Career Transitions - Jan Shine, Paullus Consultancy

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  • 1. inspiring professional higher education Managing Your Career: Managing career transitions Managing Yourself, Managing Others, Managing Your Career London 29 May 2014 Jan Shine Paullus Consultancy AUA CPD Consultant
  • 2. inspiring professional higher education Objectives of the session At the end of the session participants will: • have considered ways to analyse career options • be clearer about the impact of change • have practised using some relevant analysis tools • be able to plan for the future with greater confidence
  • 3. inspiring professional higher education Your experiences Discuss in small groups: Think of a time when you were the happiest at work or think of the best job you’ve ever had – what made it such a positive experience? What does this say about your work values – what do you need to be mindful of in planning your career development? – complete the exercise sheet
  • 4. inspiring professional higher education What have you got going for you? SWOT- IN Inhibitors Weaknesses Threats Needs Opportunities Strengths Forcefield Analysis Forces For Personal & Professional change Forces Against
  • 5. inspiring professional higher education Setting priorities and goals ideals/dreams future doubts/fears nostalgia baggage fear of unknown vision/direction Adapted from Liz Willis & Jenny Daisley, Springboard Programme past future
  • 6. inspiring professional higher education • your ‘best six months’ in the future • you’ve reached your goal(s) • use the present tense to describe your vision • your partner captures it for you
  • 7. inspiring professional higher education In summary …… Be clear about your values Be clear about your vision Make decisions about your career that fit with both The next move doesn’t have to be perfect Prepare yourself for the likely impact of change
  • 8. inspiring professional higher education Taking the first steps ….. In pairs: Describe the changes you are dealing with or wish to initiate and share ideas for the first steps towards realising your vision ….. note these down
  • 9. inspiring professional higher education Closing thought …… As is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters Seneca
  • 10. inspiring professional higher education Thank you Good luck with whatever you decide to do next