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IPA Careers Presentation
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IPA Careers Presentation


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Published in: Business, Career

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  • Transcript

    • 1. “ A Career in Advertising” - The Agency Opportunity
    • 2. Contents
      • What is the IPA?
      • What is advertising?
      • Who does what?
      • What do you need to get in?
      • What’s in it for you?
      • Next step
    • 3. 1. What is the IPA?
    • 4. The IPA
      • Who are we?
      • The IPA is the industry body and professional institute for leading advertising, media and marketing communications agencies in the UK
      • Currently 259 agency Members who account for 85% of the UK’s advertising expenditure
    • 5. The IPA
      • What do we do?
      • The role of the IPA is to serve, promote and anticipate the collective interests of IPA members; and in particular to define, develop and help maintain the highest possible standards of professional practice within the business
      • Help the very best and the most appropriate people get work experience and a job in ‘Adland’
    • 6. 2. What is advertising?
    • 7. In its simplest terms advertising…
      • Identifies a current problem / opportunity for the product, service or corporate brand
      • Identifies the customers who can best solve / create that problem / opportunity
      • Creates the most relevant and distinctive way of communicating to them in creative & media terms
    • 8. The advertising (and marketing) process Where are we and why are we here? How could we get there? Are we getting there? Where do we want to be?
    • 9. It’s also wonderfully creative! Especially in the web 2.0 era
    • 10. 3. Who does what?
    • 11. Job functions in an agency Client service & management Strategic planning Media planning & buying Production Finance, IT Legal, HR & admin Creative
    • 12. Client service
      • “ Represents the client at the agency, and the agency at the client”
      • Develops an in-depth understanding of the client’s marketplace and their business within it
      • Negotiates client brief, interprets it for departments in agency, and manages the total delivery to client
      • Becomes the client’s key ‘talking partner’
    • 13. Strategic planning
      • “ Represents the consumer in the agency”
      • Distils huge amount of data and information down to key consumer insights
      • Writes creative / media strategies in relation to hopes / fears / behaviours of the customer
      • Plays a key role in guiding brilliant creativity
    • 14. Media planning
      • “ Plans how to connect consumer to creative idea”
      • With strategic planning, identifies optimum target audience to deliver the business objective
      • Develops close understanding of target consumer’s media habits in relation to purchasing behaviour
      • Plans framework for media choice to maximise the creative idea and connect with the customer
    • 15. Media buying
      • “ Buys the connections between the consumer and the creative idea”
      • Negotiates with media owners for best position, timing and price in context of media strategy & plan
      • Ensures campaign’s within agreed parameters and takes advantage of tactical opportunities
      • Analyses and reports back on campaign delivery
    • 16. Media placement!
    • 17. Creative
      • “ Creates ideas, ideas, ideas!”
      • Copywriter & art directors working in teams
      • Take the client brief and work with it to invent ideas to address brand’s business problems
      • Develop approved ideas into reality, working with media planners / buyers and production
    • 18. Production
      • “ Executes ideas, ideas, ideas!”
      • Production ‘traffics’ the work through the agency, controlling workflow and budgets
      • Agency producers - help translate the idea into TV and radio broadcast media
      • Production managers – project manage the execution of concepts into press and print media
    • 19. Digital
      • Digital teams co-ordinate online campaigns from web site build to working with social networks, search engines & email …
      • Creative
      • Project management
      • Production
      • Media planning and buying
      • Search specialists
    • 20. Direct Marketing
      • Deal with direct communications with customers: online or through your letterbox!
      • Creative
      • Account management
      • Planning: data, telemarketing, media
      • Fulfilment
    • 21. Complementary industries
      • Media Sales
      • Marketing
      • Sales promotion
      • Experiential marketing
      • Public Relations
      • Market Research
    • 22. Finance, IT, Legal, HR & Admin
      • “ Making sure it happens, smoothly and profitably”
      • All these key functions are required in agencies
      • Each of them can have a significant impact
      • Roles often filled by people who have already gained initial experience within specialist firms
    • 23. Both ‘Magic’ and ‘Logic’ required
    • 24. 4. What do you need to get in?
    • 25. What the agency recruiter looks for
      • Agencies thrive on diversity – most creative/most wacky/most tecky people
      • People with top class degrees …
      • … but from a wide range of subjects
      • Numeracy / literacy / IT skills
      • Interpersonal relationship skills
    • 26. What the agency recruiter looks for cont.
      • An interest in what makes people ‘tick’
      • Self-confidence – but also self-questioning
      • Passion, energy, tenacity and integrity
      • ‘Diagonal Thinkers’
    • 27. ‘Diagonal Thinking’
    • 28. ‘Diagonal Thinkers’
      • People who are both linear and lateral thinkers
      • People who often have a combination of arts and sciences in their academic background
      • People combine practical and emotional intelligence
      • People who think creatively , but commercially
    • 29. ‘Diagonal Thinking’ Diagonal Thinking Artists Adlanders Scientists Linear Thinking Lateral Thinking
    • 30. ‘Diagonal Thinking’ spectrum Client service Creative Planners Linear Thinking Lateral Thinking Diagonal Thinking Adlanders
    • 31. 5. What’s in it for you?
    • 32. A great career…
      • Meritocratic - quick promotion for those who shine
      • Tremendous variety for all – great job satisfaction
      • Close community – especially in London
      • Fun people to work with and a visible end product
      • Increasingly professional in approach
      • Opportunities to move around within the industry
    • 33. …in an industry with clout
      • Major factor in competitiveness of UK economy:
        • A leader in the creative industries
        • Undermines monopolies and oligopolies
        • Spurs innovation and new market entrants
        • Rewards delivery of good value to customers
      • Key contributor to creating shareholder value through building intangible brand assets
      • International reputation for excellence
    • 34. A great career springboard
      • You acquire some of the most sought-after transferable skills in marketing & communications
      • You network with agencies, clients, suppliers, media owners and consultants, which provides a plethora of future opportunities
    • 35. A great career springboard cont.
      • And you will be supported by a full post-graduate training & development programme
        • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
        • Experiential learning on residential courses
        • Exam-based, key stage professional qualifications
    • 36. Suggested reading
      • Ogilvy on Advertising – David Ogilvy
      • Truth Lies and Advertising – Jon Steel
      • How to get into Advertising – Andrea Neidle
      • Powers of Persuasion – Winston Fletcher
      • Excellence in Advertising – Leslie Butterfield
      • Behind the Scenes in Advertising – Jeremy Bullmore
      • Brand Immortality – Hamish Pringle, Peter Field
    • 37. 6. Next step? Click on to the IPA website for advice on work experience, work placements and job opportunities:
    • 38. Q&A ends