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Exclusive & Cost-Effective Distance Education Solution named as board solution it's idea is to integrate board technology in delivering & supporting learning at a distance.

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Board Solution

  1. 1. Board Solution College of Education Department of Instructional & Teaching Technologies Exclusive & Cost-Effective Distance Education Solution “Board Solution” Submitted by: 1) Ahmed Hamdan AL_Jahwari - 68693 2) Azeer Jamal AL_Zadjali – 82920 Submitted to Dr.Alaa Sadik
  2. 2. Board Solution 1) Defining Board solution What is the solution? When we think about teaching and learning first thing which come to our mind is board whether whiteboard or blackboard as board technology is being used in teaching process from a long time and it’s still being used in most recent classrooms so when we think about distance education we find that the board technology is missing, we can’t say that it’s completely missing however it’s not being used as it is in real classrooms and that is because the features available in computer-based boards softwares does not allow the teacher to use it to teach in an effective manner so here we came with a solution to use the board technology in distance education with high level of quality in learning outcome, and that is because the new and innovative ActivInspire software which manly come with the Activeboard however in our solution we don’t need an Activeboard we will only use its software which produced by Promethean company. How the solution works? As we believe that the board is highly important in teaching and learning process and exactly in demonstrating process so we build our solution in board base our solution works as follow teacher have to install ActivInspire software which he must purchase from Promethean company and then use free screen recorder software we recommend CamStudio to record the lesson after he finishes recording the lesson he will upload it in YouTube and give the link to the students during a Messenger Conversation students have to review the lesson from YouTube and then ask questions during the conversation when the conversation ends student can ask questions through E-mail and teacher have to respond to their questions. Why ActivInspire? Because ActivInspire is a full Computer-Based board solution as it has all the features which a normal board has and more, anything we can do in normal board we can do using ActivInspire software and it also has a lot of attention getting features which keep the students engaged during the explanation process we believe that using this software will significantly improve and enhance student learning and as we mentioned that it has engaging capabilities so we believe that using ActivInspire software will keep students motivated during the lesson.
  3. 3. Board Solution Why CamStudio? Because it’s a free and powerful screen recording software, when teacher explain a lesson using ActivInspire software he must record it in video format so he needs an Screen recording software so we recommend CamStudio because it has voice recording feature and clear high quality screen recording feature which a teacher can easily use to record a lesson. Why YouTube? Because YouTube is free web-based video streaming site and this is we need for our solution when thinking about cost-effectiveness YouTube is a great deal which can be used to publish the lesson as teacher can easily upload the lesson which is in video format of course and students can watch them directly from the internet. Why Windows Live Mail & Messenger? Firstly Windows Live Mail is a great E-mail system which is free easy to use and secured and for Windows Live Messenger once again because it’s free and easy to use instant messaging system and it support text, video and audio communication. Integration: When all these tools come together they form a great Distance Education solution that is Cost-effective and high quality, imagine that a teacher explains a lesson using the ActivInspire software and record it using CamStudio and then Upload it to YouTube and then give the link to students using instant messaging software does it seems complicated? We believe that it is kind of complicated but when comparing with learning outcomes we recognized that it’s very close to normal classroom as the teacher publishes the lesson during a live conservation like a teacher explaining something in a real classroom where students can ask questions and get feedback in classroom they directly ask but in our solution they ask using instant messaging software, then to make it distance education student must have freedom so if he don’t want to ask questions during the live conservation he can do that by E-mail and he also can review the lesson anytime he want since it’s uploaded in YouTube as he can specify the exact minute which he need more explanation on.
  4. 4. Board Solution 2) Objectives of using this solution √ Improve Teaching & Learning process. √ Keep students engaged and motivated. √ Encourage students to participate and ask questions √ Generate high-level learning outcomes. 3) Features & advantages/limitations of this solution Features √ Two-Way communication √ Synchronous & Asynchronous Advantages of the solution √ Keep students active and motivated When we use the ActivInspire software we can keep student active by using the tools available in the software. √ Could be used to explain complex lessons Using ActivInspire the teacher can explain highly complex lesson in a very effective way and that is of course with the tools available in the software which allow the teacher to explain most complex lesson in a very effective way. √ Allow learners to participate and ask questions Learner can ask questions directly though the live conservation or E-mail √ Enhance teaching & learning process When certain complex issue could be well-explained so the solution enhances teaching & learning process.
  5. 5. Board Solution √ Helps shy student to participate and ask questions Some shy students don’t like to participate and/or ask questions during live conservation they prefer to do that using E-mail; in our solution they can easily do that. √ Allow learners to play and replay the lesson as many times as they need Since lessons are uploaded in YouTube learners can watch them as many times as they need Limitations of the solution √ ActivInspire software complexity Although ActivInspire is highly educational software which helps the teachers to explain complex lesson easily, the use of this software is little bit complex at the beginning and teachers should have a training session to be able to use the software effectively. √ Number of softwares used in the solution There are three softwares used in this solution not including YouTube this could be counted as limitation because teacher have to be familiar with all the softwares before he could deliver knowledge in an effective way. 4) How this solution used to deliver and support learning Delivering knowledge using this solution is done as following teacher asks all the students he teaches to enter Messenger in a specific time and when all students are there he lunches the lesson on YouTube and give the link to student through the group conversation which is held on Windows Live Messenger each student has to enter the lesson on YouTube and watch it directly and while watching they can ask questions to teachers directly on instant messaging room and when the finishes the live session each student can watch the lesson at his own time here support comes as each student can watch the lesson and ask questions trough E-mail and the teachers answers him as soon as he can.