcoming renewals, and helps you to defend • Consultative selling from the buyer’s viewpointthe value of retaining your solution. Call planning techniques • Completing and using discovery techniques and toolshelp you optimize each sales call, and anticipate and answer to expand their footprint in and navigation throughobjections and tough questions. Dealmaker Smart Renewals their customer organizationsManager helps you standardize your approach and maximize • Handling objections more creatively and successfullypredictable and profitable revenue from subscription or • Avoiding competitive traps that delayed the salesmaintenance recurring revenue. process • Avoiding feature/function discussions which inevitablyIn order to achieve sustained benefits from Dealmaker Smart led to commodity-based discussions about price, inRenewals Manager, we offer a blended learning approach, favor of value-based discussions which commanded aincluding eLearning, instructor-led web sessions and higher priceworkshops to increase your knowledge and skills. This approach yielded the following quantified results:The proven effectiveness of Smart Renewals Manager is • Increased number of customers on the ‘Silver’exemplified in our work with Lawson Software (now part of maintenance program from 50 to 87 within a year, aInfor). Lawson set a number of challenges for their initiative: 74% increase • Grow the maintenance portfolio of each support or • Improved an already excellent renewal rate by 3 maintenance manager percentage points • Improve on an already excellent renewal rate • Increased up-sell amount by 20% • Take a more customer-focused approach to selling • Exceeded NetPromoter customer satisfaction target • Meet their NetPromoter customer satisfaction targets scores in all categories across the business “We have been able to expand our footprint and navigate our customer organizations and relationships far more successfully. We’ve been able to quantify both the revenue “The TAS Group brought to bear their experience, depth of and non-revenue effects of The TAS Group programs, and knowledge and understanding of our business, against a they really work.” very aggressive timescale. Our teams are now experts of positioning the value of our services, and understand the Jaymie Cater, Global Director, Silver Maintenance dangers of feature/function dialog which inevitably leads and Business Development, Lawson to price- or commodity-based discussions.” Mick Ling, Global Director, Maintenance Business, LawsonShare this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 9
  11. 11. Sell Smarter. Manage Better. CONCLUSION The renewal sales model has evolved over time, to maximizes the probability that the transformation the extent that progressive organizations realize that of your Customer Renewal teams will be a success. selling renewals requires genuine selling approaches The TAS Group’s Dealmaker Smart Renewals Manger and skills. Transforming a Customer Renewals team provides an automated and intelligent skills blueprint into a high-performing sales team requires attending proven to protect and grow renewal revenues. to renewal customer segmentation and coverage, the people and skills needed to deliver the renewals, For more information on The TAS Group, Dealmaker sales process and best practices that underpin the Smart Renewals Manager, or anything else discussed in company’s renewal function, and finally the right this White Paper, please contact us at knowledge and sales tools. A number of best practices this White Paper! Copyright © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. 10
  12. 12. ABOUT THE TAS GROUP The TAS Group helps sales professionals sell smarter and manage better. Through a unique combination of deep salesmethodologies and intelligent software applications, customers achieve measureable results including increases in winrates, deal sizes and qualified opportunities, as well as decreases in sales cycle length. According to the Aberdeen Group,customers of The TAS Group realize 21 percent greater attainment of sales quotas.Dealmaker® intelligent software is the engine driving revenue growth and sustained adoption of improved salespractices.The TAS Group has helped more than 850,000 sales professionals in more than 65 countries, from small privatecompanies to market leaders. For more information visit and read the dealmaker365 blogat DEALMAKERDealmaker software from The TAS Group delivers real-time opportunity and account management, intelligentdeal coaching, accurate sales forecasts, smart playbooks, self-paced learning, and predictive analytics, resulting inmeasurable sales growth.Dealmaker can be delivered as a standalone application or can be integrated with Salesforce CRM, Microsoft DynamicsCRM, Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle’s Siebel CRM and SAP CRM, or with any third party software application throughthe Dealmaker API. For more information visit © The TAS Group. All rights reserved. This briefing is for customer use only and no usage rights are conveyed. Nothing herein may be reproduced in any form without written permission of The TAS Group.