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214 - Using the AUA CPD framework to create a new apporach to appraisals within the University of Kent
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214 - Using the AUA CPD framework to create a new apporach to appraisals within the University of Kent


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Using the AUA CPD Framework to create a newapproach to appraisals within the University of Kent Melissa Bradley, Stephanie Green and Helena Torres
  • 2. Before we start Please fill in your details: • Email addresses • Name of institution • Role So that we can send you the revised presentation. Thank you!Page 2 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 3. Welcome / Introductions • Melissa Bradley, Faculty Administration Manager, University of Kent ( • Stephanie Green, School Administration Manager, SECL, University of Kent ( • Helena Torres, School Administration Manager, English, University of Kent ( 3 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 4. Group Activity • Share your thoughts on appraisalPage 4 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 5. Context • Changing Higher Education Sector • University Administration Review • Faculty wide review of administration restructures • Opportunity to use the AUA CPD Framework and decided to use this in the appraisal process • Reconceptualising appraisals: providing equal weight to performance and personal and professional development • Enhancing meaningful engagement with appraisal • Outline expectations of their professional behavioursPage 5 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 6. Appraisal Project • Small pilot within the Faculty of Humanities • 27 staff participated • The appraisal period was moved to later in 2011 • Managed by a small project team including Faculty HR Manager • Engaged senior stakeholders • Linked with existing University appraisal process and appraisal formPage 6 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 7. Appraisal Project (II) • Project poster displayed in the pilot Schools • Briefing sheet circulated to all staff • Team briefings were held by line managers • Framework was disseminated • Focus groupsPage 7 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 8. Project Outcomes • A pilot professional development framework based upon the AUA behaviours & CPD Framework and matched to the University’s grades • Accompanying guidance notes for appraisers, FAQs, a self assessment form and letter to all staff.Page 8 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 9. Group activities Group activity 1 • Consider the three professional development areas given to your table and put together list of examples of positive and negative behavioursPage 9 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 10. Group activities Group activity 2 • Now consider three new professional development areas and put together a list of potential learning and development activities that participants could undertake to enhance strengths and/or areas of further developmentPage 10 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 11. Example Learning and Development Activities • 360 feedback • Peer review/support • Action learning • Policy development • Coaching • Presentations • Committee membership • Project team • Conferences membership • Contributing to • Secondments consultation and • Shadowing feedback • Visits • Delegation • Workshops • Distance learning • Writing reports, articles • E-learning • Networking groups • Job rotation/Job swaps • Volunteering • MentoringPage 11 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 12. Focus Group Participant FeedbackPage 12 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 13. Project BenefitsFor individuals For line manager• encouraging reflection • aiding the identification of• building on current capabilities, personal and professional development needs for teams skills and knowledge• increasing effectiveness • enhancing guidance available to staff as part of their preparation• increasing motivation to learn, for appraisals build confidence and self-esteem• enhancing transferable skills • acting as a guide to career and succession planning• expanding and developing new • providing a framework to give areas of capability, praise and regular constructive• maximising and building on feedback to individuals strengthsPage 13 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 14. Project Challenges • Project work undertaken on top of the day jobs • Timescales/Time (Short project timeframe) • Potential resistance to change • Staff attitudes towards appraisals • Briefings and communication took longer than we thought • Impact of language – the use of the word “behaviour” • Designing the self assessment formPage 14 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 15. Project Success / Key Learning Points • Strong project team • Well defined project brief and defined outcomes • Establish and adhere to a series of timelines/set tasks • Planning and communication (never underestimate this) • Small number of participants • Importance of briefing and obtaining proactive engagement and commitment • Support and buy in from HR, senior colleagues as well as working closely with consultant • Held focus groups and conducted a online survey • Used the participants feedback to decide the future of projectPage 15 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 16. Moving Forward: phase II • Larger number of participants (circa 100) • Broader range of departments • One to one briefings with new department leads • Regular communication updates • Adding specialised training workshops • Revised self assessment form using a coaching wheel as the basis of self reflection • Revisions to the Professional Development Framework to incorporate a new “external” category, more IT and technical behaviours • Inclusion of a CPD log • Establishing a shared document area using SharePointPage 16 AUA conference 3rd April 2012
  • 17. In conclusion… Before you start implementing a project: • Be clear about success - what does this look like? • Understand your audience – tailor communication and engagement appropriately • Pay attention to local context and potential barriersPage 17 AUA conference 3rd April 2012