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The Wesley Group Slideshare

  1. 1. Bringing families together to sustain success across generations. p: 425.647.6066 e:
  2. 2. The stress of major transitions often hits families like a body blow.
  3. 3. Most families are ill-equipped to deal with the implications of these significant transitions.
  4. 4. 90% 98% is gone by end of the fourth. is gone at the end of the third & 70% of wealth is gone at the end of the second generation As it turns out….
  5. 5. Only 2%of families are successful.
  6. 6. Is your family one of the 2% that will be successful for generations? What are you doing to prepare them?
  7. 7. Studies show that the vast majority of those who do think they are prepared have focused on the wrong things.
  8. 8. The Reality In fact, wealth is lost because the family is not prepared and is not working together. The Myth The common belief is that the causes for this loss of wealth are such things as estate taxes, bad investment performance, and poor planning. Family Office Exchange study Williams and Pressier (2003)
  9. 9. As it turns out … The stress that results from botched transitions often fractures families, frequently ruins lives and radically depletes even large fortunes. That is where we can help… We partner with families to unleash their capacity to deal with what is coming their way so that it doesn’t ruin lives, families and fortunes.
  10. 10. Assess Design Gather Act Assess We assess your family on several key scales including its stage of family development and its core competencies. This results in the creation of a Family Design We work with you to co-design a family meeting or retreat that will achieve specific and realistic outcomes. Deliver We facilitate the family gathering to foster tangible outcomes and a greater capacity to work together in the future. Act We coach family members to implement the action plans arising from the family gathering. How we work…
  11. 11. Typical Issues Our Clients Face With uncommon wisdom, we address a host of issues. Some of these include: • Facilitating generative family meetings and retreats • Creating agreement around business succession and exit strategies • Resolving family differences and conflicts • Evaluating family and individual competencies • Deepening family communication • Developing common values, mission and purpose positions • Creating and implementing workable governance systems • Finding balance between independence and interdependence • Dealing with fiancés, spouses, ex-spouses and extended family • Balancing rights and responsibilities and issues of entitlement • Philanthropic design and integration into family dynamics • Addressing issues of control, revenue and equity in the family business • Designing progressive education and mentoring of heirs • Managing through generational transitions • Creating alignment and coordination in larger families • Addressing the special concerns of multi-generational families
  12. 12. Who we are: We are skilled at creating close partnerships with families based on relationships of trust and authenticity. We take a multidisciplinary approach that helps families create shared purpose and vision, opens communication, and aligns action that supports the development of human, cultural, social and financial capital of all family members. Matthew Wesley, J.D., M.Div. Matt graduated from Stanford Law School and was estate planning attorney working with successful families for over 15 years. He left active practice to help families do what estate documents alone could not - ensure successful intergenerational wealth transfer. Matt also holds a Masters of Divinity degree. He has extensive consulting experience and a deep background in psychology, personal development and family systems, as well as organizational communication and development. Marcia Wesley, Psy.D. Marcia is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of counseling experience counseling individuals, couples and families. She brings an integrated approach to working with clients. 17911 218th Ave NE Woodinville, WA 98077 425.647.6066