Career Planning & Development, Jan Shine, Paullus Consultancy


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Career Planning & Development, Jan Shine, Paullus Consultancy

  1. 1. inspiring professional higher education Managing Your Career: Career Planning and Development Managing Yourself, Managing Others, Managing Your Career London 29 May 2014 Jan Shine Paullus Consultancy AUA CPD Consultant
  2. 2. inspiring professional higher education Objectives of the session Participants will have the opportunity to: • review their own approach to career planning and development • consider what enhances your chances of promotion / recognition • articulate your career goals • practice using / take away some relevant tools
  3. 3. inspiring professional higher education Your experiences Discuss in pairs: Think of a time when you were the happiest at work or think of the best job you’ve ever had – what made it such a positive experience? What does this say about your work values – what do you need to be mindful of in planning your career development? – complete the exercise sheet
  4. 4. inspiring professional higher education Current trends in career management  Individuals need to be more proactive in looking after their own careers (97%)  Career support is critical (90%)  Companies increasingly use lateral job moves to develop their managers (86%)  Less clear career paths on offer in organisations continuing in the future (73%)  Increasingly, employees are having to change organisations to move up the career ladder (68%) Source: CIPD Managing employee careers. Survey report, June 2003
  5. 5. What gets people recognised and enhances the chance of career progression?
  6. 6. inspiring professional higher education Positive influences on progression  Developing a broad range of experience  Having specific experience in a relevant field  Gaining extra relevant qualifications  Taking on extra work responsibilities  Working in a number of business areas Source: CIPD Survey of practice, August 2011
  7. 7. inspiring professional higher education Source: Harvey Coleman research, 2004 Promotion / recognition Exposure Image Performance Presenting yourself in the workplace
  8. 8. inspiring professional higher education Promotion/recognition ExposureImage 30% Performance 10% 60% Source: Harvey Coleman research, 2004
  9. 9. inspiring professional higher education Share ideas What can you do to raise your own profile and increase your visibility inside and outside of your institution?
  10. 10. inspiring professional higher education What about luck? Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity Seneca, Roman Dramatist
  11. 11. inspiring professional higher education • your ‘best six months’ in the future • you’ve reached your goal(s) • use the present tense to describe your vision • your partner captures it for you
  12. 12. inspiring professional higher education In summary …… Think broadly about ways to meet your development needs Build on your existing strengths View all situations as potential opportunities Do your research Develop for the challenges of tomorrow, not just skills for today Take decisions about your career that align with your vision
  13. 13. inspiring professional higher education Reflection and action planning Discuss in pairs:  What has been the value of this workshop for you?  What might you do differently as a result? ….. note these down
  14. 14. inspiring professional higher education Thank you for your contribution to this session