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Cannabis Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Cannabis
  • 2. The Drug Cannabis, also known as marijuana (from theMexican Spanish marihuana), and by other names,is a preparation of the Cannabis plant intended foruse as a psychoactive drug. Can also be used asmedicine. The scientific name for the plant usuallyassociated with the street drug marijuana isCannabus sativus which is the Indian hemp plant.The active (medically speaking, pain killing)ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol, often calledTHC.
  • 3. Nicknames and Street Names for Marijuana* Weed * Broccoli* Pot * Cripple* Reefer * Dagga* Grass * Dinkie Dow* Dope * Ding* Ganja * Dona Juana (or Juanita)* Mary Jane * Flower, Flower Tops* Hash * Ganja* Herb * Gasper* Aunt Mary * Giggle Smoke, Good Giggles* Skunk * Good Butt* Boom * Hot Stick* Chronic * Jay* Cheeba * Jolly Green* Blunt * Joy Smoke, Joy Stick* Ashes * Roach* Atshitshi* Baby Bhang* Bammy* Blanket* Bo-Bo, Bobo Bush* Bomber* Boom
  • 4. Consequences of Marijuana Abuse Acute (present during intoxication)• Impairs short-term memory• Impairs attention, judgment, and other cognitive functions• Impairs coordination and balance• Increases heart rate• Psychotic episodes• Lack of physical co-ordination• Disorientation• Anxiety• Panic attacks Persistent (lasting longer than intoxication, but may not be permanent)• Impairs memory and learning skills• Sleep impairment Long-term (cumulative effects of chronic abuse)• Can lead to addiction• Increases risk of chronic cough, bronchitis• Increases risk of schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals• May increase risk of anxiety, depression, and amotivational syndrome
  • 5. Marijuana’s effects in the body
  • 6. Effects of Marijuana• Cannabis creates a kind of euphorical feeling when inhaled also called ”high”.• -Cannabis affects your psychology while doing so.• - Cannabis also creates a relaxed and eased stress free meditative state where your whole body can relax.• -Amongst these affects cannabis also creates increased heart rate and an increased desire for food.• -While high some people have reported that food tastes better and more interesting.• -Cannabis sativa: Creates a more comic and hilarious feeling also called “high”. Creates an increased appetite for food.• -Cannabis indica: Creates a more meditative state also referred as “stoned”. This state is thought to be caused by a higher contrast of TSD and CBD that the cannabis consists of.
  • 7. FINLAND Possession, manufacture and use of cannabis products wereprohibited by law in Finland in 1972. The parliamentarydiscussion and the following vote resulted in a stalemate, sothe issue was resolved by drawing lots- which resulted incannabinoid products becoming illegal. In practice, possessionor manufacture of cannabis products is considered to be aminor misdemeanor punishable by a minor fine (normally inthe range of 60-500 euros). A supreme court decision of 2004set up a "half a dozen" precedent: Cultivation of up to 6 plantsfor personal use is subject to the same penalties as personaluse. The same applies to distribution and use within a "closedcircle of users". However, open distribution is generallypunished very severely. Aside from criminal penalties, usersare often persecuted by welfare authorities on the pretext ofchild welfare (if the user has offspring); withdrawal of drivinglicense is also common place.
  • 8. Cannabis use all over the world
  • 9. Stats about Marijuana in the US
  • 10. World Cannabis Laws
  • 11. Supply and Availability:• Most produced drug in the world• “easy to buy”• Cannabis trafficking in 172 countries• Global production of herbal cannabis was 13,300 to 66,100 tons in 2008 and 2,200 to 9,900 tons of cannabis resin• Street price of cannabis ranges according to location, amount and quality• Usually 10 – 15 Euros
  • 12. Popularity:• Cannabis is the most consumed, trafficked, and produced drug in the world as of 2010• 119 million to 224 million adult users worldwide• Popularity is increasing• In 2010, the most prevalent use of cannabis was in Australia and New Zealand. Second can the United States and Canada• Minors the largest users of marijuana• Studies show that is easy to obtain and this reflects on its popularity
  • 13. Graphs