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How to use LinkedIn


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A quick and easy guide on how to use a personal profile on LinkedIn. It also contains statistics about Australian LinkedIn users.

A quick and easy guide on how to use a personal profile on LinkedIn. It also contains statistics about Australian LinkedIn users.

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  • 1. How to use LinkedIn
  • 2. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networkIt has 175 million profiles worldwideUsers are generally older, more educated, andmore affluent than Facebook and Twitter users
  • 3. LinkedIn in Australia:-Top 3 industry sectors represented on LinkedIn: IT, Financial Services and Accounting-Top 3 companies represented by employees on LinkedIn: Telstra, National Australia Bank and Commonwealth Bank of Australia-Number of Entrepreneurs: 313,734-Number of Chefs: 5399 
  • 4. LinkedIn in Australia:Penetration of population: 15.24%Worldwide position: 9Penetration of online population: 19.03%
  • 5. LinkedIn users in Australia:Nearly 3.5 million usersFemale: 42.4%Male: 57.5%18-24: 22.4%25-34: 34.8%35-54: 35.3%55+: 7.5%
  • 6. 1. Make a good impression
  • 7. LinkedIn ranks higher than all other profiles onGoogle, including other social networks andwebsite builders
  • 8. - Make it personal: you are not your company- Share your strengths and your goals- Write a weekly update- Be active, not intrusive
  • 9. 2. Organise your profile
  • 10. - Get a vanity URL- Connect your Facebook and Twitter account- List your skills- Make your profile available for public searches
  • 11. - Check whos viewing your profile- Add apps (Slideshare)- Use your main email address for your profile so youll always be in the loop (just for notifications - you don’t have to make it public)
  • 12. 3. Get connected
  • 13. - Find people you went to school with and who share alumnis- Find colleagues and suppliers (former or current) on company pages- You can exchange mail messages (inmail) before you accept an invitation- You dont have to accept every invitation that you receive: quality is more important than quantity- Dont connect with people you dont know saying you are a friend
  • 14. - Add your email address and phone number to your profile to make it easy to contact you- Add your LinkedIn URL to your email signature- Download all connection details in your smartphone address book with LinkedIn mobile app- You can include email addresses in your address book, but remember they are opt-out email addresses (don’t spam)
  • 15. 4. Put your name out there
  • 16. - Join groups - or start your own- Answer to questions and dont be afraid to ask questions or start a conversation- Write recommendations for people you value
  • 17. - When you meet new people, use LinkedIn to connect and get to know more about each other- Invite others to join you at events that you’re attending or organising via LinkedIn Events
  • 18. And don’t forget...- Be nice, share, and say thank you- Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in real life- Use common sense!
  • 19. Thank youProfile
  • 20. ReferencesLinkedIn Ads - 14 March 2012